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Why does my Android wallpaper keeps changing? Here’s why

wallpaper keeps changing

If your Android wallpaper keeps changing on daily basis on its own, you probably need to check one or two things. There are a lot of ways to automatize wallpapers and you can disable all of them as long as you know where to look. We made sure to explain everything below.

How do I stop my chosen wallpaper from changing every day?

If you want to prevent your chosen wallpaper from changing every day, you should:

  • Disable Dynamic wallpapers or similar tools that change wallpapers automatically.
  • Inspect third-party wallpaper apps if you use one of those.
  • Reset Wallpapers services.
  • Tweak settings in Custom launchers.

1. Disable Dynamic wallpapers and check third-party Wallpaper apps

Most Android skins these days come with built-in dynamic wallpapers that change daily or have some other gimmick (e.g. day/night variations). If you are not a fan of this, you can always disable it in Settings > Wallpapers.wallpaper keeps changing

If you use a third-party wallpaper app, make sure to thoroughly inspect if a feature that auto-changes wallpapers is enabled. Most apps like Backdrops, Wallie, and similar apps offer this functionality. Usually, they ask you to select multiple wallpapers that will change over time like a slideshow of sorts.

2. Set wallpaper from Gallery

You can also use Google Photos or the default Photo gallery to change the wallpaper. The only drawback is that you need to have the wallpaper locally stored. I personally prefer to download wallpapers I like and store them in Google Photos, making a little collection in the process.

So, you can download the wallpaper (if possible) and set it in Gallery or Google Photos. If that doesn’t work, you can try clearing the data from the system app that handles wallpapers.

3. Clear data from the Wallpapers app

Apps like Styles & Wallpaper on Pixel devices or Wallpaper & Styles on some other Android skins take care of wallpapers and theming for the most part. They are still apps and there’s a possibility (slight, but still) that the local data this app accumulated got corrupted. That’s why you should reset the app.

Here’s how to clear data from the Wallpapers app on your Android:

  1. Open Settings.
  2. Select Apps and expand all apps if necessary.
  3. Now, on some Android skins, you need to toggle the setting that shows system processes.
  4. Locate Wallpapers & Styles or any variation that points toward the built-in service that deals with Wallpapers.
  5. Open it and select Storage.
  6. Clear data and restart your device.wallpaper keeps changing

4. Check custom launcher settings

Finally, some users report that the wallpaper kept changing until they uninstalled a third-party launcher. Some launchers offer the same dynamic wallpaper functionality and change wallpapers on their own. You should definitely focus on disabling this option rather than uninstalling the whole launcher because of it. Of course, if you can’t find it, you can just uninstall the custom launcher and deal with the problem completely.

And, on that note, we can conclude this article. Thank you for reading and don’t forget to share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.

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Aleksandar Ognjanovic

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