Top 9 most underrated browsers for Android

As far as web browsing goes, handheld devices are taking over. With upgraded software and hardware capabilities, you can use your phone the same way you use PC. You can surf the web, stream videos or play flash games. All of that in a fast and safe manner. And on the move, which is a main advantage of the mobile devices over their computing predecessors.

Android is the leader when it comes to quantity of available apps. You’ll spend 20 years to browse and use all of them. And in that abundance of apps, leading spot is reserved for web browsers. We’ve all heard of Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Safari. They are widely acknowledged solutions, with both mobile and PC versions.

Additionally, some other android-specialized browsers already made their names, like CM, Dolphin, and UC. They attract thousands of users every day. However, there are some less known browsers that are valid competition to the famous ones. So today, we are presenting you 10 most underrated Android browsers that are worth trying out, and definitely deserve more attention from users.

Top 9 less known Android browsers


Habit Browser is one of the best all-around solutions available. Its main traits are a variety of customization, other apps integration, and speed. With Habit browser, you can adapt the user interface to your liking. All the buttons order, toolbars and address bar are all customizable. So, when it comes to modification of the browser’s UI, Habit is there at the top.

Another great thing that Habit brings to the table is integrated URL redirecting. Simply said, while browsing the web content, you can choose the different app to open a link anytime. For example, you can open an Instagram link with the Instagram app instead of with the browser itself. That way the browsing experience is vastly improved.

Additionally, all of that is done in speedy and clear manner. Habit don’t need other apps or add-ons to use gestures or Pie control feature. However, lack of implemented adblocker and occasional instability can cause mixed reactions. Otherwise, Habit is a great solution for all Android users.

You can get Habit here.


Flynx is a game-changer in the web browser category. Its minimalistic nature and multitasking features make it one of the more distinctive browsers in the Store. Similar to the Facebook Messenger, Flynx is a background-functioning bubble browser. While you are browsing the Facebook or Twitter, Flynx can open any link and place them in bubbles on your screen. In addition, it does that in a useful and uncluttered way. When you open a link with Flynx, the app stores site data so you can inspect it later. That way, you can open multiple ‘tabs’ in minimized form and access them with ease. The app is specialized in article reading because of the intuitive interface and offline accessibility.

Multitasking is Flynx’s middle name. It loads articles and links without interfering with the source app, like WhatsUp or Facebook. Fast Read feature optimizes loaded articles for easy read blocking all clustering adds. In comparing to its numerous features, the app is quite undemanding, well optimized for even the older devices. It lacks some multi-device syncing features its competitors have and can get a bit laggy with multiple articles opened. If we exclude those minor flaws, Flynx is, besides Link Buble the best sidekick browser in the market. It makes your browsing more productive in an aesthetic way.

You can get Flynx here.


The first impression when you install Lightning is ”this app lives up to its name”. And it truly does. With its light domineer and simplistic interface, this open-source app is all about smooth and safe web browsing. Screen viewing is improved with nicely hidden bars and toolbars. Although, some users may find it but underwhelming features-wise, it contains all of the basic browser options packed in the 200KBs of space. Yes, that’s the download size of the app.

Security and privacy are 2 most respected traits in modern time browsers. Lightning Web Browser certainly excels in that department. With support for Orbot and Tor proxy and implemented Incognito mode, you can rest sure that no one can track your sensitive information or location.

If you want the web browser that is created for simple use and speedy workflow, Lighting is a viable solution.

You can download Lightning here.


No matter how much RAM you have on your device, sooner or later you’ll encounter more than a few web browser lags and crashes. Why? Well, if we exclude games, web browsers are the greediest resource monsters. Even though the Chrome is so popular, it irrationally consumes RAM while bombarding you with the bloatware. And your dual-core budget phone simply is not equipped for the task. Alas, don’t worry cause Naked is here to the rescue!

So, what is Naked, you may ask? Well, for starters, it doesn’t include any inappropriate content whatsoever. The name actually well describes this app. It is bloatware-free, as simplistic as they come, web browser mainly oriented towards budget devices.

The interface is similar to built-in web browsers on older Android versions. But, then again, you won’t expect any astonishing features from a minimalistic browser. It is fast and uses almost twice less RAM when compared to popular browsers. In addition, it is very safe to use since it doesn’t collect any sensitive information and inflicts with your privacy.

You can download Naked from here.


After the first try to make an innovative breakthrough failed, Brave Software gave it the next shot with returning to fundamentals. But, don’t let that trick you. This browser, built on Chromium web browser base, excels in certain categories well over mighty Chrome itself. First and foremost is built-in Ad blocking feature. The leading principles behind Brave development are to provide complete privacy and stop tracking of user information. Of course, the browser blocks only overly intrusive ads, that can auto-install malware on your device. Your favorite site can still make income from your visits.

Interface-wise, the Brave looks a lot like Chrome with the specific color palette. It is quite fast and the developer claims that it is 2 (to even 4) times faster than popular browsers. You can try it out and see for yourself.

Brave can be downloaded here.


As many tech professionals claim after numerous tests: Puffin is the fastest and most responsive Android browser in the market. As a matter of fact, this browser can easily overcome Chrome or Firefox any given day. At least, performance-wise. Puffin rendering speed and load speed are remarkable. Additionally, you can play latest flash games in theater mode with virtual gamepad controls. Since it packs integrated flash, additional downloads are not needed. The virtual trackpad is another interesting option that can prove helpful while browsing, especially on large screens.

The user interface is intuitive and well-designed with few customizable features. Security-wise, Puffin offers Incognito tab that will prevent tracking and protect your personal data. However, if the privacy is your first priority, some other solutions are much better in that category.

You can download Puffin Web Browser here.


Yandex is, simply put, a Russian version of Google. The search engine that is vastly popular in Eastern Europe. As same as the better-known Google, Yandex offers browser solution for all possible platforms. Additionally, Android version of Yandex Browser is based on Chromium, so they are even created on the same base. Now, you may ask is it worth using Yandex instead of Chrome. And the answer is yes!

We already mentioned Chrome’s abuse of the RAM and lack of privacy protection. Yandex is stable and undemanding, so it won’t deplete all your device resources. It offers a security system called Protect that will stop all compromising sites. In addition, it supports many add-ons. People are mostly satisfied with address bar placed at the bottom of the screen, colorful backgrounds and Reader mode.

You can try out Yandex on this link.


If you are sick of trackers and have a strong stand on security while browsing, Ghostery is the right app for you. Many users are tired of profiling that is conducted online, closely followed by gazillion ads and pop-ups. Ghostery is, as the developers states, the consumer’s privacy advocate. And you must respect that. The browser is simple and convenient while trying to keep up the pace with the competition.

So, performance or UI are not the things that distinguish this browser. It’s security and privacy measures that make it a viable option. Ghostery contains largest tracker and scripts database of all privacy-oriented browsers. You can keep track of all trackers on every site you visit.

You can obtain Ghostery here.


APUS Browser is one of the best alternative web browsers available. Most of the light weighted browsers are not this well designed and lack a lot of features. APUS have few innovative solutions, and we will specially mention Download Manager and No Image Mode. Additionally, you can install a lot of add-ons and get rid of ads with AdBlock. Tab switching is fluid and browsing speed is right there with the best ones.

In our humble opinion, the best feature is well-implemented download management that lets you download almost every type of media and store it on your device. Moreover, you can store it directly on SD card, which is great. The APUS functions well with other apps but on some occasions slow downs overall device performance. If the Incognito mode and Ad Block are good enough for your privacy standards, this is the app worth trying.

You can download APUS here.

The Bottom Line

This was our list of best alternative browsers for Android. We must be honest, Chrome has better features than most of them when filled with various add-ons. But, if you are using a budget phone or want some specific feature in your browser, this list should be helpful. Do you have some other app to

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Try Wire Browser ( – it’s great at handling bookmarks or when saving pages. You can search what you need directly on google, yahoo, or bing.

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Try Wire Browser ( – it’s great at handling bookmarks or when saving pages. You can search what you need directly on google, yahoo, or bing.

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Thank you so much!!!

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Hey Aleksandar! I just read one of your posts at Mobile Internist and honestly speaking, I was truly impressed by the way you are able to express your thoughts. We at would love to have authors like you. Are you interested in joining? Do let us know! Please contact us at support (at) androguider (dot) com. Waiting to hear back from you.

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