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Timezone incorrect on Nest Hub (FIX)

Timezone incorrect on Nest Hub

We run into a dozen or so reports about the timezone being incorrect on the Google Nest Hub spanning from 2019 up until now. Although it’s not something most users encounter, affected users are definitely livid because it completely disrupts most functions of the popular smart display. We have provided some applicable solutions below.

How do I change the timezone on my Google Nest device?

Your Google Nest Hub (and other Google Nest and Google Home devices) rely on your Home address to provide you with time, date, weather reports, and a variety of personal results. So, to change the timezone, you need to change your address. To change the address, navigate to Google Home > Your Home > Home Address and make changes there. If you still get the incorrect timezone, make sure to check the instructions we provided below.

1. Restart your Nest Hub

The first thing you should do is restart your Nest Hub. The problem might be of temporary nature so a quick reboot might sort it out especially if you moved recently and are setting up Google Nest Hub in a new home in a different timezone.

Of course, Nest Hub doesn’t have built-in GPS (Location Services) so it shows the timezone (time and date, weather, etc.) based on your Home address. So, make sure that your Google Home address is appropriately set.

2. Delete the old home and reassign the device

If you move to a new location, delete the old home and assign your Google Nest Hub to a new one. It seems that the problem occurs mostly because users forget to reassign the device to a new home with a new address. Again, the time and date settings are configured based on your Home address.

Here’s how to delete the old home and reassign the Google Nest Hub to a new one:

  1. Open Google Home.
  2. Tap on the current Home at the top and select the old Home.
  3. Select the Google Nest Hub under Devices and tap on the gear icon to bring out Settings.
  4. Choose Device information.
  5. Select Home.
  6. Select the new home from the list and tap Next. Follow further instructions to move the device.
  7. Once you move the Google Nest Hub and other devices to a new home with a new address, select the old home again and open Settings. Have in mind that some devices require a factory reset before you can use them in a different location.
  8. Tap Delete this home.

3. Change your address

Some users report that the Google Nest Hub switched to the correct timezone once they updated their home address. Ensure that the address is punctual because a small omission (e.g. wrong ZIP code) can make a lot of difference. Once you update the address, restart the Google Nest Hub to apply changes.

Here’s how to change your Home address in the Google Home app:

  1. Open Google Home.
  2. Select your Home.
  3. Tap Home address.
  4. Tap Edit.
  5. Inspect all Address lines and ensure that everything is in order. You don’t have to list your apartment. After that, just update the home address.Timezone incorrect on Nest Hub
  6. Alternatively, you’ll get back to Google Home main page and tap on your Account in the top right corner.
  7. Select Assistant settings.
  8. Select Your places.
  9. Tap Home.
  10. Search for your exact address and add it.

You can also navigate to Google Maps > Account > Settings > Edit home or work. Change the home address to your current location and make sure that the address is the same in Google Home and Google Assistant.

Some users even suggest using an approximate address from a major city in your surrounding, especially if you live in a place that borders two time zones. You might not get the best personal results if you choose to do so, but it’s still an applicable solution. Therefore, the recommended solution is to pick a bit different location to avoid Google Nest Hub using the adjacent timezone.

4. Reset your Nest Hub to factory settings

If your Google Nest Hub is still stuck in an incorrect timezone and you are absolutely certain that the Home address is as punctual as possible, you can try resetting the Nest Hub to factory settings. Once you reset the device and set it up anew, it should show you the correct time and date.

Follow these instructions to reset your Google Nest Hub to factory settings:

  1. Press and hold both Volume buttons for 10 seconds. This should reset your device to factory settings and you can set it up anew.
  2. Open Google Home.
  3. Tap Add or + icon and select Set up a device.Timezone incorrect on Nest Hub
  4. Tap New device. Enable Location Services and Bluetooth on your smartphone.
  5. Select Google Nest Hub, choose preferred services, and configure settings.

If the timezone is still incorrect on your Google Nest Hub, try deleting your Home and setting it up again.

5. Delete your Home and set it up again

Finally, if none of the previous steps worked for you, the only remaining suggestion we have is to completely delete your Home in the Google Home app and set up all devices again. Once you add the Nest Hub again with your current address, the smart display should show the correct timezone. You can also uninstall the Google Home app and install it again after deleting your home.

With that said, we can conclude this article. Thank you for reading and feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

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