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Fix: iPhone screen glitches and its unresponsive

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The short answer: take it for a repair. You can try some troubleshooting steps to confirm that there’s nothing wrong on your side but, based on the majority of cases, this is a hardware failure and the display requires replacement. There are a few things that will cause the iPhone screen glitches and the device is unresponsive, including battery swelling, factory defect, or physical damage that’s not noticeable. To cover your side, check the steps we listed below and, if the issue persists (hopefully, your iPhone is under warranty), take the device for a repair.

How do I fix my iPhone’s glitchy unresponsive screen?

1. Try with the forced restart

The first thing you should do is go for the restart. If that doesn’t work, and chances are it won’t since the display doesn’t react to your touch input, you can always use the forced restart.

This is usually done with the combination of physical keys available on your iPhone. The perform a force restart on a newer iPhone (iPhone 8 and later), you should press and keep pressing the Volume Up, Volume Down, and Sleep/Power buttons simultaneously.

For iPhone 7, just the Volume Down and Sleep/Power buttons will do. On later devices with the TouchID Home button, press the Home Button and Sleep button simultaneously to forcibly restart your device.

Once your device boots up, the problem should be gone. On the other hand, if that’s not the case, try the next step.

2. Disconnect all cables and accessories

The second thing you can try is disconnecting all cables and accessories. Unplug your device if it’s charging and check for improvements.

If the issue persists, try removing screen protectors and cases.

3. Remove the Screen protector and case

Sometimes, the Screen protector will cause display issues so make sure to remove it. Have in mind that this is a rare occurrence and that we still, as we said in the introduction, doubt that anything other than a hardware failure is causing iPhone screen glitches and unresponsiveness.

While there, remove the case as well and check if it still works. If not, consider resetting your device to factory settings.

4. Take your device for a repair

Yes, there are some other things you can try like restoring your device via DFU Recovery mode via iTunes (on your PC or Mac). However, we honestly think that this will be in vain.

There’s something wrong with your display and, unless you damaged it, the display is probably faulty and requires free replacement. You can check with Apple Repair Support.

With that, we can conclude this article. Thank you for reading and make sure to share your questions or suggestions in the comments section below. We wholeheartedly welcome your feedback.

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