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How To Record Incoming Call on iPhone Without App?

Record Incoming Call on iPhone Without App

Call recording is something most people will never use under regular circumstances, but the need might arise. And, if you were wondering if it’s possible to record an incoming call on your iPhone without an app, there are a few workarounds.

Is it Legal to Record Someone Without Their Knowledge?

Different countries have different laws for the act of recording a video or voice of another person without their consent.

Generally speaking, this shouldn’t be an issue as long as recordings are kept private and are only for personal use. This applies when you’re the involved party. However, if you want to record a phone call or a video call of two other parties, you’ll usually need consent from one of the involved parties.

If you plan to use the recording in the court of law as evidence or some legal actions, keep the aforementioned terms in mind. We still encourage you to look up the local regulations before acting on it. On the other hand, if you keep recordings for yourself for personal reasons, you can do whatever you want.

Can you record phone calls on iPhone Without the other Person Knowing?

There are definitely ways to record a person on your iPhone without them knowing but we implore you to be cautious about what you do with the recording. iPhones don’t support standard call recording natively. You’ll need either a specialized app or a secondary device for that.

An easy way to record a phone call on an iPhone is by using another Apple device with the Voice Memos app, which should come already installed on your Apple device. This app allows you to record audio using the microphone on your iPhone, with no need for a cord or extra devices to help you pick up sound.

You can use Voice Memos and the Screen Recording tool to record VoIP or videos calls over FaceTime or apps like WhatsApp but not the regular calls.

In what states can you record someone without their knowledge?

As we already mentioned, the rules are not the same in every country and laws vary. For example, in the USA, states like California, Delaware, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, Montana, Nevada, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, Washington, and Florida, require something called All Parties Consent while laws in many states ask for consent from one party in order for the recording to be legal.

Again, if you plan to use the phone recording for personal use and not in court, you can do as you please. Sharing recordings can have legal repercussions.

How To Record Calls on iPhone Without App?

1) Google Voice App for iPhone

Google Voice subscribers can use the Google Voice app to record calls on their iPhones or iPads. All participants will get notified as soon as the call recording starts and no, you can’t start recording before the conversation starts.

Here’s how to use Google Voice app for iPhone to record calls:

  1. Open the Google Voice app on your iPhone.
  2. Tap on the hamburger menu and open Settings.
  3. Turn on Incoming call options under Calls.
  4. When you receive or make a call, press 4 to start recording it.

2) Use Voicemail Inbox to Record an iPhone Call

If you have your Voicemail Inbox set up, you can use it to record a current call by merging two calls. This is a quick way to use on-device resources to record a call.

Here’s how to use Voicemail on your iPhone to record a call:

  1. Make a phone call on your iPhone.
  2. Once you reach the person on the other side, put the call on Hold.
  3. Dial your own number and wait for Voicemail to answer.
  4. Once you hear the greeting sound, tap Merge Calls. Your conversation will be recorded and stored in your Voicemail Inbox.

3) Record Calls on iPhone Using Another Device

This is your best option. If you have multiple devices at your disposal, be that a secondary iPhone, iPad, Android phone, or a dedicated voice recorder (dictaphone), you can use it to record the call.

Using Speaker mode makes it much easier to capture clear audio. You can purchase an affordable dictaphone and use it to record calls. It’s a viable option, especially if this endeavor is of great interest to you.

Use a Voice Activated Recorders

There are plenty of voice recorders you can purchase, and this purchase doesn’t have to break the bank. We assume you don’t need anything super advanced. There are some voice recorders that come with voice activation so you can just place it near your iPhone, switch to Speaker, and start conversing. A simple search on Amazon or any other online market should do.

On the other hand, if you need to make it professional (i.e. use recorded calls for podcast or something similar), we recommend either getting a voice recorder of a higher quality or using a dedicated microphone connected to your computer.

Using Another Phone as a Recorder

This goes without saying. If you have a secondary phone or iPad, you can use it to record the call. You can even use your PC or Mac. Every device that comes with a microphone could be used to record calls.

How to Turn on Speaker on iPhone?

If you are in a place that allows you some privacy during the call and you want to record with an external device, it’s natural to switch to Speaker on your iPhone. Of course, if that’s not an option, you can increase the volume of the ear speaker and bring closer whatever device you are using for recording.

4) Record iPhone Calls Through Web Browser

There might be web recorders that can record calls, but we strongly suggest avoiding those for obvious privacy concerns. You can never be 100% sure who and where stores the recording before you download it to your iPhone. While Rev Online Recorder often tops search results, we recommend downloading the app for better functionality and privacy.

How to record a phone call on iPhone 13?

The same way you would on any other iPhone starting from iPhone 5 or earlier. You need to either use a specialized third-party app, an external recording device, or some alternatives we mentioned here like merging the call with Voicemail or using Google Voice.

To record a phone call with iPhone 13 as the secondary device, follow this procedure:

  1. Bring up the Control Centre on your iPhone 13 and tap on the Voice Memo toggle.
  2. Tap on the microphone and select Start Recording.Record Incoming Call on iPhone Without App
  3. After that, make a call on your primary device to get it recorded on your iPhone 13. Switch to Speaker for better results.

Using an App That Records Phone Calls on Your iPhone

Built-in Voice Recording won’t work but there are a few of recording apps available on App Store that offer this functionality. We made sure to list the most popular ones.

1) Recording iPhone Calls with a Call Recording App

Apple Voice Memos App

Apple Voice Memos won’t work as we already said. On the other hand, it can work if you use it on a different device, just like Voice Recording will. If you have another iPhone close by, open the ap and bring the device closer. Once you start the conversation on your primary iPhone, start recording on the auxiliary one.

Rev Call Recorder

Probably the most popular audio recorder on the App Store. And, other than optional transcription fees, you can use it for free to record both incoming and outgoing calls. However, the procedure can be a bit tedious. It actually resembles the process we already explained concerning Voicemail.

You dial the Rev Recorder from the app and wait for it to start recording. Then you dial the number you want to call and merge calls. The procedure is a bit harder with incoming calls where you need to place the call on hold, open the app and dial the Rev Recorder, and only then merge the calls. Not exactly convenient but, I’m afraid, that’s how the app works.

Get Rev Call Recorder on App Store.

Easy Voice Recorder

Even though Easy Voice Recorder is great for what it is, it doesn’t offer an option to record calls. As we already said, as soon as you place or answer a call, the microphone on your iPhone can’t be used for anything other than conversing.

TapeACall Pro

TapeACall Pro does offer a similar functionality that we’ve seen in Rev Call Recorder. It utilizes the call merging feature to create a conference call so the TapeACall Pro can record and store the conversation. It’s pretty straightforward once you get the hold of it.

Get TapeACall Pro on App Store.

2) Use iPhone’s Built-in Screen Recording Feature

The built-in Screen Recording feature can record FaceTime video calls and calls with other VoIP apps but not the regular calls. You can add the built-in Screen Recording option to your Control Center in Settings.

Here’s how to enable Screen Recording in iPhone Settings:

  1. Open Settings.
  2. Select Control Center.
  3. Tap on the plus next to Screen Recording.Record Incoming Call on iPhone Without App
  4. Now, bring up Control Center and tap and hold onto the Screen Recording icon. It’s the circular icon with the dot inside.
  5. Toggle on the microphone and tap Start Recording.

How Long can iPhone Record Video

iPhones don’t have a set limit on video recording length; it mainly depends on your device’s storage capacity. The only technical limitation is your storage space.

Although, recording in 4K for a prolonged period will definitely heat the device and it might stop recording too cool down. This doesn’t apply to screen recording and you can probably record your screen until your battery dies.

Reasons for Considering Call Recording on an iPhone

Although Apple introduced a native screen recording feature in iOS 11. It still lacks some customization options found on most Android devices, but it does the job and does it well. While you’ve got to jump through some hoops to record standard calls on an iPhone, recording most other types of communication is a breeze.

How to Stop Someone from Recording Your Call on iPhone

Just end the conversation. That’s the best way as there are no ways to affect the other side whatsoever. If you suspect you are being recorded without your consent, ending the conversation is the only option.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) How to record someone without them knowing?

We can’t condone illicit use of secretive call recording, but you probably had a good reason for asking this question. We explained different methods and stated where the other party will be notified or get a clue that there’s something astray. Your absolutely best bet is to use a second device, be that iPhone, Android, or a dedicated voice recorder.

2) Can you record a phone call without consent?

It all depends on your location and local legislations. There are places where call recording is not punishable by law and places where it is an offence. In most cases, since you are the involved party, you can record calls without fear of the repercussions.

However, that doesn’t apply if you record calls where you are a third party. Check the law, inform yourself, get the software or hardware tools we recommended here, and then act on your own volition.

3) How to listen to a previous phone call iPhone?

As we already mentioned, it all depends how you recorded the call. If you used Voice Memos on a secondary iPhone to record it, check the Voice Memos for recordings. If you used Voicemail call-merging trick to record the call, check the Voicemail Inbox. Finally, if you used a third-party app like Rev Call Recorder, check the app in order to download (and possibly transcript) the recorded call.

4) Why does my call log delete itself iPhone?

Other than the limit of 100 most recent entries, call logs should not delete itself. If new call history is generated, then the old records will be overwritten automatically. If that happens, try restoring Call History from an iCloud Backup.

You can’t get back call logs any other way than to reset your iPhone and restore it from an older backup. It’s all or nothing deal so any new data is affected and might not get restored in the process.

5) How to allow calls on iPhone?

If you have a SIM inserted or eSIM activated, you should be able to start calls without problems. Of course, there are more factors affecting whether you can connect to a recipient of the call. If you can’t make calls, check the SIM card, restart your iPhone, and ensure that you are covered on the network coverage and the carrier side.

6) How to record sound on iPhone?

The built-in voice recorder called Voice Memos is your first choice, but you can find a plethora of different voice recorders on App Store. You can find Voice Memos in App Library or enable it in Control Center in Settings > Control Center.

With those questions answered, we can call it a wrap. If you found this guide on how to record incoming calls on iPhone without an app useful, tell us in the comments section below. And remember to always respect privacy laws when recording calls.

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