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How to change alarm tone on iPhone in 3 steps

How to change alarm tone on iPhone

Waking up to the same old alarm sound every morning can become monotonous. Luckily, if you’re an iPhone user, you have the option to personalize your mornings. Whether you prefer a soothing melody, a lively tune, or even your favorite song, customizing your alarm tone can be a refreshing way to start your day. Learn how to change alarm tone on iPhone below.

How do I change alarm tone on iPhone

Changing the alarm tone on your iPhone can add a personal touch to your wake-up routine. It’s a simple process that lets you choose from a variety of tones or even songs. Here’s how to change the alarm tone on your iPhone:

  1. Open the Clock app on your iPhone.
  2. Tap on the Alarm tab at the bottom.
  3. Choose the alarm you wish to edit or set a new one by tapping the plus icon.
  4. Tap on Sound, where you can choose from a list of available ringtones.
  5. Browse through the list and select the tone that you prefer. You can also opt for a song from your music library by selecting Pick a song. changer alarm sound on iPhone

In order to pick a song as an alarm sound on your iPhone, you’ll need to add them from iTunes Library.

How to add songs to your iPhone library with iTunes

Adding songs to your iPhone library using iTunes is a straightforward process, allowing you to enjoy your favorite music on the go or use songs as alarm sound. Whether you’re looking to transfer your existing music collection or add new tunes, iTunes offers a convenient solution. Here’s how to add songs to your iPhone library:

  1. Open iTunes on your computer. If you don’t have iTunes installed, download and install it from the Apple website.
  2. Use a USB cable to connect your iPhone to the computer. Wait for iTunes to recognize your device.
  3. Before syncing, make sure the music you want to add is in your iTunes library. You can add songs to the library by dragging files into iTunes or by going to File and then Add to Library.
  4. Click on the device icon in iTunes to select your iPhone.
  5. Go to the Music tab in iTunes, and select the playlists, artists, albums, or genres you want to sync.
  6. After making your selections, click the Sync button. iTunes will transfer the selected music to your iPhone’s library.

By following these steps, you can easily manage and enjoy your music collection on your iPhone, enriching your mobile listening experience.

PRO TIP: Use iPhone Shortcut Automatization with Apple Music to create a musical alarm

Setting up a musical alarm with iPhone Shortcuts and Apple Music is a straightforward way to enhance your mornings. This method lets you wake up to your favorite songs from Apple Music, adding a personal touch to your alarms.

Follow these instructions to create a shortcut that will play a certain song, playlist, or an album at particular time:

  1. Open the Shortcuts App on your iPhone.
  2. Tap on the + icon to create a new shortcut and name it, something like Morning Alarm Tune.
  3. Tap Add Action, then search for and select Play Music. Choose a specific song, playlist, or album from Apple Music. Tap Done.
  4. Go back to the main page of the Shortcuts app and tap the Automation tab.
  5. Tap the + icon, choose Create Personal Automation, and then select Time of Day to set the schedule for your alarm. Select Run Immediately. change alarm tone on iPhone
  6. Set your desired time and days for the alarm.
  7. After setting the time, search for and select the Run Shortcut action, and choose the Morning Alarm Tune (or whatever you named it) shortcut from the list.
  8. Tap Next, then Done to save your automation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use music as alarm on iPhone?

Yes, you can use music as an alarm on your iPhone. When setting or editing an alarm, go to “Sound” and tap on “Pick a song.” You can then choose any song from your music library to use as your alarm tone.

How to change Siri wake up Alarm tone on iPhone?

To change the Siri wake-up alarm tone on your iPhone, open the Clock app, go to the alarm section, and edit or create a new alarm. In the “Sound” section, you can select the desired tone. Note that Siri will use this selected tone for your wake-up alarms.

Why can’t I set a song as my alarm on iPhone?

If you’re unable to set a song as your alarm on your iPhone, ensure the song is downloaded and available in your music library. Songs that are not physically on your device, like those only available for streaming, cannot be set as alarm tones.

Customizing your iPhone’s alarm tone is a simple yet effective way to make your mornings more pleasant. Whether it’s a standard ringtone or your favorite song, the right sound can make waking up a better experience. Have you tried setting a unique or custom alarm tone on your iPhone? Share your experiences and preferences in the comments section below!

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