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How to turn off Google Maps speed camera alerts

Google Maps speed camera alerts

You can’t turn off the speed camera alerts in Google Maps while navigating but you can make them silent. We made sure to explain how to do it and provide some insight into Traffic reports in general below. Albeit, if you want to make Traffic reports optional, make sure to report this to Google in the app, under Account > Help & feedback.

Can you turn off speed cameras on Google Maps?

If you’re referring to Speedometer, that can be disabled with ease in Google Maps settings. Just navigate to Google Maps > Your account > Settings > Navigation settings. Once there, you should be able to locate the Speedometer toggle near the bottom. On the other hand, if you refer to user-reported speed cameras and the notifications you get for those — this is a different story.

Waze has had this feature for years and Google Maps got something similar. The difference is that Waze allows for fixed entries, where you can add speed cameras in Waze Map Editor. Google Maps users can only stick with user-provided reports once they choose the route.

Since Live Reports were introduced a couple of years ago in Google Maps, users were given a chance to report a variety of on-road occurrences including:

  • Crashes
  • Speed traps
  • Slowdowns
  • Construction works
  • Lane closures
  • Stalled vehicles
  • and Objects that obstruct traffic.

You can preview these points of interest before starting the navigation mode and tracking them in real-time. The feature is available in more than 40 countries over the world. But, how to confirm these are correct? And is there a way to disable notifications for speed cameras and other points of interest while navigating traffic?

There’s no actual way to confirm if entries are true since the reports come from other users. Still, in my experience, false reports are rare and navigation alerts usually can save you a lot of time or even a good chunk of money spent on a traffic fine.

If you tap on the icon while navigating, you’ll see when was the last time the entry was updated. Outdated entries, especially for mobile speed cameras, are not as reliable and you should take them with a grain of salt.

Still, if you don’t want notifications about speed cameras particularly, you can’t single them out and need to disable all navigation notifications to prevent your device from notifying you mid-drive. You can do that in Settings > Apps > Maps > Notifications. Once there, disable Navigation urgent updates and Navigation. Have in mind that this won’t prevent notifications from appearing on your display, just make them maps speed camera

With that said, we can conclude this article. Thank you for reading and feel free to tell us your opinion. Should Google provide users with an option to hide certain entries from Google Maps while navigating? Tell us in the comments below.

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