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Fix: Android apps keep closing unexpectedly

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There’s a common issue among Android users where apps keep closing unexpectedly. It can make you lose your progress in a photo you are editing, the document you are writing. You can also lose your game progress. Even if you can continue where you left, it’s a bad experience to frequently have to re-run your app.

Having this problem occurring to me too many times, I prepared a few solutions that can help fix this issue.

Why do my Android apps keep closing unexpectedly?

There can be various reasons behind this issue. An app can close unexpectedly due to insufficient memory on your device or CPU over-burdening. It can be because a recent update is deployed with an app crashing bug. A network problem can also make your app suddenly close. Opening too many apps or too many tabs in an app can lead to it slowing down and eventually crashing.

There are more reasons as well, but those mentioned are the most common ones. We are going to show you how to deal with each of those problems in the next few steps.

1. Reboot your device

Your restarting your device can do enough to fix this issue. It will free your RAM memory and close all over-burdening processes in the background. Just press and hold the Power button and pick the Restart option. When it turns itself on again, you are ready to go.

2. Force stop problematic app

Force-stopping your app can make can fix a lot of ongoing problems with it. It can also kill whatever process is making your app unexpectedly close.

To force stop an app:

  1. Go to Settings > Apps;
  2. Choose the app you are facing a problem with;Android apps keep closing unexpectedly
  3. Tap on Force stop.

After you stop the app, just run it again and check if the problem still occurs.

3. Reinstall the app that is closing unexpectedly

If your app is not installed properly, some features might not work properly, leading it to crash unexpectedly or not even start at all. Reinstalling it can usually fix the problem.

To reinstall an app:

  1. Go to Settings > Apps;
  2. Choose the app you are facing a problem with;
  3. Tap on Uninstall;Android apps keep closing unexpectedly
  4. After it’s uninstalled, go to Google Play;
  5. Find the app you want to reinstall;
  6. Click on Install.

4. Free up the storage space

Each app requires some memory space to save temporary files while it is running. Having insufficient space can make your app crash. To free up storage space, delete any unnecessary files such as unneeded screenshots, old photos, and videos, etc. Move your files and apps to the SD card or save them on a cloud or external device.

5. Clear cache and app data

Cached data can corrupt your app and make it crash. You can clear cache and saved data for individual app by following the next steps:

  1. Go to Settings > Apps;
  2. Tap on the desired app;Android apps keep closing unexpectedly
  3. Choose Clear data / Clear cache.

6. Make sure your internet connection is stable

An unstable or poor internet connection can cause many problems with apps that rely on the network. To fix that, make sure you have access to a  good WiFi signal. You can also switch to cellular data for a more stable connection.  Be sure to close the app before switching to a different connection to avoid any other problems.

7. Close unused tabs

Some apps such as web browsers can have multiple tabs opened. Having too many tabs opened can cause the app to slow down or even crash. Make sure to close all the unnecessary tabs. You can do that usually by swiping pages or clicking on the close icon for each tab.Close tabs in Chrome

8. Uninstall apps you are not using

Some apps can allocate too much storage space. When deleting unnecessary files such as old photos doesn’t free up much space, you can delete some apps that you are not using.

To uninstall unused apps:

  1. Go to Settings > Apps;
  2. Choose the app you want to uninstall;
  3. Tap on Uninstall.

9. Wipe the cache partition

Your apps can crash if there is some problem with the cache partition. It stores the app data as well as other system files. To be able to wipe the cache partition, you first need to go to Android recovery mode.

To go to recovery mode:

  1. Samsung phones: Hold Home, Power, and Volume down buttons at the same time;
  2. Xiaomi phones: Turn off your phone > Press Power and Volume Up at the same time > Release Power button when you see the Mi logo;
  3. HTC/LG phones: Press Power and Volume down buttons.

When you enter recovery mode, use Volume Up and Volume Down to switch between options and select Wipe cache partition. After that, choose Reboot system now to restart your device.

10. Factory reset

If any of the previous steps are not working, you can try to fix the problem by doing a factory reset. Go to Settings > Back up and restore / About phone > Factory data reset and you’ll see options for erasing data.Factory resets for Android

Hope this article helped you resolve your problem. Thank you for reading and make sure to leave a comment if you know any other way to deal with Android apps that keeps closing unexpectedly.

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Aleksandar Ognjanovic

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