Does your iPhone charges faster on Low Power Mode? We answer

Low Power Mode on iPhone can be your best friend if your battery is dangerously low and you really need it to persist until you get a chance to charge it. However, it’s not a miraculous switch that just makes your battery more powerful or your charger faster. Some users were wondering if iPhone charges faster on Low Power Mode or if this is just a myth. And we made sure to put it to the test and provide you with the results below.

Does Low Power Mode affect iPhone charging?

With all the evidence we found online and in a test I did on my own device, Low Power Mode doesn’t speed up charging. If it does, it’s to the point that you can’t even notice it. In my test, iPhone 11 charged from 20% to 100% a minute faster on Low Power Mode. This might as well be attributed to other factors that have nothing to do with Low Power Mode. Must mention that in both charging tests, the device was on Airplane mode.

So, this also debunks claims that iPhones charge slower with Low Power Mode. This mode limits background app refresh and can reduce a bit of CPU strain so more power goes to the battery.

Nothing can make a difference if you run a slow standard 5W charger. But it does other things that affect battery life much more like 5G connectivity, iCloud Photos active sync, and screen brightness while the device is discharging.

How to charge your iPhone faster

If you really want to speed up iPhone charging, get a faster USB charging adapter (if supported), try not to use your device while charging, and definitely disable mobile data. If your iPhone is charging really slowly, you might as well turn on Airplane Mode or, if possible, turn it off.

The battery heats the most until it reaches 80% of the charge and it slows down until it reaches 100%. With that in mind, removing a protective case should somewhat help the device cool down faster. The iPhone screen brightness will keep dimming if your device is hot so there’s another sign there.

If you want to prolong battery health, you shouldn’t let your iPhone battery fall under 20% and charge it over 85% to 90% regularly. Of course, it all depends on different scenarios and your daily habits. At the end of the day, whatever you do, the battery health shouldn’t drop under 85% of factory capacity over 2-3 years. You can check this in Settings > Battery > Battery Health on your iPhone.does iphone charges faster on low power mode

Also, even if you got yourself a faster USB charging adapter, you should keep charging your iPhone with the slower one (e.g. standard 5W Apple adapter) during the night or when you have some time to spare. Some might say that 5W standard chargers are really on the low side in 2022 and they would be right. Still, if you plan to keep your device for 3+ years, the optimal use of a slow charger when circumstances allow is the way to go.

That should do it. Thank you for reading and feel free to share your experience and your own tests. Does your iPhone charges faster on Low Power Mode or not? Tell us in the comments section below.

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