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Does deleting a message on iMessage unsend it? Here’s the quick answer

unsend imessage
  • Once you send an iMessage and it goes through Apple’s server right to your recipient, there’s no way to delete it for them. Delivered iMessages can’t be unsend.
  • There are certain instant messengers that offer this functionality, like Facebook Messenger or Instagram.
  • If you delete the message on your side, this won’t have any effect on the recipient.

This one will be short but not so sweet if you are the one that sent a message before reading its content. No, you can’t unsend iMessage, and deleting it on your own device won’t have any impact. The only thing you can do is hurry up with a follow-up message explaining the mistake you’ve made.

How to delete a message on your iPhone so the other person can’t see it?

Sadly, you can’t unsend iMessage. But there are alternative apps that allow this functionality. The thing with iMessage is that it uses end-to-end encryption and the third side (not you nor your recipient) can’t interact with messages once they are sent. This is quite important for obvious privacy reasons and makes the whole exchange available only to your and the eyes of the people who you chat with. Apple just transfers messages and they can’t have an insight into your messages. Conversations are not stored in the cloud but on the devices of the respective participants.

We must add, although they are not as universal as iMessage, that apps without end-to-end encryption offer this functionality. The procedure in most of them is pretty straightforward where you tap-and-hold on to the message you want to delete and just unsend it.

You can remove someone from the conversation in Group chats, but they’ll still be able to see previous conversations. Unless you remove them before the message is delivered.

So, we can only hope that the message you sent wasn’t as compromising and remember that is human to err. With that said, we can conclude this article. Would you like for Apple to offer less safe but more flexible messaging as an option? Tell us in the comments section below. Thank you for reading and we hope this answers your question.

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