Where is Clipboard on iPhone? Learn here

  • You can’t manage clipboard entries on your iPhone with built-in tools. Mostly, because you can paste only one entry — the last text or image you copied.
  • Alternative keyboards like NextBoard bring Clipboard on your iPhone, so that’s where you should look.
  • You can paste the latest copied text or image in most typing fields. Just tap and hold on it and then select paste.

How do I access the clipboard on my iPhone?

Unlike Android which offers a multi-entry clipboard on most (if not all) first-party and third-party keyboards, iOS allows one entry and you can’t preview it. You tap, you highlight the text you want to copy, tap and hold into the typing field and paste it. And you can paste the same entry over and over again until you copy something else.

Unless you are actively using Clipboard to manage older entries, you will barely notice the absence of any sort of built-in clipboard manager. But you’ll definitely notice it if you got used to it over time on your Mac, PC, or Android

Why is this feature missing? Well, users keep asking for it but Apple doesn’t deem it necessary. Again, this is a pretty niche feature that, honestly, a lot of users will never look for.

How to get a clipboard on your iPhone

You can use third-party Clipboard managers or NextBoard and similar third-party keyboards that offer more advanced options. You might need to spend a few dollars in the process but if you have a dire need of a clipboard manager on your iPhone, third-party apps are definitely an option. And there’s a whole lot to choose from.

Or you can make a habit of pasting important entries in Notes and save them that way. I’ve personally got used to it and, although a bit robust, it’s still better than roaming through countless messages until I find an important phone number, address, or really anything else of value.

Thank you for reading and we can only hope that Apple will add clipboard manager in some of the upcoming iOS iterations. Features come slowly but steadily on iOS. The comments section below is reserved for your questions or suggestions so make sure to share your thoughts on this subject.

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