How to use Android phone as a computer gamepad

A lot of PC games are playable with just your keyboard and mouse. First person shooters originated on that input game controls and they are most certainly best suited for the job. But, what happens when you want to play, for example, Fifa 17 or any third-person action game? Then, and we all can agree, the gamepads are a preferred option. At least, for the majority of gamers. The main advantage of gamepads is their ergonomy and buttons order that, with few additions over time, haven’t changed for decade or more. All gamepads are lookalikes, cause they are based on the same, good old classic origins.

Nevertheless, while gamepads and joysticks are gaming foundation stones, they are for all intent and purposes, connected to consoles. It is hard to find good and affordable gamepad for PC that is similar in quality and sturdiness with the ones of PS4 or Xbox One. So, if you are not in possession of any of the two, maybe you should look at your phone or tablet. Yes, you can use your Android as a gamepad and play your favorite games in no time.

We prepared for you 3 applications that will let you play your favorite PC titles with your Android.

Mobile Gamepad

Mobile Gamepad is an interesting solution that transforms your Android into the reasonably good wireless gamepad. Players shouldn’t expect miracles, but it will get the job done. Most of the time, at least. This app functions only with a server application on PC, so you have to download and install suggested version.

First, you install both Android app from Play Store and a server program for your PC. Once installed, you have to make sure that the Android and PC are on the same wireless connection and share same IP address. The server works out the connection, Android app everything else. Button mapping is made easier with a game list that program enables, so you can define them respectively. Games can be started with the phone itself, without even touching the PC, because it can simulate a mouse.

What is great about this app and make it worth trying is the utilization of your gyroscope and accelerometer for in-game purposes. You can use it for movement and they can come handy for racing games.

You can download this app by following this link.

DroidPad: PC Joystick & mouse

DroidPad is similar to a Mobile Gamepad in many regards but brings some additions. It comes with three options: Joystick, Mouse, and Slideshow. There are 8 joystick layouts to use and many customizable options for a better experience. Mouse option is also very adjustable so you can make it work to your liking. Slideshow mode lets you use your phone as a tool to control presentations without even interacting with your PC.

Installation is pretty much the same as with Mobile Gamepad. After you install the application, next step would be to download and install server program for your PC. Server program will automatically discover your device once connected via Wi-Fi or USB port. After you choose a preferable mode, Android will connect to a PC and your job is almost done. Next step is to select wanted Joystick layout and tweak preferences. After that device is ready to use.

This app is great 3 in 1 multimedia solution and can be of great use as a gamepad substitute for all undemanding users.

To download this app, follow the link.

Ultimate Gamepad

Ultimate Gamepad can be the ultimate solution for all of you that want to try out your Android as a gamepad. In comparing to the other two listed apps, it doesn’t have so much tweaking options and customizing your options is a bit lackluster. But, on the other hand, it brings multitouch option and Bluetooth connection to the table. By many users, it is described as best ”Android to PC gamepad” application and is certainly worth trying out.

Connecting your Android to a PC is as easy as it comes. You can choose between Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connection. Wi-Fi option demands both devices be connected to the same network, and it is a bit better way to connect because you want to preserve battery life of the Android. Gamepad looks just like the ones for the PS1. There is no analog sticks but only D-pad. It works great, the connection is stable and commands are responsive. The only problem we encountered comes with the devices with larger screens. The gamepad is always the same size so you ‘ll have a problem using it properly with tablets. With exception to that, everything works like a charm.

To try out this great gamepad solution, go to this link.

This was our list of suggested apps. We hope you ‘ll find it helpful and use some of them to play your favorite games. Have you tried any of them before? What is your opinion on the subject? Be free to tell us in the comments section.

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