How to save battery life on your Asus ZenFone 3

Asus made a breakthrough in the budget class mobile phone market with latest add to the ZenFone family: ZenFone 3. On the first sight, this phone looks great and, performance-wise is pretty reliable for its price. In addition, Asus ZenFone 3 is equipped with the battery which autonomy is great comparing to its competitors.

However, if you are using it frequently (as many of us do), your battery will run out for a couple of hours. To prevent that and extend it, you may want to use some of our tips and tricks.

How to extend your battery life on Asus ZenFone 3 in no time

Kill the pesky background apps

Even though you don use them at the time, some apps will work in the background and slow your phone down. Also, ti will deploy your battery faster. First, you need to hunt them down and then exterminate them. To solve this do the following:

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Tap Power Management
  3. Select Power Consumption Table
  4. Find the apps that are consuming battery even though you are not using them at the time
  5. Disable those apps

Adjust the brightness of display if high level is not necessary

If you are on the bright background and your display have good visibility, then you should lower the brightness of your screen. As we all know, a display is the main consumer of the battery. To do that, carry out this instruction:

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Select Display
  3. Tap Brightness
  4. Lower your brightness

Activate Power Saver option

One of the easiest ways to save your battery life is to use Android OS implemented option. Yeah, good guess, it’s Power Saver. To activate Power Saver, do as follows:

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Select Power Managment
  3. Turn Power Saver ON

Use Auto-start manager to deny unwanting apps from starting

Auto-start manager is app implemented in Asus phones that let you choose whether some apps will auto-start or would need to be started manually. This is the great option if you want to get rid of battery-deploying apps that are not of primary importance.

  1. Launch the application
  2. Select application that you want to prohibit from starting
  3. Choose Deny

Disable Auto-sync and Auto-update

Auto-sync and Auto-update are great options to give you one less worry about Android usage. All the updates will perform in the background and you won’t even notice until it is done. However, if you are in no need to update your apps or sync, you as well may turn it off. It will prolong your battery life. You can do it later manually.

  1. Open Play Store>Settings
  2. Disable Auto-update apps
  3. Open Settings>Personal>Accounts & Sync
  4. Disable Auto-sync

Disable  Auto-rotate screen

Auto-rotate is comfy option to change your screen orientation. Although it is not the main consumer, it will most certainly speed up your battery drainage. If you don’t find it necessary, you may as well disable it.

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Tap Display
  3. Disable Auto-rotate screen 

Think about using standard  instead of Live wallpaper

Live wallpaper is nice aesthetic but its usage can make your battery suffer. Therefore, you may want to rethink it if you are away from recharging opportunity. If you are not so much into risking, select standard wallpaper.

  1. Press and hold on Home Screen
  2. Tap Wallpapers icon
  3. Change your live wallpaper for standard one

Remove unused Widgets from the Home Screen

Widgets are one of the premium attributes of Android OS. Also, one of the trademarks. But, if you are not using some of them, their background work will slow your phone. Battery life will suffer, too.

  1. Tap and hold unused Widget
  2. While holding, move the widget to the top of the screen
  3. Place it in Remove section

Those were our tips concerning saving your battery life. We hope you find it helpful and get the 110% out of  your Asus ZenFone 3.

If there is any more option we haven’t mention, be free to do it yourself in the comments section.

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