Phone not charging after Android 9 Pie upgrade: What to do?

Android 9 Pie brings a handful of useful improvements to an already well-established ecosystem. Enhanced gestures, adaptive brightness and battery are just some new features that Pie users can take advantage of.

But the transition isn’t as flawless for everyone, as some users can’t enjoy the new features without sacrificing some functionality. And I don’t mean in a way it’s meant to be.

One of the more common problems that’s arisen is the charging issue. Namely, users have reported that they’re unable to charge their devices properly after upgrading to Android 9 Pie. So, I’ll try to explain what’s going on and how can you potentially resolve this problem.

Sure, I can tell you to try some common solutions, like checking if your cable is damaged, cleaning the ports, etc. However, I assume the issue is caused by the Pie update itself, so general solutions probably won’t do anything.

As this is a software bug, you have limited troubleshooting options. However, Google acknowledged this issue, so the solution should be on the way. Knowing this, there are just two things you can do. And these are updating your phone and trying a different charger (I explained below why this doesn’t fall into the ‘common solutions’ category).

Update your phone

As I said above, the charging issue is caused by a bug inside Android Pie’s code. So, the only thing left for you to do is to check for updates on a regular basis.

Google resolved this problem on Pixel devices way back in 2018. And if your device hasn’t received the update yet, it most definitely will soon. Once you update your phone to the latest Pie version, the charging problem should be resolved. At least that’s what Google support claims.

Try a different charger

It’s also known that Android Pie has a problem with PD chargers. For some software-related reason, you can’t use the full potential of a PD charger on a phone running Android Pie.

So, until Google releases an adequate update, stick to the original charger that came with your device. Sure, that still means you should frequently check for updates because the PD charging problem will also be addressed in some future patch.

I know I didn’t tell you much, and that your options are limited. But that’s all we know about the charging problem in Android 9 Pie so far. Of course, if you’re not sure if the charging problem is caused by the upgrade, you can always try these common solutions I mentioned above.

If you know more about this problem, or maybe have a ‘real’ solution, please let us know in the comments below. Any help will be appreciated.

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3 thoughts on “Phone not charging after Android 9 Pie upgrade: What to do?”

  1. There is one and only 1 way to charge the phone like this. Put it on charger, do a force reboot, and when u see a “no command” robot hold power and tap volume up. Then select reboot to bootloader. It charges like that

  2. My honor 9 got problem cannot receive wechat and WhatsApp photo, it was external storage errors, how to slove the problem


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