Android 10 arrives on Nokia 7.1, causes some issues

Two days ago, Nokia announced the rollout of Android 10 to the Nokia 7.1. This announcement marks the third Nokia phone to receive the Android 10 update, after the Nokia 8.1 and Nokia 9 PureView received it a few days back.

According to the company, the Nokia 7 Plus, 6.1, and 6.1 Plus are next in line for Android 10. Users of these devices should start receiving Android 10 by the end of the year, or at the beginning of 2020.

The update brings all of Android 10’s signature features to the Nokia 7.1, including the popular Dark Mode, the new gestures, and the redesigned permissions system. However, the new Android 10 Focus Mode is set to arrive later, as it’s still in beta.

How to update Nokia 7.1 to Android 10

The global rollout of Android 10 has just started, which means some users will probably have to wait a day or two for the update to appear for them. You’ll be notified when the update is ready for install, but you can also check manually to make sure its there.

Here’s how to update your Nokia 7.1 to Android 10:

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Navigate to About Phone > System updates.
  3. Tap Check for Updates to check if your phone has received the update yet.

Nokia 7.1 Android 10 issues

Some users have already installed the update. While the update’s been a smooth ride for some, others are experiencing a few issues. Here’s what one user reported on Nokia forums:

  1. Audio is messed up. there is a distortion when you play WhatsApp audio messages, the same issue is with some games and broadcasting apps like BIGO Tv, etc..
  2. Battery Draining so Fast, hardly 5-6 Hours standby time.
  3. It takes forever to charge the phone, no quick charge at all.
  4. When you switch between apps, every app just reloads itself, the duration to keep them in memory was good enough in Pie“.

Now, that doesn’t mean you’ll encounter the same issues when you install Android 10 on your Nokia 7.1. You may not have a single problem, or something else might bother you. It’s really a roll of the dice.

If you have encountered any problems upon installing Android 10 on your phone, feel free to share them with us in the comments below.

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25 thoughts on “Android 10 arrives on Nokia 7.1, causes some issues”

  1. I am using a Nokia 7.1 picked up my phone to use this morning and realised my gestures aren’t working. I have restarted the phone. Updated it and even switch between gestures. Nothing is working. Please what do I do???

  2. hello i have Nokia 7.2 with 2 sim card in the phone and one of them are disabled in sim setting and both sim have sim pass everything was fine so far no problem yesterday I’ve got the android 10 after update, when the phone boot up doesn’t asked me to enter password and i saw upper right both sim card appeared and disappear constantly and some seconds a text appear “error phone is shutting down” when it boot a black screen with two options “1 try boot again 2 factory reset the phone” i hit the try again phone boot but problem again was there and text appear “error phone is shutting down” when it boot a black screen with two options “1 try boot again 2 factory reset the phone” this time i factory reset the phone
    this time phone boots up prompt for sim pass, OK i thought everything are fine now i start to config my and installing app on my phone after 4 5 hours i restart the phone and problem appeared again
    this time i removed sim-lock pass for both sim-cards but disable one sim problem appeared again
    this time i enabled both sim card and hit the restart now no problem so far

    i think there is issues with two sim-card in slot and one disable

    android 9 was so far better than this 10 version

  3. hello, the major challenge for me is the rate at which my Battery drains out, which is on the average of 28% per hour, i got so frustrated i had to buy a Samsung, please can anyone offer me some suggestions or advice to fix this dilemma of battery draining.

  4. Updated both mine and husband’s phone. Have problems with speaker being distorted. Us there a fix for this. Disappointed.

  5. Also, I have a problem searching my contacts. I can find some contacts only by the name (and I can’t find the same contact using the last name) and vise versa.

  6. finally got update for my 6.1, but now bluetooth will no longer connect to my Car. anyone else have this problem? worked just fine the day before update. now it attempts and says can’t connect. I have removed all paired devices and cleared cache on phone. Also removed all devices off my car. I have verified my 2011 Mercedes e550 coupe works with my old Nokia 1520 winphone and a friends iphone. When I go to pair it connects and I go through the send code to device handshake and then phone freezes up and dumps connection. While my Command stereo just sits with wheel turning on screen and stays there. Any suggestions before I smash this POS phone OS.

  7. Disastrous update and a nightmare to get back to Pie. Update is such a mess that I went back to my Nokia 6 while awaiting/dreaming of a quick fix for my Nokia 7.1 Anyway, no such luck so I just bought a Samsung. It’s a joke that Nokia gave its approval for this horrid release. If I could mail my phone to Nokia and have an employee swallow it whole, this would make the planet a better place.

  8. Hello everyone.I have a Nokia 7.1.It’s been updated to amdroid 10 but since then I have a problem searching my contacts. I can find some contacts only by the name (and I can’t find the same contact using the last name) and vise versa. Is anyone else facing the same problem?

  9. Since the 10 update my phone is now constantly stuck on headphone mode, or to put it differently, the speaker on my phone doesn’t work in any calls, for listening to music or any other audio from media. The alarm works and the message sound sometimes does. It’s really annoying since my phone is for me for 1.Communication, 2.Music, 3.Camera. I only bought it in 2019 so that’s pretty, fuxxing annoying. DAMN NOKIA, GET ONTO FIXING THIS ASAP! Or my next phone is a Motorola again 🙁

  10. From France.
    Same problem, since the update the phone is unusable. Always start by asking for the installation of the update, download then install it, after “optimization of applications” starts several times on the screen “AndroidOne” (5 times I think) then ends up displaying the message: “boot reason: enablefilecrypto_failed” then propose the factory reset (I did it several times)
    No improvement for more than a week.
    I need my phone!
    Thank you NOKIA !!

  11. My phone’s stock camera is working, but the third party Google Camera, Snapchat or Instagram cameras are not working. Weirdly the Whatsapp Camera is only working. Rest all say that the app failed to click the image. Any help?

  12. From Nigeria and having USB issues. Can’t transfer files through USB after the update. So frustrating. If I had know I would not have updated the phone

  13. Nokia 7.1 corrupted software message after android 10 update, ,tried factory reset, it keeps coming up with the message new update required, then tries to load but comes up with the same message that a factory reset is required , this phone hates updates as it is 3rd phone I have been given in less than a year?

  14. my phone was stuck to the Android one screen after downloading and installing the Android 10 update, did the factory reset, tried to sideload the update in recovery mode…no luck…

    • Hi
      If your reset has hold your OS back to android 9 you are lucky, because, we are struggling with this android 10 update, there are too much problems. So better wait till all the issue has resolved.


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