Top 3 Nintendo 64 emulators for Android

What is the best console ever? All of them are special and have their spot in revolutionizing gaming experience. Most of them brought incredible innovations in many different ways. So it’s a hard question to answer. But, in our humble opinion, Nintendo 64 is all-around the best.

Many of us enjoyed titles like Mario 64, Zelda, Duke Nukem, Mario Cart, Golden Eye, and a lot of others. Nowadays, when handheld devices surpassed older PC configurations with their hardware capabilities, we can emulate Nintendo 64 games with ease. Therefore, if you are keen to board the nostalgia ship and play again your favorite titles on your Android. we are bringing you the 3 absolute best emulators.


All of the N64 emulators obtainable for Android are based on the same open-source project, Mupen64 +. So the guys behind Mupen64+ are the ones we need to thank for this brilliant solution.

When it comes to MegaN64, it is the most used emulator for Android, and for a good reason. You’ll have to get yourself some game ROMs and place them on your SD card. They are easily obtainable and I’m sure you’ll find out the way. The emulator offers performance and graphical tweaks depending on your device’s capabilities.

Nevertheless, stability can be an issue sometimes and there are several glitches depending on the game you are running and the device model.

You can start with your time travel with Mega N64 on Play Store.

Classic Boy

Classic Boy is the all-in-one emulation solution for Android. It supports all of the older consoles available, with many customizable options. Controller calibration, button mapping, button appearance, sensor support (depending on the device hardware), auto-save, and many other features. As the case was with MegaN64, you should place your ROMs on the SD card. Afterward, just find them within the selector and start emulating.

Games are mostly stable and compatible, though some of them just won’t work whatever you do. The premium version offers some upgrades even though the free version should be sufficient.

To start with the adventure, get Classic Boy on Play Store.

Emulator for N64

Emulator for N64 is third on the list for the mere reason of irritating ads popping out from time to time. In other regards, it is as good as Classic Boy or MegaN64. It even utilizes some interesting options worth mentioning:

  • ROMs in compressed files
  • Multiplayer
  • Cheat codes

Stability-wise it is not better nor worst than the past two emulators on the list. Sometimes you’ll encounter issues with compatibility, other times everything will work like a charm. It depends on the games or Android device you are using.

You can get  Mupen64 Plus emulator on Play Store.


This was our list of N64 emulators you should try. We assure you that it is an enjoyable and valuable experience. What is your favorite Nintendo 64 game of all time? Please tell us in the comments.

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