Fix: Nexus 5X overheats while charging

Nexus 5x is a remarkable mid-range device powered by Google and constructed by LG. If you’re unable to obtain the Google Pixel or it’s too pricey for your budget, but still want a clean Android without bloatware, the 5x is the most affordable smartphone you can look for.

However, even though this device is both hardware and software-wise excellent, it’s not without issues. We listed most common ones, but there are some that didn’t include in the initial list. One of those is constant overheating with common symptoms. In the short span, minor overheating can’t cause any trouble, but if the problem is persistent, especially with high temperatures outside, it can be quite a pain.

Firstly, it will slow down your device substantially. Secondly, it may cause hardware malfunction, and that is obviously a grave problem. Because of that, we prepared some solutions that should help you retain normal temperatures with your Nexus 5x. If you have similar issues, check the list below.

Don’t use your phone while charging

Overheating problems are not uncommon for the devices with Quick charging feature. Even though this speeds up charging cycle considerably, it may cause overheating. Especially in the scenarios when you use your Nexus 5x while it’s plugged in and charging. Most of the time, this isn’t the case with the simple tasks, but if you’re chasing that record in some demanding game, it will affect your device temperature marginally.

So, leave the phone be for some time, and after the battery is charged to a preferable level, continue playing.

Check the resource hogging apps in the background

Even though the Nexus 5x runs quite smoothly with the most apps in the background, some of them may still cause a lot of problems. Namely, it’s safe to say that some apps are unoptimized and resource-hogging, and if those are feasting on your CPU in the background, well, that’s solid explanation behind the overheating.

So, make sure to check background apps activity and locate the app that’s causing constant CPU usage. The more the CPU is in constant hyperactivity, the greater the chance that the phone will reach unwanted temperatures.

Follow the instructions to locate and exterminate that pesky app from working in the background:

  1. Open Settings.
  2. Tap Battery.
  3. Check the apps that are working in the background.
  4. Once you’ve determined which app is the culprit, navigate to Settings > Apps.
  5. Locate the app and uninstall it or force stop it.

In addition, you can download some of the task-killing apps from the Play Store and use it to resolve issues with the certain app or track the app’s behavior in more detailed manner. We recommend Greenify, but the supply of similar apps is amazing, so you can easily find the alternative if you find it lackluster.

Make sure that your battery isn’t faulty

Most of the OEMs nowadays are using non-removable batteries in order to gain more space for other hardware parts while retaining acceptable phone size at the same time. And that’s good, but still, if your battery is faulty or not in a good condition, most of the time you’ll need a professional to check it out.

And battery issues can most certainly cause overheating of the named device. Battery life reduces after some period, but if spot changes after a limited time of use, make sure contact your retailer/carrier and replace the device or get it repaired.

Remove the casing

The best analogy for this is to imagine yourself working hard and sweating furiously with the winter coat on. That’s quite the same for handsets. Protective casing is quite good for avoiding physical damage to your phone, albeit in the warm weather and after extensive use, it will cause overheating.

So, remove it for some time and look for changes. If heat retention is decreased, check for other alternatives to protect your phone but let it ”breathe” a little.

That should do it. If overheating is extended and it can’t be prevented with the steps above, make sure to take it for repair. The more you wait, the greater the chance for some critical damage inflicted upon your Nexus 5x.

We’re open for questions and suggestions, so make sure to tell us in the comments section below.

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