Move to iOS not working on iOS 16

Move to iOS is an Android app that allows users to quickly transfer data from Android to a new iPhone or iPad. Sadly, not only the procedure is not fast or reliable as Apple claims, but most users can’t seem to make it work at all. If the Move to iOS app is not working on iOS 16, check the instructions we provided below.

Table of contents:

  1. Restart both phones
  2. Reinstall the Move to iOS app on your Android
  3. Check Network Settings on your Android
  4. Start the procedure from scratch

Why is my transfer from Android to iPhone not working?

The app itself is kind of hit or miss and it works on some Android devices without issues but there are instances when the Transfer fails and you need to start from scratch. You can try reinstalling the Move to iOS app on your Android and check permissions. In addition, disabling Auto-connect and forgetting nearby networks on Android is also advised.

1. Restart both phones

The first thing you can try if the transfer fails is to restart both devices. We run into various reports claiming that the procedure abruptly stops for no reason. You can try repeating it after a reboot and check again.

Remember that your iPhone should be a clean slate, so make sure to reset it to factory settings before transferring data with the Move to iOS app. Also, you can try transferring only certain categories. We are aware that users shouldn’t jump through hoops to get it working, but Apple obviously didn’t invest a lot of time in making Move to iOS functional.

2. Reinstall the Move to iOS app on your Android

Another thing you can try is to reinstall the Move to iOS app on your Android. Also, make sure that the app has all the necessary permissions after you install it.

You can get the Move to iOS app on Google Play Store and, based on reviews, you’ll quickly realize that it’s definitely far from perfect. And that you’re not the only person who has issues with it.

After you install the app, navigate to Settings > Apps > Move to iOS on your Android and select Permissions. Once there, grant all necessary permissions.

3. Check Network Settings on your Android

Now, due to the fact that Move to iOS has a lot of issues, some users tried various approaches to make it work. Some suggest forgetting all local Wi-Fi networks. Although some go as far as to suggest deleting all saved networks, we suggest leaving that for later if the app doesn’t work.

So, you can navigate to Settings > Connections > Wi-Fi and clear saved networks there or just simply navigate to Settings > System > Reset or Settings > General Management > Reset and locate the Reset Network Settings. When you Reset Network Settings on your Android, all saved networks and Bluetooth devices will be gone.move to ios not working

Another thing is to disable the Auto-connect for the current network (e.g. your home network) in Settings > Connectivity > Wi-Fi > Your network. For Move to iOS to work, your Android has to connect to a custom network that has iOS in the name. And, it can’t be allowed to connect to an alternative network during the transfer or the procedure will fail.

After that, just follow the instructions provided in this Apple Support article.

4. Start the procedure from scratch

If none of the previous steps worked for you, the only thing we can recommend for all of you moving from Android to iOS is to take your time. It will work eventually and, sometimes, the transfer is complete although you get the error so check the transferred data before you give up. Unless you got fed up and did most of the work manually in which case to hell with Move to iOS.

Apple should definitely provide more reliable software if they want to make the transition easier. Especially if you have an older Android device where settings don’t translate the best to the latest iOS.

With that said, we can conclude this article. Thank you for reading and don’t forget to share your questions or suggestions in the comments section below. We look forward to hearing from you.

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