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Fix: Mobile data not working on Android

mobile data android

With the slow but steady inclusion of 5G network capabilities, being on the move without a wireless connection is much less of a hassle. Although, for a regular user, this is not a revolutionary change.

On the other hand, network capabilities are not of much use to start with if they just don’t work. And that’s exactly the topic of today’s article. Namely, what to do if Mobile data is not working on your Android.

You came for the solution and solutions we have. You can find them below.

Mobile data is on but not working

If your Mobile Data is on but not working, first ensure that you have good (or at least passable network coverage). Try restarting your device and give it another go. Also, mobile data might not work while you are in-call.

Secondly, navigate to Settings > Network & internet and enable Mobile Data from there. There seems to be a bug that prevents mobile data from activating from Quick tiles. If the problem won’t go away, check the steps we listed below.

1. Check your SIM card

Initially, we need to confirm that your SIM card is properly placed, that you haven’t reached a data cap of a sort, and that the network coverage is not subpar.

  • Make sure that your SIM card is properly placed.
  • In Settings > Network & internet, select your SIM card and make it default for Mobile Data. If you have two SIM cards, disable the other one temporarily and look for changes.
  • Reboot your device.

2. Reset your APN

The second thing to try is resetting your APN settings. The Access Point Name holds a configuration provided by your service provider (carrier). By resetting it to default, the problem should be resolved.

Follow these steps to reset your APN on Android:

  1. Open Settings.
  2. Select Network & internet.
  3. Choose your SIM card.
  4. Tap Access Point Names.
  5. Tap on the 3-dot menu and select Reset to data not working android

3. Change the Preferred network type

The next thing to do is switch to a larger range of available preferred network technologies. We proposed an option below but you can try others on your own.

Follow these steps to change your Preferred network type:

  1. Navigate again to your default SIM card in Network & internet settings.
  2. Select LTE/TDSCDMA/CDMA/EVDO/GSM/WCDMA. Of course, this depends on your service provider network capabilities, but the safest bet is to stick to the aforementioned configuration.
  3. Reboot your device and look for improvements.

4. Check with the service provider

This goes without saying if the issue persists. Your provider should send the proper Mobile Data configuration via a configuration message. Make sure to contact them in order to get it. This is usually done automatically by calling a certain code and selecting the option. Some major providers offer a client app, as well.

If the issue persists, you might want to talk to an operator and ask for support in order to address the problem.

5. Reset Network settings

Moving a step further, we’ll need you to reset your Network settings to default values. This is frequently the best resolution for the problems concerning connectivity.

Here’s how to reset your Network settings:

  1. Open Settings.
  2. Choose System.
  3. Tap Reset options.
  4. Select Reset Wi-Fi, mobile & Bluetooth.
  5. Tap Reset data not working android

6. Reset the device to factory settings

And, with nothing else left to recommend, we suggest you reset the device to factory settings. If the mobile data is not working on Android even after the previous recommendations, this is the ultimate troubleshooting step. Just don’t forget to back up your data and prepare for a couple of hours of restoring your settings and preferences to fit your liking.

Here’s how to reset the device to factory settings:

  1. Make sure to back up your data accordingly.
  2. Open Settings.
  3. Choose System.
  4. Tap Reset options.
  5. Select Erase all data (factory reset).factory reset 1
  6. Confirm selection.

And, with that, we can call it a wrap. Thank you for reading.

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