iPhone charging slowly on iOS 16 (FIX)

It’s bad enough that you have to purchase a separate charging brick (adapter) to fast charge your iPhone. But, it’s worse when iPhone starts charging slowly for no reason, even with an official charger and lighting cable. We explained why this happens and how to get back to the regular charging speed.

How do you fix the slow charging on iPhone?

In most cases, the issues with slow charging are related to hardware, which means that your cable/charging brick is not compatible for some reason. We run into strange cases where even Apple’s official fast charger and cable won’t fast charge. So, if you can try an alternative cable and adapter, give it a try.

Another thing you need to take into account is overheating. The charging speed will drop if your device is too hot to avoid hardware damage. It doesn’t often happen with iPhones, but we suggest avoiding using the device while charging. You can also switch the wall socket and try again, although this shouldn’t make a difference.

Now let’s move on to the subject of software. Most people report a sudden drop in charging speed after a system update to iOS 16. You should report the problem to Apple and hope that the next update resolves the issue. In addition, you should probably navigate to Settings > Battery > Battery Health and disable Optimized Battery Charging. Using the Low Power Mode won’t affect charging speed.iPhone charging slowly

If none of the steps helped and the issue persists after multiple iOS updates, consider taking your device to a service for a checkup. Sadly, when issues like this appear, there’s hardly anything you can do except report the problem and wait for the resolution. If the issues continue and you suspect hardware, battery deterioration is also possible.

With that said, we can conclude this article. Thank you for reading, and we encourage you to share your thoughts with us. Have you found the solution? Tell us in the comments below.


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  1. Way to blame the millions of Apple users that charging cables or adapters are suddenly shit overnight rather than a little accountability in the software update. Bravo Apple.


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