iOS 14.7 issues: Display flickers, bad battery life, and more

Apple is pushing a lot of updates before iOS 15 comes out. The latest iteration of iOS 14, iOS 14.7, brings a few interesting feature updates and a lot of bug fixes (read the full changelog). However, just like all previous iterations, some problems arise after users installed iOS 14.7. We made sure to list all iOS 14.7 issues and provide some solutions and tips. Check the list below and don’t forget to share your issues with us.

Display flickering on iOS 14.7

Some users are reporting that the display flickering is bothering them and, to make the matters worse, it happens on the flagship iPhone 12 Pro Max of all devices. At the moment, there’s no certain fix for this and your best hope is to wait for the iOS 15 or some more recent iteration that will deal with this.

Here’s what an affected user posted on Apple’s Support forum:

“hello iphone 12 pro in dark mode there is flickering or coloration in gray areas, do you have this too?”

Hopefully, future updates will address this and users won’t need to deal with the dark mode flickers.

Error with Apple Music

It seems that some users are unable to access Artists in Apple Music and, when they try to do so, they get the “An error has occurred. Try again” prompt. Here’s what one user shared about this problem on Apple’s forum:

“iPhone 12 user, subscription to apple music. But getting so close to cancelling for another provider.

If I search for an artist – the search function works fine; BUT, when I click on the artist to view songs, albums, etc, I get the above error message. I click Try Again for about 2 minutes then I get to the artist homepage. This is also the case for opening albums and playlists I search for.

Any ideas as to what is causing the issue. I’ve reset the phone, signed out and in countless times.”

As you can see, this is a major problem with the newly updated app (lossless audio is the latest addition to Apple Music) and there’s no clear solution. What we can recommend is reinstalling Apple Music and keeping your device up to date. We can only hope that the problem will be addressed with the next iteration of iOS 14.

Battery draining faster on iOS 14.7

Battery endurance is another frequently-mentioned problem whenever a new update comes out. And it seems that iOS 14.7 is under fire just like some previous updates. Battery draining fast is probably the most prominent issue users are running into after updating iOS.

Here’s what one of them wrote on the official forum:

“After updating to IOS 14.7, my battery is draining so fast. In 12 minutes of after fully charged, battery dropped to 89%. My battery health is 99% now.”

We have a dedicated article on battery issues that provides some ways to improve your battery life.

Can’t download and install the update

Being notified about updates but not being able to download and install them is another frequent issue for iPhone users. Some of them tried a couple of times but every try resulted in a fail. You should check your connection first, then try restarting your device. In addition, make sure that your battery is at more than 50%.

One user is even missing the Software Update option in Settings > General. We can’t say with certainty why that’s the case but here’s what they reported on the Support Forum:

“Hello, please the software update button is missing from my iphone 8 plus on ios 14.7. how do I fix this so that I can update my ios.”

Restarting your device should help. If it doesn’t consider resetting All Settings on your iPhone.

Face ID Not Working

A major issue, but rather scarce which is good. A user reported that the Face ID isn’t working. Here’s how they summarized the problem on the official forum:

I downloaded 14.7 and the Face ID doesn’t work and it won’t reset.

You can try the hard restart, which seemingly fixed the issue for the user who reported it. And, on that note, we can conclude this article. Thank you for reading and make sure to share additional issues we missed in the comments section below. We’ll add them to the list and try and provide some insights on how to solve them.

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