iOS 13.5.1 issues: Battery drain, Bluetooth problems, and more

Apple recently released the latest iOS 13.5.1 update. The update is available to users of all compatible iPhone Models. Unlike the previous update, this one doesn’t bring any new features but instead focuses on improving the overall security of the OS.

Although Apple’s update release notes aren’t very clear on what exactly the new update does, it does state that the update addresses the vulnerability exploited by the uncover jailbreak. With that being said, most jailbreakers would want to avoid this update. The rest of the users can comfortably install this release, and they won’t notice any difference in the way their iPhone works.

Or will they?

Although the new update brings zero new features, it actually causes some problems to users who installed it. Users are reporting battery drains, Bluetooth issues, connectivity problems, and more.

However, none of the problems seems to be widespread, as these are the individually reported cases. You have better chances of installing the update without any problems, than being stuck with an annoying issue. Nevertheless, I’m going to list some of the reported problems here, so you can see what could potentially go wrong.

iOS 13.5.1 battery drain

Reports about the battery drain caused by iOS 13.5.1 have been circulating on Twitter since the update’s release. Here’s one of the complaints:

Right now, the solution to this problem is unknown. It appears that users experiencing the battery drain issue will have to wait for Apple to release a follow-up update.

iOS 13.5.1 Bluetooth issues

Although reported by the smaller number of users, it appears that Bluetooth also doesn’t work for some people who installed iOS 13.5.1.

iOS 13.5.1 Face ID issues

Although iOS 13.5 improved Face ID to make it work with face masks, some people apparently have problems with it stretching to iOS 13.5.1.


Other problems

Besides the above-mentioned issues that appear to be more common, there are also a few more problems, including a camera problem, weird charging (though this one wasn’t specified, so I can’t tell you whether it was indeed caused by iOS 13.5.1, and a SIM card issue where the phone shows SIM cards as invalid.

Unfortunately, there are no confirmed solutions to any of these problems. Apple support usually recommends generic solutions to particular problems, by I doubt any of those will be helpful. Users that were hit by the update will probably have to wait for a patch.

Have you experienced any issues after installing iOS 13.5.1? If so, feel free to share them with us in the comments below.

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65 thoughts on “iOS 13.5.1 issues: Battery drain, Bluetooth problems, and more”

  1. After updating to iPad iOS 13.5.1 charging takes about twice as long, drains fast, safari has dumped my open tabs, and text entry suggestions have gone berserk! What a pile of rubbish!

  2. After my update to iOS 13.5.1 my battery began to drain, my phone start to freeze and stuck up all the time. Can they hurry and fix this problem caz it’s my first time owning a apple and I’m soo pissed I feel like Amma switch back to my android.

    • My phone crashed and won’t turn on. they told me i need to restore it which I keep getting an error message. they told me to get a new phone. my iPhone is a year and month one so its not under warranty. Its such a scam!
  3. My face id stopped working on my Iphone X after 13.5.1. Always tells me to raise the iphone, lower the iphone, and ends up not being able to be set up. Had other people also try it on my phone to make sure it wasn’t related to my face – I have a beard. Didn’t work for my other test person either. Super irritating – didn’t realize how much I relied on it. I’ve searched everywhere and can’t find a solution that fixes it. I check multiple times a day for the next update.

  4. Ugh, this is such garbage! Does anyone know how to fix this or go to an older operating system for their iphone? I have a 5SE and was working perfectly fine on Friday, now it is overheating and battery drain, and apps aren’t working. When is the next update?
    Any solutions/suggestions would be much appreciated!

  5. My father-in-laws iPhone 8 has horrible battery life after the update. My wife’s new iPhone SE also has horrible battery life. Hoping Apple issues a fix soon.

  6. For some reason my Iphone SE gets super hot his even after closing all running apps. I think the underlying issue is and excessive use of CPU is being used. Maybe and infinite loop somewhere? Anyway to work around this, I simply put the phone in battery save mode and seems to solve the over heating problem.

  7. I’m ready to throw my phone through the window. I’ve never had issues with it before apart from the battery getting old so I had it replaced last year at an Apple shop. Well my battery is now operating like an old one! It’s getting too hot and draining so quick! It’s also doing crazy things! ? it’s running reaaaallllyyyyy slow and only loads Facebook when it feels like it. Which isn’t great when I’ve just started my own business which is run through Facebook ? I have never thought of moving away from an iPhone before but I think I’m left with no choice!

  8. My battery has to be recharged twice a day, and the phone gets so hot! Hot while charging hot to the touch while using..

  9. My iPhone 7 is possessed. It fully charges overnight…is 100% when I get up. I unplug it and within just a few minutes, it goes down to like 12% and then shuts down on it’s own. Yesterday, it shut down multiple times randomly. I wasn’t even using it. My phone normally holds a pretty good charge, so I’m guessing this is a new issue that came with the last update. I have experienced it several times over the past few weeks but can’t seem to find any consistency to test it with. I’m on iOS 13.5.1.

  10. My IPhone 6s Recently within the past two days has been overheating like crazy. I have checked they my phone and is in perfect condition with no viruses or bugs, but I found out that a lot of people are experiencing the same problem as me. I’m beginning to think it is because of the IOS 13.5.1 update due to the fact I installed it late and the problems have recently started coming in. The back of my phone around the camera area is so hot I’m afraid it might actually be burning the inner parts of the phone. It’s hotter than even when I play big games like PUBG. Along with that my battery is dropping like crazy. At one point which was yesterday it dropped down almost 45% within 30 seconds on being on a FaceTime call with my friend. This also affects my charging too as it can barely make it up 1% while charging for an hour. At this point my phone is unusable as if I use it, it begins to over heat and if I take it off the charger at night then is drops all the way down to 0 within three hours. Please I need some help with this! Apps like YouTube and hangouts drain my battery 1 percent every 30 seconds (and yes I counted too) this is a horrible battery drain and overheating issue and I strongly believe it is because of the IOS 13.5.1 Update

    • Mine is exactly the same since it updated to 13.5.1 🙁
      It was perfect before and literally changed overnight. Not one bit happy

    • My iPhone 7 max is is also unusable after this update to 13.5.1for the same reasons massive overheating and battery drain.
      When is Apple going to take responsibility and fix this.
      If they don’t do it soon I’m going to have to lose all my data and reset my phone back to a previous iOS. Otherwise I’m walking around with a $1000 piece of junk in my bag that doesn’t even have the battery power to last a single call
      Shame on Apple.

  11. Oh yes! Since the iOS 13.5.1 upgrade on my Apple XRI I cannot connect to any of my usual devices, Samsung Sound Bar, Pioneer DAB Car Radio or Fitbit Charge 3. I’ve spoken with Apple but they doubt it is their problem.

    I’ve done all the so called “fix” proceedures but nothing has worked.

    My Husband has a 7s and is not having any Bluetooth issues.

    Any advice would be welcome.

  12. Both battery drain and cannot connect to Bluetooth for use in car. Doesn’t appear to be a solution. Very annoying and makes me angry.

  13. SE will no longer charge after installing IOS 13.5.1 overnight and to make matters worse the battery is being drained at a much faster rate than normal. Can’t find a fix anywhere

  14. Terrible battery drain even if all backgroud services etc. disabled. The Apple SW goes worst and worst, too comlicated already. Unfortunately. A simple reliable alternative is needed.

  15. Been talking with Apple tech support on two long chat sessions and they gave up. Since installing iOS 13.5.1, my phone crashes multiple times daily. When it crashes then restarts, battery power is 9% or lower. Just before crash battery power typically 80% or greater. If I reboot twice in a row, battery power will go back to 80% plus then typically crash a few minutes later. Crashes sometimes occur when I start an app but sometimes when I’m in the middle of using the phone, as a phone. Phone also intermittently runs hot. Phone has been wiped clean twice and NOT restarted from back up, Apples request, but problems have only gotten worse. Now only way to use phone is to leave permanently plugged in. This is an iPhone 8, 26 months old with Battery Health showing at 88%. Last comment from Apple chat tech support is there is nothing else they can do so take it to an Apple store. Have not had time to do this yet. Just talked to a friend this morning who has an iPhone 10 and says his shows high battery power, suddenly drops to 1% then crashes. Upon restarting the phone once again shows high battery power of 90% or more. This repeats several times daily. His problems also started immediately after installing iOS 13.5.1. No problem before.

  16. iPhone 8 shutting down randomly. Sometimes the battery says low like 11%. When I put it on charger and reset, the percentage immediately shows a much higher number well above 50% depending on where it was on failure I think. Battery charge does not appear to last as long either.

    • I’m having similar problems with my iPhone 8 and a friend with and iPhone 10 same issues. All started after installing iOS 13.5.1. See my detailed post dated June 25, 2020 for some specific info.

  17. It wasn’t about fixing issues, it was about tracking your location at all times for the Fake Flu hence the battery drain.
    Someone at the Apple concentration camp let it slip and tried to backpedal. They have also been messing with taking your temperature when the phone is next to your ear then auto informing the “gestapo” if you have traveled “without your papers”.

  18. My daughters IPAD pro apple pencil gen 2 won’t synch after the update last night. Tried everything. I have only seen issues reported and seen solutions with gen 1 pencil. Anyone else having this issue? She also noticed it won’t charge to 98% which was a solution for some gen 1 pencil synch issues.

  19. Now I know why my iPad and iPhone batteries are leaching out with no reason. From hero to zero in no time. So annoying!

  20. It seems after the update the battery doesn’t charge from an external battery. It keeps cutting off the charge so the phone battery drains.

  21. After installing IOS 13.5.1 I am experiencing storage issues. I have deleted at least 15 Apps and storage drops bt then starts climbing again to max out. I have an iPhone 6S Plus with 32 gb. No storage problems at all before upgrading.

  22. I have iPhone XR, running iOS 13.5.1. Since downloading this update, my battery drain is horrible! My screen is also going dark; not green, even though I have Brightness turned up to around 78%. Is Apple working on, or ignoring the widely reported battery drain issue; if not, why??? This is a terrible update! Is there any way to uninstall the update, or are we stuck with it, and have to be tethered a charger all day?

  23. After 13.5.1 ios update, my apple X experience intermittent blue tooth connection to my car blue tooth & when connected, the car’s bluetooth address book don’t get populated leaving me with zero contacts. Everything was working fine before the 13.5.1 update just 2 days ago.

  24. I’m finally ready to divorce Apple altogether.
    I have invested a small FORTUNE in Apple over the years – I currently own:
    MacBook Pro
    iPad Pro
    iPad mini
    iPhone 11Pro Max

    iPhones used to be awesome, but in recent years, versions have been on a fast & steep downhill.

    After installing latest update iOS 13.5.1, my already dysfunctional iPhone 11 Pro Max ($1100‼️) became even MORE DYSFUNCTIONAL‼️
    • The keyboard is a WRECK‼️ Texting is impossible bc the keys I tap aren’t the letters that appear on the screen

    This phone was already a disaster – whenever it’s used as a ‘phone’, there’s a loud ECHO on BOTH SIDES


  25. After installing the 13.5.1 update, when I’m trying to message someone, the screen flickers every 3-4 seconds while I’m trying to type which makes me loose characters and spacing within my message. Very annoying!

  26. My iPhone 6S has a brand new battery in it which has been working great until this update, now it seems that I am charging my phone about 3 times a day and also the device has been getting really hot if I use it a lot.

    • Mine did the same. I plugged it in to itunes to make a backup, in case it all went to pot, and just that synch seemed to fix it. Have no earthly idea why!
      Still have huge battery drain, but at least it’s a phone again..

  27. I could not even install the update on iphone XR and the phone locked up during the install and cannot even be restored. Apple Care has no solutions and they are not offering to replace my phone. All data, photos and history lost.

  28. I have updated my iPhone 7 Plus to iOS 13.5.1 and immediately after updating I faced rapid battery drain and abnormal charging. I haven’t tried the Bluetooth yet. Hope apple comes up with a follow up update soon to rectify these issues. Instead of Adding something productive they have come up with more problems. Highly disappointed.

  29. After the update, my 3rd party charger no longer charges my iPhone. Man those Apple chargers are way too expensive..

  30. I have the same issue, it goes from 90% to 1% in minutes. But if I reboot the phone it goes back up to 90% again.

  31. Hello everyone!
    Thanks for sharing your issues with us. If you don’t mind, I’ll update the article and list your problems. I’ll do the same if I find any solutions.
    Hope everything will get back to normal soon!

    • Please if you have any info on an update or solution let us know.
      Also, what is your opinion on going back to older iOS, even if it loses data, would it fix the battery drain and overheating (which is scary – phone feels it’s about to go up in flames)?

  32. Apps in my iPhone X are crashing immediately (May be in 10 to 15 seconds) after upgrading to 13.5.1. Google app is crashing in 5 seconds.

    Bluetooth devices are disconnecting every now and then.

    Is anybody experiencing these issues??

  33. i have huge battery drain now on 13.5.1. Have to charge twice a day minimum, and sometimes 3 times if I use my phone in just a normal way.

  34. my Iphone x drains 20% every hour at 86% battery health.
    I resetted it deleting all data.
    No apps are installed
    and still 20% battery every hour on airplane mode

  35. My ipone SE will connect to bluetooth devices however they do no show up on the connected devices list. And it appears that it continues to search for them.
    I tried all the fixes showing up on the various web pages, but none fix the problem.

  36. I used to charge my phone once a night, right before bed. I’m now having to plug in my phone three to four times a day after using my phone for things that aren’t taking up a lot of resources at all. On top of that, my phone has been getting hot to the touch while doing things like scrolling through the internet. My iPhone 11 used to have insane battery life , and this is frustrating.


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