How to revert to iOS 15 from iOS 16 (EXPLAINED)

Meddling with iOS versions is not as simple as with Android. Some knowledgeable users can make it work but it’s not something you should do before informing yourself. Luckily, not all advanced options are locked. For example, if you’re not satisfied with what the latest iOS 16 has to offer or experienced some major issues like overheating, there’s a chance you can revert to iOS 15 with nothing but a PC/Mac and iTunes. We explain how to do it below.

Can I downgrade from iOS 16 to 15?

Yes, in theory, you can downgrade to a previous version of iOS but you’ll need to reset your device and use a Mac or iTunes on a Windows PC to do it. You also need to download the IPSW 15.7 which is the latest available version of iOS 15 to your Mac/PC and then use the Restore option to flash it on your iPhone.

Two things here are the most important. First, you should back up your iPhone to iTunes before doing anything else. Also, back up everything to iCloud Backup on your iPhone, too. The restoration procedure will wipe your device clean.

The second thing is that you need to find a fitting IPSW (iPhone Software) image file that’s signed by Apple. Unsigned versions can’t be installed via iTunes. And finding those is hard considering that Apple likes its closed-garden ecosystem to work as intended without major user infractions.

If the image is not signed, rolling back to an older version is not recommended or possible unless you are familiar with jailbreaking. We don’t recommend doing this unless you know your way around the process. What you can do is check the list on and look for your device. All the devices with signed iPhone Software iOS 15.7 are there.

If it’s not there, you can find unsigned versions but you can’t install them with the iTunes procedure we’ll explain below. Apple states that using unsigned iOS versions can lead to security issues, larger battery consumption, and more.

Downgrade to iOS 15 with iTunes

If you did find your device, we can move to the reverting procedure:

  1. Download the IPSW from that fits your device to your PC or Mac and store it locally. The files can go up to 7-8 GB. Only green-signed options apply.
  2. Connect your iPhone to your PC/Mac using the lighting cable. Sign in with your Apple Account to iTunes and Allow access to your iPhone when prompted.
  3. Click on your iPhone at the top to bring out the Summary screen. Back up your device first.
  4. Hold Shift (Control on Mac) and click Restore iPhone at the top.revert to ios 15
  5. Select the IPSW 15.7 file you downloaded and wait for the procedure to finish. Do not disconnect your device during the procedure at all costs.
  6. After it’s done and your iPhone reboots, restore the backup from iTunes or your PC/Mac.

And that’s how you revert to iOS 15 from iOS 16. Thank you for reading and we hope that this worked for you. Do you have any questions or suggestions? Tell us in the comments below.

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