Google Home not turning on (FIX)

If an electronic device won’t turn on it’s usually a bad sign. And that’s exactly what happened with some Google Home/Google Nest users. For some, Google Home is not turning on, be that Google Home Mini speaker or Google Nest Hub. It can happen with every device in the lineup, be that a speaker or a display. We made sure to shed some light and, hopefully, help you address the problem.

How do I get my Google Home to turn on?

Google-made smart devices with built-in Google Assistant functionality don’t come with a power switch. They are either always on (when plugged in) or off (when plugged out from a power source). Therefore, if you can’t turn on your Google Home or Google Nest speaker or display, chances are that:

  • the out-of-box power cord is damaged
  • the wall outlet is faulty
  • the device itself is broken.

Google Nest and Home speakers are usually quite sturdy but still are, like any other electronic device, susceptible to high-voltage surges. Also, things like water damage or even accumulated moisture can, obviously, cause irreversible damage so it’s important to keep these devices somewhere where water or moist exposure is not a risk. In the end, nothing lasts forever, especially things that are fragile and have a substantial uptime over a few years. Of course, physical damage is also a thing.

But, there still might be a chance to save it. The first thing to do is to unplug your Google Home/Google Nest speaker or display and wait for some time before plugging it in again. You should also closely inspect the power cord and ensure that it’s not damaged. Finally, try plugging the device into a different outlet and check if there are any signs of life.

If the Google Home is still not turning on, there’s hardly anything you can do. You can contact Google Support and check if you can replace the device in case your device is new and faulty or check if repairs are possible. If the device in question is Google Home Mini (first generation), we suggest considering replacing it because they are quite affordable nowadays and Google Nest Mini is not a substantial update to start with.

With that said, we can conclude this article. Thank you for reading and make sure to leave your thoughts or questions in the comments below.

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