How to set up Google Calendar Goals on Android

Millions of people use Google Calendar as their main productivity app. Sure, some third-party options might offer more options, but Calendar’s simplicity is exactly why people love it. Plus, it’s a Google app, so it syncs with the whole ecosystem.

Google recognized that, so it released a couple of interesting features to make Google Calendar even more appealing to users. One of those features is Goals, a handy addition to the Calendar package, which makes it easy for users to keep track and organize and keep a schedule of all their activities and, well, goals.

However, it appears this feature is still underrated, as many people are not even aware it exists inside Google Calendar. That’s why we’re going to explore it here, so you can make the most out of your planning and keep a neat schedule of everything you want to keep a schedule of.

Table of contents:

  1. How to create goals in Google Calendar
  2. How to edit goals in Google Calendar

How to create goals in Google Calendar

Since Goals is a productivity feature, Google already made a list of goals a person could potentially have. That’s why you’ll find templates for goals like excercising, learning a new skill, dinners with family, etc. So, you can select your goal right away and start planning. Of course, if the activity you want to plan isn’t listed here, you can make a custom goal.

Pre-listed goals are:

  • Excercise (run, youga, work out, etc.)
  • Build a skill (lear a language, practice an instrument, etc.)
  • Family & friends (family dinner, call mom, call dad, etc.)
  • Me time (read, meditate, etc.)
  • Organize my life (plan the day, clean, etc.)

Now that you know a little something about Goals, let’s see how to create them:

  1. Open Google Calendar on your phone.
  2. In the bottom right corner, tap Create (the icon) and select Goals.
  3. Choose a goal you want to follow from the list of pre-made templates. If you want to create a custom goal, choose a category and then tap Custom.
  4. Specify your goal even further (for example, choose a language you want to learn).
  5. Choose how often and when you want to commit to the goal.
  6. If you want to customize your goal, tap More options.
  7. Once you finish setting up your goal, the app will automatically find the best time for it.

You’re all set. Now your calendar will be filled your goal entries, so you can easily follow them and keep your productivity on the max. But we’re not done yet.

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How to edit goals in Google Calendar

Now that you know how to add goals to your calendar, let’s see how can you edit them to perfectly suit your schedule. Here’s how to edit a goal in Google Calendar:

  1. Open Google Calendar.
  2. Find your goal in the calendar and tap it.
  3. Tap the Edit (pencil) button.
  4. Here you can change the time, duration, color, and set up notifications for the goal.

To delete the goal, open it (as shown above), tap the three-dot menu, and choose Delete. You can choose if you only want to delete a current session, or erase all the following sessions, and completely remove the goal from the calendar.

Once you complete a task, you can aslo open the goal, and mark it as done by tapping Did it. Calendar will then keep track of your progress, so you can refer to it to make sure everything is going according to your plan. You can also delay the task by tapping Later, and the app will automatically re-schedule it.

That’s about it. Setting up a goal is a convenient way of setting up a schedule for your activities, as it does all the work for you. Now, it’s up to you whether you’ll stick to the schedule, or skip your sessions. Just remember, nothing’s easy in the beginning.

If you have any comments or further questions, feel free to leave them in the comments section down below.

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