How to get coordinates from Google Maps in Android

Google Maps is the most advanced mapping system today. As such, it ‘knows of’ any location or property (business or private) in the world. The best thing about it is that you don’t even have to know the address of the place you’re looking for. Just enter the name of that fancy new restaurant, and chances are Google Maps will show you exactly where to go.

Sure, entering the property’s name is the standard way of navigating Google Maps. However, you can get even greater precision with coordinates. Imagine going to a fast food restaurant with a few franchises in the city. If you search by name, you might choose the wrong one. But coordinates will show you the exact location of the spot. That way, you can share it with your friends, for example, and there won’t be any confusion.

Getting coordinates in Google Maps is as easy as it gets, and here’s how you do it…

How to get longitude and latitude in Google Maps for Android

Getting the coordinates for literally any location requires a single tap. All you have to do is find a location you want to get the coordinates of on the map, and long press it with your finger. The pin will appear on the map, along with the coordinates in the search bar.

Keep in mind to long-press the spot on the map. If you just tap it, and the location is already marked (city, restaurant, stadium,etc.), you’ll just see its name, instead of the coordinates.

Speaking of which, if you long-press a ‘claimed’ location, the app will also show the name of the place at these coordinates and offer you directions.

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How to share coordinates from Google Maps

Sharing coordinates is also as easy as it gets. When you select the place, the Share button will appear at the bottom of the screen. Just tap it, select the sharing method, select the recipient, and that’s it. When the person you shared the coordinates with opens the link, it’ll automatically switch to Google Maps, pinpointing to the select location.

That’s about it. As you can see, getting and sharing coordinates with Google Maps just can’t be simpler. You don’t even need to know anything about the coordinate system to get this to work. And since this is not a geography lesson, I won’t dive into explaining. Because there are people who will do that much better than me. For example, start with Wikipedia (ugh if you trust it ugh).

However, if you still have any comments or questions, feel free to write them down in the comments below.


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“Speaking of which, if you long-press a ‘claimed’ location, the app will also show the name of the place”
That’s exactly the problem! How to get the coordinates?? That’s what this article is supposed to be about!

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