Fix: Unable to update to iOS 10.2

New iOS system update is out with the new, improved version 10.2. The first impression is good. System stability is improved and some bugs are fixed, but some users have encountered various problems. It’s not a big surprise because we have never encountered a problem-free update.

One of the main issues that concern iOS users is 10.2 failing to update. We browsed trough the forums and found this post from one of the users.


”Hi. Please i need help..I could not download and install new version iOS 10.2 Following image for my case”

This update malfunction can occur because of different reasons and some of them are:

  • Unstable Wi-Fi connection
  • Not enough space for update
  • VPN or proxy blocking iOS updating servers (on Wi-Fi update).
  • Servers are busy and you can try later

We prepared few solutions to overcome this problem and get your iOS 10.2 as soon as possible.

How to solve update problem on iOS 10.2

First things first. Backup your device to preserve your data if the installation goes wrong. You can choose to update directly with the device via Wi-Fi or via iTunes by connecting the device to a PC.

Installing update via Wi-Fi

To download and install the update directly from your device, do the following.

  1. Plug your device into power.
  2. Make sure there is enough space available
  3. Connect to a Wi-Fi and check is it stable and working.
  4. Tap Settings > General > Software Update.
  5. Select Download and Install.
  6. You can install at the moment by taping Install or a bit later by selecting Remind Me Later. Furthermore, you can select Install Tonight option.

Installing update via iTunes on trusted PC

To download and install the update via iTunes by connecting your phone to a PC, follow the instructions.

  1. Download and install the latest version of iTunes on your PC.
  2. Connect the device to PC.
  3. Open iTunes and select your device
  4. Click Summary > Check for Update.
  5. Click Download and Update.

We hope this was helpful and that you’ll be able to overcome the update issue. If you are having some thoughts about the subject, we will be pleased to hear it from you.

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