Fix: LG G4 unable to boot

The G series has been a breakthrough for LG. The market was heavily dominated by Samsung which was an impregnable force in the flagships department. But, the second  Korean manufacturer swiftly moved in with a great design, remarkable hardware, and some amazing and distinctive features.

Even though the G4 is exactly 2 years old since it was introduced in April 2015, it’s still an amazing device. If you’re not into software upgrades (or downgrades), LG G4 is still much better than all mid-budget devices out there. But, even the best devices are closely followed with a few issues. And the G4 isn’t an exception. Today, we are presenting you one major problem that shattered the positive image of this awesome device. Namely, we are talking about the boot loop problem. If you had this issue or similar boot difficulties, make sure to check the explanation and solution below.

LG G4: Boot Issues and Solution!

First, let’s split this ominous problem into two categories. The first category is hardware-related and LG acknowledged it. Namely, it seems that certain device components lost contact and that resulted in a never-ending boot loop. LG provided support and offered to repair troubled handsets. So, your first step should be to contact the company

The other category is software-related and it seems that it started after certain firmware updates. Various users encountered different issues and, after they used recovery mode, the phone was unable to start in standard mode. Instead, the everlasting loop of restarts in recovery mode continued for eternity and beyond. However, if it’s software, then it can be solved. One way or another. And this is how.

Before we start, make sure that your battery is full and that you have a functional PC. Additionally, install LG PC Suite and LG Flash Tool. And, finally, download the stock firmware for your LG G4 (KDZ files).

  1. Download and install LG PC Suite in order to connect your LG G4 to the PC. Without the proper drivers, your PC won’t be able to access the device.
  2. Now, download the KDZ stock firmware file and save it on your PC. The KDZ file should go by the same name as your mobile.
  3. Extract archive LG Flash Tool 2014 and run the LGFlashTool2014 application.
  4. Connect your LG G4 with the computer by using the USB cable.
  5. Once the program reads your LG G4, Select the KDZ file and click on CSE Flash.
  6. Have in mind that this will completely wipe out your data.
  7. The process should be finished in no more than 20 minutes.
  8. After the phone completes the installation of stock firmware, you should resolve that pesky boot loop issue.

That should do it. If you have any questions or suggestions, please be free to tell us in the comments.

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