Wondershare dr.fone Switch review: Transfer all data from iPhone to Android with 1 click [Sponsored]

Transfering your data from one device to another is rather simple on Android. If you’re willing to rely on Google Drive Backup, you’ll set the new device in no time. However, the difficulties emerge when you need to perform the iPhone to Android transfer.

The closed nature of Apple’s ecosystem is what makes full data-transfer from iPhone to Android phone quite a chore, requiring a third-party tool in the process.

Some apps offer backups, but you’ll still have a rather hard time dealing with the majority of apps which doesn’t. And don’t forget about all messages, call logs, contacts, calendar entries, photos migration from iCloud to Google Photos, and other minutiae details.

The iPhone to Android transfer can be done by hand, that’s true, but it’s a time-consuming process, especially if you need the new Android device to closely mirror the iPhone. Basically, it will take you a while. And that’s where Wondershare dr.fone Switch comes into play.

What’s dr.fone Switch (iPhone to Android transfer suite)

Wondershare’s dr.fone Switch is a significant part of the dr.fone third-party utility suite which quite substantially simplifies the iPhone to Android transfer. But you don’t need a whole suite to use it. It’s a reliable and valuable asset for all users, especially the ones who tend to switch phones quite often.

It’s advertised as a 1-Click iPhone to Android transfer tool and it certainly lives to that standard. You just need to connect both devices to your PC via USB, select what you want to move in this iPhone to Android transfer and click “Start Transfer” button.

That’s basically the TL;DR for how to use this program. And the best thing of all, it’s enough to understand the process.

You can also backup files to your PC from an iPhone and transfer them to Android later on. Also, in every of the data section, you can control individual file transfer and confirm that everything is to the point.

Also, when performing iPhone to Android transfer, you can delete all data from iPhone at the same moment. We can rather suggest doing so with the Factory reset later on.

It covers everything. And when we say everything, we truly mean it. Here are the sections which iPhone to Android transfer tool called Switch allows you to move:

  • Contacts
  • Text messages
  • Calendar
  • Notes
  • Call logs
  • Bookmarks
  • Safari history
  • Photos
  • Music
  • Videos
  • Voice Memos
  • Apps
  • App Data

As you can see, everything is covered. Every piece of media and important data is incorporated and you can select them all or choose the individual ones when performing iPhone to Android transfer.

Are there any advantages to iPhone to Android transfer in 1-click

On the other hand, we won’t deny that most of these can be transferred by hand if you have enough time to spare and some elementary knowledge of two platforms. However, the main problem is, of course, moving apps.

The sole fact that the two platforms don’t share the same apps formats, means that you need to install all apps from Play Store. And app data is out of the reach.

This means that 12 out of 13 pieces can be done by a lengthy tinkering and the App Data direct transfer is hard to perform.

Now, for the apps which doesn’t include cloud-based configuration storage, the iPhone to Android transfer of app data is basically out of reach. And that’s exactly what the iPhone to Android transfer on dr.fone is missing as well.

Furthermore, it speeds up the iPhone to Android transfer considerably. Also, to its advantage, dr.fone Switch is wrapped up in such a simple and intuitive interface. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a smartphone aficionado or just a casual user. You’ll have an easy time moving your data from one device to another.

In addition, we can’t avoid mentioning privacy which is of utmost importance. Wondershare keeps away from your sensitive data so you don’t need to worry about that. You can perform iPhone to Android transfer hundreds of times and stay assured that third-party won’t take a hold of your personal information.

Here’s a good comparison of the free-of-charge manual approach and the dr.fone Switch. Of course, with that in mind, you can decide whether this tool is a valuable investment or an unnecessary cost.

Is iPhone to Android transfer the only thing dr.fone can do

Besides the Switch utility which is the focal point of this article, the dr.fone suite also offers lots of different utilities for maintenance and tweaks on iOS handsets. The iPhone to Android transfer is certainly a go-to reason to run it. However, besides it, there are various different tools which can come in handy to an iPhone user.

The iPhone to Android transfer suite might seem pricey but we think that the niche users, especially the ones who switch phones frequently and use multiple devices in the corporative environment, will find it useful.

Here are the plans you can choose from for iPhone to Android transfer tool named dr.fone Switch:

  • Personal License – Lifetime license which covers 1-5 Mobile Devices and 1 PC.
  • Family License – Lifetime license covering 6-10 Mobile Devices and 1 PC.
  • Business License – Annual license for unlimited number of mobile devices but still only one PC
  • Customized License – You can send a query based on your preferences and Wondershare will provide you with the pricing.

You can download this nifty iPhone to Android transfer tool here. There’s a free version which should provide you with enough insight into the value of this application.

Note: This post is sponsored by Wondershare. 

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