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Here’s how to delete messages on Hangouts (EXPLAINED)

delete messages on hangouts

In a few months, Google Hangouts will be no more and Google Chat will take over. To make things a bit easier and streamlined, Google pushed integration of all messaging/conference services (including Google Chat, Spaces, and Meet) in the Gmail app and Gmail on the web. Some users were wondering if they can delete messages on both sides and that’s a negative for you, friends. However, you can delete messages on your side and we made sure to explain how below.

How do I delete Hangouts messages on both sides?

This isn’t possible. You can, like on many other messaging apps, delete messages only on your side. The other side will keep the conversation unless they delete it, too. This includes photos and videos, as well. If you really want to have that kind of functionality, there are some apps like WhatsApp that allow you to delete messages for all included parties within a certain time limit.

If you want to delete Hangouts messages on your side, you can do it in a dozen different ways. Considering that Hangouts are being discontinued in favor of Google Chat which, based on Play Store reviews, is another service in the long line of continuous Google fails when it comes to messaging.

The largest corporation in the world really has a hard time establishing both SMS and instant messaging services without replacing them in a year or two. And this is Hangouts destiny. So if you are a fan of the app, prepare yourself for yet another transition to Google Chat.

But, we digress. Deleting messages on Hangouts is the same as deleting messages on other similar apps. You highlight the conversation and delete it.

How do I delete Hangouts messages?

To delete Hangouts messages on your phone, you can use the Hangouts app, the Gmail app, or the Google Chat app that is the soon-to-be successor of Hangouts.

In the Hangouts app, just tap and hold on to the conversation and tap on the delete icon. There’s no Trash for Hangouts so the deleted conversations will be deleted for good.delete messages on hangouts

In the Gmail app, you can find Hangouts/Chat conversations at the bottom tab and delete them from there. Just tap on the conversation and then the contact name at the top. Tap Delete conversation. The same functionality is available in Gmail for Web. Expand Chats from the left pane and click on the 3-dots menu to delete a conversation.delete messages on hangouts

Finally, since the takeover is nigh, you can also use the Google Chat app before Google buries Hangouts like so many other services. The app is nothing more than a mere extension of the Gmail integration but it’s still available as a standalone app.

To delete conversations in the Google Chat app, tap on the conversation and then on the contact name at the top. You should see the option to delete conversations there.delete messages on hangouts

If Google Chat not working, Check the solutions in this article. What are your thoughts on changes Google made in regards to Hangouts, Chat, Meet, and Spaces? Is their messaging ecosystem too convoluted and unintuitive or do you prefer it this way? Tell us in the comments section below. Thank you for reading.

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