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How to delete Junk Mail on iPhone (2022)

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The sheer number of emails we get on a regular basis consists of a small percentage of useful messages and a plethora of spam, adware, registration confirmations, and scam attempts. So, users who get fed up with it, want all of these emails gone. And it can be done in no more than 6 steps. However, we implore you to act with caution because the Mail client might flag some important emails as junk. Learn below how to delete all junk mail on your iPhone.

How do you delete all Junk Mail at once on your iPhone?

You can delete all junk mail on your iPhone from the Mail app or by navigating to the iCloud Mail web client. Once you locate the Junk folder, it’s quite simple. Select all contents in the junk folder and delete them with a single tap or click.

Here’s how to delete all Junk Mail at once on your iPhone:

  1. Open Mail.
  2. Select Mailboxes from the top right corner.
  3. Choose Junk.
  4. Tap Edit in the top right corner.
  5. Tap Select All in the top left corner.
  6. In the bottom right corner, you should see the Delete option. Tap on it to delete all junk mail.delete Junk Mail on iPhone

Again, before doing so, we recommend thoroughly inspecting this folder because there’s a chance that some emails that are flagged as Junk (Spam) are actually not junk or spam. This can take some time if you have a lot of emails to go through, but it’s better safe than sorry. No one wants some valuable email to go with the rest of the ads and spam emails. To restore emails from the Junk folder, just tap Edit, select the emails you want to restore, and then tap Move (instead of Delete). Move them back to Inbox.

If you prefer to go through emails on your Mac or PC, the exact same steps are available on the iCloud Mail web client.

And, on that note, we can call it a wrap. Thank you for reading what was, hopefully, a concise and informative article. How often do you clean up your Mail? Tell us in the comments section below.

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