How to Delete Google Assistant History on Android

After both public backlash and legal actions, Google had to improve the way users can control their privacy. Many options were kind of hidden and thus regular users had no idea of what was stored or how to delete it. Now, you can quite simply delete Google Assistant history, including all voice queries you’ve made.

You should probably be aware by now that Google stores everything. Literally, every remotely associated activity is stored in the cloud, including all commands you give to your Google Assistant that are recorded. Of course, you can simply disable all activity-tracking options, including Assistant, YouTube, Web and, Apps history.

If you want a certain conversation or even all Google Assistant history gone, we got you covered.

How do I delete my Google Assistant history?

Google Assistant will, by default, keep all your voice commands and conversations you had with it. On all your devices assigned to a particular Google Account.

Google uses Web Activity along with your voice (or text) inputs to improve the user experience, provide you with on-point personalized results for your queries and more.

All that is fine and dandy until you want to delete a specific activity or activity for certain time periods. With that said, read below and learn how to delete your Google Assistant history with ease.

Delete your Google Assistant activity with voice commands

You can delete Google Assistant activity with nothing else but your voice. This is great if you want to delete your activity for today, for a whole week or the last conversation you had with your assistant.

Here are the voice commands to use to delete Google Assistant activity:

  • Delete the latest command or thing the Assistant heard by saying “OK, Google, that wasn’t for you”.
  • To delete the latest conversation say “OK, Google, delete my last conversation”.
  • To delete activity for the last week, say “OK, Google, delete this week’s activity”.
  • Delete activity for today or yesterday, say “OK, Google, delete today’s/yesterday’s activity”.

Delete history in Google Account Activity settings

Alternatively, if you want to delete a particular activity or just take a look into your Activity, you can do so in the My Activity menu. You can have a deep insight into everything Google Cloud services recorded, even play recordings which are, privacy-wise, quite an issue for some people.

Now, here’s how to access your Google Assistant activity and delete specific conversations or queries:

  1. On your phone, open Google Assistant and expand it. You can do so with a voice trigger ( say OK, Google or Hey, Google) or with the shortcut.
  2. Tap on your Account icon in the top right corner.
  3. Then, tap on the 3-dot menu and open My Activity.
  4. Once there, locate the activity you want to delete, tap on the 3-dot menu and delete it.

If you want to delete everything, just tap on the 3-dot menu next to the Search your activity bar and select Delete activity by. Once there, tap All Time and confirm when prompted.

How to disable Web and app activity

If you want to prevent Google from recording and storing your Google Assistant queries, you can do so by disabling Web and app activity. This can be done within the Activity Controls menu. Do keep in mind that this might affect the responsiveness and overall experience of Google Assistant.

Follow these steps to disable Web and app activity:

  1. Like in the previous step, navigate to My Activity.
  2. Once there, tap on the Change setting under the Web & App Activity.
  3. Here, you can disable Web and app activity (Chrome, apps, and device history). Alternatively, you can just uncheck the Include voice and audio recordings if you don’t want Google to store your voice in the cloud.

That should do it. Thank you for reading and we hope you are happy with the explanation. In case you have any questions or suggestions, do us a favour and share them with us in the comments section below.

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