How to find cheap airplane tickets on your phone or computer (Infographic)

Who doesn’t like to travel? Well, as much as we love exploring the new horizons, perhaps the biggest problem when traveling outside our country/state is a high airfare. Sure, there are numerous low-cost companies, that offer affordable prices, but what if we told you that you can get an even better deal?

We’ve used ExpressVPN, which is perhaps the most reliable VPN service currently in the market to change our location. And the price difference between certain countries amazed us! Don’t believe us? Well, good folks from ExpressVPN have prepared this nice-looking infographic for us to prove our point. So, check the infographic below to see how this amazing hack works.

ExpressVPN works on just about any platform you can imagine. Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac. So, you can use it across all of your devices, and always have access to the cheapest possible airplane ticket prices.

You do the math, if you’re a frequent traveler, ExpressVPN can save you thousands of dollars.

So, do waste time, subscribe to ExpressVPN, and start collecting those miles!

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