How to change email password on iPhone

Changing an email password for a third-party domain on your iPhone can be a bit complicated as the option is hidden in Settings. Luckily, once you know where to look, it should be quite simple. Check the steps we listed below to learn how to change the email password on an iPhone.

Where do I change my email password on my iPhone?

You can change the local password for any email domain in iPhone Settings. You just need to know where to look. Important thing is to change the password for the outgoing mail server, as well. Once you change the password, make sure to log out and sign in again to confirm the credentials.

If the said email is from a third-party domain (not an iCloud email), you’ll be redirected to the My Google Account website in the browser where you can change the email. Once there, select Security > Password and change the password for your Google Account.

You’ll need to sign in with your Google Account again on your iPhone since Gmail uses the OAuth 2.0 protocol. You can’t request a separate password for Gmail that’s not the same as the password for your Gmail Account. That’s the case since Google tends to keep all its services under one account, so the Google Account password is the Gmail password and vice versa.

Here’s where to look if you want to change the Gmail password on your iPhone:

  1. Open Settings.
  2. Select Passwords.
  3. Choose your Google Account.
  4. Tap Change Password on Website.
  5. Follow the aforementioned instructions to create a new password for Gmail.
  6. Check the SMTP in Settings > Mail > Accounts > Gmail > Account > SMTP > Gmail SMTP Server. If there’s a password option available, make sure to update it.

The procedure is similar to Outlook or Yahoo domains. To change the iCloud Mail account password, navigate to Settings > Your AppleID Account > Password & Security > Change Password.

Or any other third-party domains. And with that, we can conclude this article. Thank you for reading and feel free to post questions or suggestions in the comments section below.

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