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Can’t remove device from Google Home (FIX)

Cant remove device from Google Home

If you can’t remove a device from Google Home, you are not alone. This is an old problem that bothers some users even nowadays, although Google claims that the problem is sorted out on their side. Some went as far as to create a completely new Google Account and Home to get rid of old “ghost” devices that are not in use anymore. Luckily, there are some things we can suggest in hope that you’ll be able to fix the problem at hand. Check the solutions below.

How to Remove a Device from Google Home

Ideally, you would be able to remove a device from Google Home by simply unlinking it in Device Settings. If you can’t do that and the “ghost” device keeps reappearing, try removing the device in the Rooms and Groups section, reinstalling the Google Home app, unlinking the service (OEM) account, or creating a new Home, moving the device there, and then delete that home.

1. Restart the device and try deleting the device from Rooms and Groups

The first thing you can do is restart the device if that’s an option to try bringing it online. On the other hand, if the device is not available, you can locate it in the Rooms and Groups section and try removing it there. One Reddit user suggested this solution and it seemingly worked for the majority of people who came with this problem to the thread.

Here’s how to delete devices from Rooms and Groups:

  1. Open Google Home.
  2. Open Home settings.
  3. Select Rooms and Groups.
  4. Select the room with the device you want to remove.
  5. Select the device.
  6. Tap Remove or Unlink.
  7. If the device is still there, try the second time.

2. Reinstall Google Home

The Google Home app for Android and iOS is often the problem. The local data can get corrupt from time to time and the in-app glitch might be the cause for the offline devices to reappear, even if you removed them. You can clear the local data on Android or reinstall the app (Android and iOS) and give it another try. Some even suggest getting an older version of Google Home via an APK as it, allegedly, allows the permanent deletion of “ghost” devices.

Here’s how to clear local data or reinstall the Google Home app on Android:

  1. Open Settings > Apps > Google Home > Storage.
  2. Tap Clear data and confirm.
  3. Open Google Home, select your Home, and check if the device you previously removed is still there.
  4. Alternatively, navigate to the Play Store and uninstall Google Home. Install the app again and check if the problem is solved.Can't remove device from Google Home

Or you can navigate to the Google Home section on the APK Mirror and download an older version. Some recommend getting a Google Home version dating from 2019 (Google Home, for example). Uninstall Google Home from your device first. Once you run the APK, allow the installation from unknown sources, and install the app. Sign in with your credentials. Once you remove the device, uninstall the older version, and get the latest version from Play Store.

And this is how to reinstall Google Home on your iPhone or iPad:

  1. Tap and hold on to the Google Home shortcut.
  2. Select Remove App.
  3. Tap Delete App.
  4. Then navigate to App Store and install Google Home again.

3. Unlink the account in the settings

You can also try removing the device by un-linking the related service. There seems to be a bug that prevents removing devices as long as the OEM service is linked. Sadly, other devices under the same service will get unlinked, as well, so you’ll need to link them later — after you remove an old device that’s not in use anymore.

Here’s how to unlink the device in Google Home:

  1. Open Google Home.
  2. Now, tap on the + sign at the top left corner (or Add device) and select Set up a device.
  3. Select Works with Google.
  4. Choose the OEM and tap on it and select Unlink account.set up new device google home 1
  5. Try removing the device after this and re-link the account if you have active devices under the same OEM account.

4. Create a new Home, move the device, and then delete that Home

Some users suggested two workarounds that supposedly work when dealing with “ghost” devices that can’t be removed from Google Home. The first one is to create a new Home and move the device there. Once you move the device, delete the newly-created Home.

Follow these instructions to create a new home, move the device, and then delete that Home:

  1. Open Google Home.
  2. Tap the + sign or open Settings > Add.
  3. Add Home.
  4. Name the home and provide additional information.
  5. Now, select your regular home and choose the device you want to move.
  6. Move it to the newly-created home and then select that newly-created home.
  7. Tap Settings.
  8. Tap Delete this home and confirm.

The second option is to delete your current home and set it up again. Something we would only advise if you don’t have a lot of devices and rooms to set up or you have a lot of time on your hands.

Don’t forget to report the problem to Google in the Google Home app, under Account > Help & feedback. With that said, we can conclude this article. Thank you for reading and feel free to reach out with your questions or suggestions. Are Google Home services inexplicably getting worse over time? Tell us in the comments below.

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