5 Best Free Call Recording Apps for iPhone

The ‘Locked up’ nature of Apple devices has some pros but, unquestionably, there are some cons to it also. On one side, there is an excess of various options, while on the other we are unable to work out some simple things.

A good example is call recording directly from your device. Who would think that such a premium device is unable to execute such a simple task? In Apple’s defense, privacy laws are forbidding the recording of calls in some states including the USA. That, of course, hasn’t stopped third-party solutions to earn a formidable amount of money for this service.

Today, we are presenting you the best free apps that enable you to record a call on your iPhone. The paid solutions are arguably better performing but they come at a price. So if you are not keen to spend a lot on call recording premium apps, you’ll find some viable options on this list.

Note: All of the listed apps require 3 way-calls option on your iPhone.

Record My Talk Free

Record My Talk Free is not ‘free’ in the sense you would imagine. Yes, in a free version, you’ll get all the premium-like features but there is a catch. Playback of the recordings is limited to 60 seconds. If that isn’t a deal-breaker for you, this app is worth trying out. At least you get to know what are you buying in case you decide to spend some money.

When it comes to the features, Record My Talk offers:

  • User-friendly interface.
  • Recording option for both incoming and outgoing calls.
  • Organizing your recordings.
  • Sharing any of your recordings via email or social networks.
  • Synchronization with the PC.

You can download and try out this app on Cnet Download Section.

Edigin Call Recorder

Edgin Call Recorder is a specific recording app for your iPhone. It stores your recordings in the cloud platform instead of your phone’s storage. You can access your recordings anytime from any thinkable device. In addition, all recordings are downloadable from an organized folder. The recordings are clear and the cloud service is password protected and therefore, safe. One would ask himself where is the catch with this simple but amazing software? Well, you have to sign a contract with Edgin in order to use the app.

If you don’t mind some paperwork, this app can prove as a great solution for call recording. After you contact the supplier, the app can be downloaded from App Store.

Call Recorder Free

Call Recorder Free packs almost similar call recording features as the Record My Talk Free. As the matter of fact, they even share the same boundaries when it comes to premium-over-free catch. You can listen to only 1 minute of your recordings. With that exception, all of the pro features are available in the free version.

The main features are:

  • Recording of incoming calls
  • Recording of outgoing calls
  • Easy accessible recordings list
  • Downloading or sharing via various methods

If you want to try out the Call Recorder, download it on iTunes.

Google Voice

Google Voice is, at the first sight, somehow similar to Edgin Call Recorder. Namely, it is free but requires an account created on the Google Voice site. And there all of the similarities stop.

This application is one of, if not the best solution for VOIP calls with call recording addition. And much more features that are not related to the subject. Nevertheless, there is, and you can probably guess by now, the catch. You can record and save a full length of incoming calls. But not the outgoing ones. Additionally, you are obligated to port your number to Google Voice, in order to record in the first place.

Google Voice update is near so we hope that some of the call recording features can be upgraded.

To get Google Voice, get it on iTunes Store.

Call Recording by NoNotes.com

As Google Voice is the most viable free long-term solution, NoNote’s Call Recording app is best for short-terms. Why? Well, first of all, registration is easy and safe so you’ll work it out in no time. Second, if there is just that one call of great importance, this app offers you free 20 minutes at the start. And every month you’ll get another free 20 minutes. Feature-wise Call Recording offers some remarkable options:

  • Recording of incoming calls.
  • Recording of outgoing calls.
  • Transcriptions support.
  • User-friendly interface.
  • Cloud storage option for recorded calls.

You can try it out after you get it on iTunes Store.

The Bottom Line

All of the above options are free to try out, so you can swipe through them and find the one that suits you best. However, as we already stated, most of the subject-related apps available are much more useful in their premium form. Do you have any other apps worth mentioning? Be sure to tell us and share with us your experience.

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