Fix: Bluetooth won’t work after updating to iOS 12

iOS 12 is finally here. Besides a few visual and practical improvements, this iOS iteration is mostly about the optimization and performance enhancement. And, judging on the preliminary reactions, it does substantially improve all eligible devices. With a few hiccups along the way. In this case, there seems to be a Bluetooth problem. Namely, affected users who tried to access the Bluetooth menu in Settings experienced black screen and crash to the homepage.

We conducted research and found some possible solutions to the problem at hand.

Solution 1 – Restart your device

This might be the temporary stall caused by the recent system update. Until everything settles, minor bugs or unpolished features might emerge. The resolution is often a simple restart which allows the handset to reset the system processes. In this case, Bluetooth.

In addition, after the restart, you can remove all pairings and pair your phone again via Bluetooth. That seems to fix the problem for some affected iPhone users.

Solution 2 – Reset Network Settings

If the problem is persistent, resetting Network settings might help. The best way to ensure full optimization after a major update is to reset your handset to factory values. However, we might try a more simple and less time-consuming option first. If your Bluetooth menu is still crashing to the homepage, resetting Network Settings is the next obvious step.

Have in mind that this will relieve you of all saved passwords and personalized settings, so you’ll need to re-establish those again.

Here’s how to reset Network Settings to default values:

  1. Open Settings.
  2. Tap General.
  3. Choose Reset.
  4. Tap Reset Network Settings.

Solution 3 – Clean install iOS 12

Finally, as we already mentioned here and in some other iOS 12- related articles, the clean update installation is the safest way to avoid a huge spectrum of issues. Including the Bluetooth crashing, we’re trying to address today.

The surplus of configuration differences will result in a bug upon the system update. What we need is a clean slate state of your device. Installing iOS 12 on a stock device is faster and will help you avoid further issues.

Here’s how to clean install iOS 12 on an iPhone or iPad:

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Tap General.
  3. Tap Reset.
  4. Select Erase All Content and Settings.
  5. Don’t forget to backup your data before you confirm.
  6. Confirm selection and start the process.
  7. Skip restoring the backup and update to iOS 12.
  8. Later on, you should choose Restore from the iCloud Backup feature.

That’s it. If you’re still having a hard time with one or several features, make sure to contact Apple support. In addition, if you’ve found an alternative way to resolve the Bluetooth problem after an update to iOS 12, feel free to tell us in the comments section. Thanks for reading.

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