Fix: Apps don’t work after installing iOS 10.2 update

Apple costumers around the world got a new update that become available two days ago. iOS 10.2 brought one new interesting feature (TV app), few aesthetic upgrades and plenty of bug fixes. But, as always is the case after a new update, some problems have shown. We are sure that this is just a way of the things work and that every problem finds it’s solution. So, no need to worry.

Issues that are mostly reported throughout Apple community are related to update/install errors and faulty or crashing apps.

User from Discussion Forum reported a problem with Camera after updating to iOS 10.2.

I have an iPhone 6. I updated to iOS10 when it came out and had no problems. I applied the iOS 10.2 update – for a minute there I thought it had bricked my phone, but was able to get it working –  and now have the strangest camera problem:

If I open the camera app, the screen is black and it won’t let me take a picture (tried normal, square). I tried both forward and rear facing cameras, neither works.If I try using a 3rd party like Instagram, the app crashes.

What works:Panoramic WORKS.

Video or slo-mo option front and rear cameras work

If I open iMessage and use the photo icon from there it lets me take a picture (front or back camera).

What I have tried:

1) Kill and restart the Camera app.

2) Hard restart (Hold down home and power button for long time)

3) Restart, then open the camera app from the lock screen. (tried various ways – with and without the flash on)

4) Toggle camera setting in restrictions. (also disable restrictions)

5) reset to factory settings (Settings -> General -> Reset -> Reset All Settings)

Any other suggestions? I’m ready to just wipe and restore at this point.”

Few good members of the community presented us with the answer, so we will elaborate it here.

How to fix faulty apps after iOS 10.2 update

After the update, some apps appear to work bad or suddenly froze. Presented solutions from the most members didn’t seem to work out because mentioned user tried it all. Nevertheless, he got it solved.

Solving faulty Camera app by restoring your device via iTunes

To restore your phone via iTunes, do the following.

  1. Connect your device to a PC with installed latest version of iTunes.
  2. Find your device and select it.
  3. Click Summary and backup your settings.
  4. Choose Restore Phone. This will reinstall the latest firmware to your device.
  5. When restoration is over, launch the last backup to get back your settings.

We hope this will help you to solve this issue. If you have something to add, we will be pleased to see it in the comment section.

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