Android O Developer Preview 4: Known Issues and Bugs Round-Up

The due date is closer day by day. Google announced the 8th Android version for the 3rd quarter of 2017. It brings so many changes and improvements to the world’s most popular platform. While we eagerly expect Android O (that mysterious O’s meaning is still unclear, though) users that pack Google-powered handsets can obtain Developer Preview. Most certainly the final preview version goes by the number 4. If everything goes as intended, August or early September is reserved for the full version.

We already wrote about the first preview a while ago and advised you not to install it on your everyday, primary device. It was unstable and could cause crashes and the malfunction of certain system features. However, that’s not the case with the Developers Preview 4. If it’s to believe to reports, it works great and it’s a viable option. Still, we would rather wait for the final version.

Even though Devs Preview 4 is a much better-optimized showcase of Android O, it’s far from flawless. For that purpose, we prepared a list of reported issues and bugs, so you can know what to expect from the final Preview. If you’re keen to give it a try, make sure to first check the list below.

Known issues of Android O Developer Preview 4

Battery drainage

Battery drainage was the problem from the start. It declined in the second release and erupted in the third Developer Preview. Many users reported much better battery longevity on Developer Preview 4 but it’s still not perfect. These are what users on Reddit’s dedicated thread said about that:

Anyone else still experiencing battery drain issues? I’m still seeing it, just not as bad as DP3.”

”Agreed. Android O is suppose to be optimized and efficient for battery life, yet it has this problem”

”Some apps still drain battery insanely quickly. I just opened snapchat and it went from 43% to 37% in about a minute. The camera does this as well so is it something anyone else is experiencing with the camera?”

”Battery drains faster than when my device was on DP2 and DP3. 100% got drained in 3hrs or less. Didn’t have this issue in previous previews. Stats show 53% due to Google play services. Tried uninstalling and reinstalling play services. Didn’t help. Pixel XL”

As you can see, this still needs to be fixed by Google before the final release. The fact that the battery draining percentage is reduced, it still isn’t optimized and efficient enough when it comes to expected battery life.

Notification issue

Notifications are also a problem for some users. Some of them are experiencing a constant repetition of the same notification in the background while others are unable to see notifications whatsoever. These are some comments they posted on the dedicated Reddit thread:

”Notification dots doesn’t work on my N5X.”

”Anyone else getting a persistent Gmail running in background notification. Started this morning for me.”

”Still getting those notifications which can’t be disabled.”

As you can concur on your own, there is still a need for a final touch. It seems that in the final version, users will be able to disable those but the option is still unavailable.

Android Pay NFC issue

With the introduction of Android O, users will be able to utilize a nifty Android Pay over NFC protocol. However, it seems that for some users this still isn’t functioning in a flawless manner. One user reported that Android Pay failed him after he upgraded to Developer Preview 4 but it fixed on its own later. This is what he said about it on Reddit:

”NFC pay is broken on mine.

EDIT: it returned to normal, odd.”

Have in mind that this is an isolated case and that Android Pay is mostly performing well. At least, for this phase of the OS development.

Missing options

Some users that already obtained Developer Preview 4, reported more than a few missing options that, originally, should be there. Some of those are missing due to tests and changes for the Android O interface, while the lack of others signifies an obvious bug. One way or another, we hope that Google will listen to people’s voices and sort things out before the final version emerges.

Until then, these are some bug reports multiple users posted on Reddit’s Bug Reporting thread:

”Option “Turn on Wi-Fi automatically” is still not back. I can find it if I search for it in the settings, but if I tap on it in the search results it redirects me to the correct page but it’s not there.”

”This is weird. I had the change theme option show up under display > advanced options and I had the option to change it to one of my OMS themes (I couldn’t get substratum working yet but I had installed). I changed it and my settings menu changed to that theme. However, the notification pulldown turned white on white. Went to change it back and the option is gone. Welp.”

This isn’t unusual for the beta version, so it shouldn’t be a deal breaker. Moreover, these are, as we already stated, isolated cases and for the majority of users, every presented option is available to use.


In this phase of system development, we can’t expect perfect behavior. Hell, even the general system updates are not always stable and can be clunky or prone to crashes. In this version, the majority of crashes come from unoptimized 3rd-party apps. But, occasionally, even the pre-installed software can be the culprit. These are some reports developers posted on Reddit’s Bug Tracking thread:

”360° videos in Facebook app makes the app crash.”

”HBO Go VR for Daydream doesn’t work properly. I can’t sign in. The app crashes at the sign in phase.”

”Contributing photos in google maps make the app crash.”

Luckily, once the final version is introduced to the general population, app developers should be able to optimize and re-design their respective apps. That should reduce crashes and provide us with a much more satisfying overall experience.

Google Play Store issue

Once it comes to Android essentials, like Google Play Store, we shouldn’t expect issues. But, one user reported a problem that emerged after he switched to Developers Preview 4, and it concerns Play Store. This is how he elaborated on his problem on Reddit:

”Google Play Store shows as Uncertified again”

As you can see, it seems that the OS can’t recognize Play Store as an official feature. Reboot resolved the problem, but we hope that the final version won’t have misconceptions like this.

Pink Text on the YouTube app

This is already a common bug that was present in the previous iterations of the Android O Beta. Namely, it looks like the color of the text in the YouTube Search bar is garishly pink and it’s an unpleasant change from the standard black-colored fonts that are normally used. Now, this is what certain users said on Reddit:

”Anyone getting pink text for search history in YouTube? I don’t like it!”

”Yes, still pink for me in DP4.”

Luckily, this seems to be a bug that should be removed from the final product. Or at least, users should be able to customize their preferred font color.

Camera issue

One camera issue that was confusing users on Nougat is, allegedly, still present. Namely, users on Reddit reported that, once they access the previously recorded video or photo through the camera app, they see older entries instead of the last one. This is what they stated:

”Nexus 6P user here. There’s a bug in the camera app where if I go to view a video I just took, it shows the previous photo/video instead. Is this a common issue across devices?

Edit: I updated to DP4 a few hours ago”

”Just updated my 6P to DP4 a few hours ago. I’m getting a bug in the camera app where if I go to view a video, it shows the previous photo/video instead.”

Seemingly, this bug should be addressed before the final release.

Video playback issue

Video streaming issues from 3rd-party apps also found their spot on our round-up list. This is what a few users experienced after the update to Developer Preview 4. They posted their comments on the Reddit thread:

”On the Facebook app, maybe other apps, videos look pixelated because video resizing is not filtered. This was not happening in DP3. not a showstopper but quite noticeable.”

”Instagram videos not playing on Pixel XL.”

Multiple Redditors, including the original posters, concluded that the problem is related to 3rd-party apps that are still unoptimized. We can hope that the problems will resolve after the final version is introduced.

Volume issue

Even the sound is affected. Some users reported too low volume while talking on the phone. Others had trouble with customizing the media volume since some features were missing. Without further ado, we brought to you what they said on Reddit’s dedicated Bug thread:

”When I make a call the volume sounds really low even though I have it at its highest setting. Anyone else experiencing this??

So I reset my pixel XL thinking it might go away, pixel wouldn’t read my verizon sim. Couldn’t get any voice or data to work. Had to opt out of the DP and go back to nougat. Everything is fine now.”

”If I’m watching YouTube and I want to adjust the volume, it changes the call volume. I have to hit the down arrow and then adjust the media volume.”

”Using the volume buttons changes my “Call” noise level and not “Media.” I have to collapse the sound menu to adjust the volume. Also it is extremely low.”

Obviously, we’re looking at bugs of some kind that, in our opinion, aren’t a major drawback. They’ll certainly resolve it before the official presentation of Android O.

Car Bluetooth issue

Many Android enthusiasts that were keen to give a try to the Developers Preview 4, have had issues with Bluetooth. Especially while using it for wireless connection with the car’s media board. These are their posts brought to you wholly from Reddit:

Fast forward over Bluetooth does not work anymore with car controls (mazda 3).”

”Since the last DP I’m not displaying audio info on my 2013 Mazda 3. But controls work fine.”

”Bluetooth is still very inconsistent in the car. Google Play Music starts a song and plays about three seconds and then starts the song over. Haven’t gotten it to play a full song yet. Pocketcasts will play for about four seconds and then pause, and then pickup playback for 3-4 seconds and then pause again. I can get it to smooth out and play normally if I toggle the play/pause buttons on both the phone and car until it syncs up. This is with a 6P and Dodge Charger with uConnect.

Yeah, I tried again on my lunch break to see if it would sync up better. It was actually worse this time. Also couldn’t get any calls to connect through bluetooth. So this one’s going back in the drawer until the final release!”

Picture-in-Picture issue

With Android O, Google is introducing ”Picture-in-Picture” mode which is, arguably, one of the best (or even the best) multitasking features ever presented in Android. It functions well in Preview 4, but it’s still unpolished and for the final version, we expect it to work great. Some users have had issues with the Picture-in-Picture mode, and this is what they said on Reddit:

”If I have a YouTube picture in picture video playing, turn the screen off, then turn it back on, it does a soft reboot.”

”Nexus 6p : I can’t get pic in pic to work, i have youtube open and playing video when i click on the home it closes the app”

That should be that. If you have additional issues or complaints, or possible solutions for some of the reported problems, make sure to give us a shout in the comments section below. All of us are eagerly waiting for the Android O and all included advancements that should improve the overall experience.

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2 thoughts on “Android O Developer Preview 4: Known Issues and Bugs Round-Up”

  1. I still can’t get over the fact that it’s actually called oreo. Android Oreo. A cookie smarthpone! I don’t know if it’s brilliand or completely stupid.
    Still, the previews look good, and I hope to god it’ll be amazing. We need something of quality in the market, and I care not for iOS. Now that Galaxy N8 is out, there needs to be a rejuvenating thrust in the industry, because it seem to be rather swamped with… nothing.
    Android O doesn’t look like anything revolutionary, but it can provide a stable basis for futue innovative development. that what I would like to see.

  2. I still can’t get over the fact that it’s actually called oreo. Android Oreo. A cookie smarthpone! I don’t know if it’s brilliand or completely stupid.
    Still, the previews look good, and I hope to god it’ll be amazing. We need something of quality in the market, and I care not for iOS. Now that Galaxy N8 is out, there needs to be a rejuvenating thrust in the industry, because it seem to be rather swamped with… nothing.
    Android O doesn’t look like anything revolutionary, but it can provide a stable basis for futue innovative development. that what I would like to see.


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