Top 5 Android apps for improving optimism

One of the main traits of modern day society is unstoppable technological progress. Yes, it brought many good things in everyday life, but, on the other hand, there are plenty of disadvantages. Lack of individuality, lack of a self-improvement motivation or just common positive thought about yourself and your place in this fast paced world.

Is there any way to use technology to achieve the optimistic point of view? Yes, indeed, there is. Today, we prepared for you some apps. Apps that will mediate between your Android device and your aspiration to change something, improve yourself or just get a different perspective.

You should most definitely give it a try. Even if you procrastinate for ages, it’ll at least bring the smile on your face.

5 Android apps that will make you feel more optimistic

Fabulous-Motivate Me! : Repetition is the mother of self-improvement


You finally managed to get yourself in the changing mood. But, after some time, repressed by everyday life,  you fail to achieve long desired goals. Fabulous-Motivate Me is one of those colorful Android apps that will take a grip of you if you give it a shot. There are 4 different categories you can select on your road to reach the aspirated goal and strengthen your shaky optimism.

  • Feel more energized
  • Lose weight
  • Sleep better
  • Focus and concentrate more

Only one journey can be selected at the time, but you can restart it or change it anytime. After a while, you will be surprised by the progress you made. You can download this app here.

Sleep as Android: Good sleep at night will make your life bright!


One often underestimates the power of good sleep and it’s influence on everyday life. Sleep deprivation or it’s bad quality can make you feel tired or unmotivated. To get rid of your sleeping issues, we present you an Android app specialized in that matter.

Sleep as Android will track your movement while sleeping trough sleep actigraphy. Just place it on your bed and let it do its work. It also records snoring events and differentiates deep and light sleep phases. All these statistics are collected and used to improve your sleeping sessions.

Using the smart wake up feature will wake you up at the proper time and ensure that you’ll be less keen to burn the apartment on that Monday morning. There are graphs, advises and much more.

This app is available on the following link.

TED: Inspiring and educational!


One of the less demanding ways to obtain the lacking dose of optimism is trough other people’s experiences. There are so many interesting and educated folks  who are not shy to express themselves. This app brings worldwide brain trust to your Android device.

You can learn a lot and have fun watching TED Talks on various subjects. Some of them will make you smile, some will give you insight on different cultures or ethnicities, third may give you perspective about your path and shed some light on dilemmas that bother you. One thing is for sure – you’ll make some progress on your way to positive thinking.

This app is available for you here.

Nike+ Training Club: A healthy mind in a healthy  body


Positive thinking is obtainable in many different manners, but one of the best ways is certainly through the workout. It doesn’t matter if you do light jogging in the morning or heavy lifting workout 4 times per week, you will get stronger both physically and mentally. Good time to start is right away, and a good app to help you is Nike+ Training Club.

Let’s say you want to start but the lack of the motivation and/or knowledge of workout cycles and exercises is a problem. Some famous professional athletes will show you how. There are workouts for all levels and all tastes. Your only job is to try harder and surpass the limits.

Bring your A game and download the app here.

Diary – Mood Tracker: Get to know yourself better


In the sea of information that we obtain on a daily basis, we often skip the ones regarding our subconscious, our dreams, fears, distant or not so distant aspirations. Scientifical studies say that is easier to understand yourself if you keep a diary. This app is basically a secure, self-inspecting multimedia diary that will help you track ups and downs in your search for Holly Grail of Optimistic Thought.

Diary – Mood Tracker will help you track patterns of your behavior, make you more productive or let you write down your thoughts on different experiences.

To start your voyage of introspection, download the app here.

Those were the apps we selected for you. We hope that you find it helpful and make the first step of your optimistic path. The path that sometimes may be harsh, but is certainly rewarding.

If you have some other motivation boosting apps, please be free to tell us in the comment section.

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