How to add photos to Gmail Themes (EXPLAINED)

If you want to add your photos to Gmail Themes, just make sure that those photos are in your Google Photos library. The integration with different Google services allows Gmail to access Google Photos and you, the user, to choose any background you prefer. Learn more about it below.

How to customize Gmail Theme with your photos

The Gmail web client has seen some changes in recent years, the latest one substantially changing UI to better incorporate Chat, Spaces, and Meet.

Customization is something one doesn’t often think of when talking about an email client but Gmail does offer a fair portion of options to make it more yours. This is especially valuable if you spend a lot of time with Gmail on the web and the generic theme doesn’t cut it for you. Of course, considering that there’s a large reading pane in the middle of the screen, you won’t be able to see a lot of your preferred wallpaper. This can diminish the purpose for some while others will find it good enough.

Now, Google provides dozen of photos in a few categories which include featured images, solid colors, and cool cartoons. Of course, you always have an option to use the default theme, both in dark and light mode. But what if you want to add your photos and use them as backgrounds in Gmail Themes? That can be done only with Google Photos integration.

Use Google Photos as Gmail backgrounds

If you open Gmail on the web and choose to View all themes in Settings, you can see that there’s the My Photos option at the bottom. That’s where you can find your Google Photos Albums in, truth to be told, quite a random order.add photos to gmail themes

Luckily, just like in Photos, you can use various search keywords to pinpoint the photo you want. Including people’s names, pets, things, or places. Once you select an album and/or the photo you want to use, just click on it to apply it.add photos to gmail themes

At the bottom, you’ll see 3 additional options. The first one is Text background where you can choose between Light or Dark text background. The second one is Vignette which allows you to make corners darker or lighter with the vignette effect. Finally, you can tweak the background blur with the Blur option.

To conclude, in order to get custom Gmail backgrounds, you need to upload them to Google Photos first. Once you’ve done that, navigate to Gmail > Settings > Theme View All > My Photos and use Search to find that photo or pick it from an album. As simple as that. Due to the large reading pane, you might not fully enjoy your custom background but that’s the current state of Gmail UI.

Thank you for reading and feel free to share your thoughts, questions, or suggestions with us in the comments section below. We look forward to hearing from you.

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