Stable Wi-Fi connectivity is fundamental for everyday iPhone use. Without it, you won’t be able to update, backup, surf web or post on social networks. In all occasions and all locations. And phone data can be costly. Additionally, you would want to save passwords for all those networks. Who can remember them and moreover, who would insert network credentials every time it is in its proximity? No one. Ever.

And here we get to an issue that occurred after the update to iOS 10. According to some users, after the update, their iPhone keeps forgetting already confirmed networks. In most cases, the problem occurs with hidden SSID networks. Before the update, everything worked seamlessly. We will try and address this issue with few possible workarounds.

How to fix ”Wi-Fi keeps forgetting network” on iOS 10 and later

Unhide your network SSID

We are well aware that this can be a security risk and it is not recommended. On the other side, movielike hackers with their unarticulated keyboard inputs can overcome it quite easily. And most people won’t even try. So if you are not surrounded by that sort of PC enthusiasts, you can try and unhide your network. A lot of users with this issue resolved it that way. On the other hand, if your access to router settings is limited (work network), this can proof as mission impossible.

Restart your device and router

While we are at simple solutions it’s worth mentioning the restart options. Like most of the Apple’s customer support technicians would often do. Nonetheless, you should try it out. So, power cycle wireless router and restart your phone. Now try reconnecting. If the network is still forgotten, move on to the next steps.

Reset iPhones Network settings

This solution proved as most suitable for the majority of users. Namely, by resetting your network settings, you’ll clear possible errors in the software. Those that can easily cause this or similar connection problems. To do so, follow these instructions:

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Tap General.
  3. Select Reset.
  4. Choose Reset Network Settings.

Have in mind that this way you’ll lose all saved Wi-FI networks and passwords. At least, the next time the phone will save them and auto-connect. However, if that is not the case, we have one more ace up our sleeve.

Erase all Content and Data, restore from iCloud

The last thing we can advise you to do is restoring your phone. This may seem a bit too extreme, but it is our only hope. So, while we are waiting for Apple to pay attention to its customer’s needs, let us try this workaround. The first step would be backing up your data to an iCloud. In addition, if your backup is not set to auto-backup, you can do it manually this way:

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Tap iCloud.
  3. Select Backup.
  4. Tap Back Up Now.

After you’ve backed up your data, move on to a restoring. These are the steps:

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Tap General.
  3. Choose Reset.
  4. Tap Erase all content and settings.
  5. In Apps & Data screen tap Restore from iCloud Backup.
  6. Select preferred backup and restore your iPhone.

This should be the ultimate solution. Again, if you’re still unable to resolve this issue, your only hope is some of the upcoming updates. Let us hope that Apple will address this simple but annoying issues.

Do you have any other helpful propositions? Then be sure to share them with us in the comments section.