Android Oreo is finally here for some Pixel and Nexus devices. While Google promises the new Android version will improve the overall performance of your phone, it appears that’s not exactly the case. Because people have already encountered various issues caused by Android O.

According to some reports, Android Oreo breaks the OK Google feature on some devices. Even though everything was fine in Android Nougat, users are now unable to perform some sound commands.

I’ve searched online for potential solutions, and as it appears, there’s a way to fix the problem. Unlike some other issues, that users basically have to wait for Google to fix them through updates. So, Let’s see what can we do about OK Google issues in Android O.

How to solve OK Google problems in Android O

Solution 1 – Retrain OK Google

The solution that helped the majority of Android users with the OK Google problem is simply retraining the assistant. It looks like installing the update somehow disrupted the assistant, so retraining is needed.

In case you’re not sure how to retrain Google Assistant, follow these instructions:

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Go to Apps & notifications > expand Advanced > Default apps > Assist & voice input
  3. Tap the settings (gear) icon next to Assist app
  4. Go to “Ok Google” detection
  5. Now, choose Delete voice model, to reset Google Now settings
  6. After that, choose Retrain voice model
  7. Finish the training

That’s all. After re-training your assistant, Google Now should be working seamlessly¬†once again. However, if re-training didn’t get the job done, move on to the next solution.

Solution 2 – Check your language settings

There’s also a slight chance installing Android Oreo corrupted your language settings. So, check if your Voice language matches your system language, to be sure Google Now will work well.

To check Voice language settings, follow these instructions:

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Go to Apps & notifications > expand Advanced > Default apps > Assist & voice input
  3. Tap the settings (gear) icon next to Assist app
  4. Tap Languages
  5. Make sure the right language is selected

Solution 3 – Check for updates

And finally, maybe the update itself disrupt Google Now, with some internal bug. That’s not the case with the Nexus and Pixel devices, but could be with other manufacturers (this article was written at the time when only Nexus and Pixel devices had Android Oreo).

If the update indeed caused the problem, Google will eventually acknowledge the issue, and release a fixing patch. So, if you’ve tried both of the abovementioned solutions, and still have problems with Google Now assistant, make sure your phone is up to date.

That’s about it. I certainly hope at least one of these solutions helped you resolve the problem with OK Google after installing the Oreo update. If not, let me know in the comments below, or reach me out on Twitter.


  1. After 8.1 it doesn’t work at all. I can’t even turn okay google detection on anymore it is just permanently greyed out. I guess google is taking a page out of apples playbook and taking features away from customers in order to press them to buy the new phone

  2. I was quite happy with 8.0, after the upgrade to 8.1 I found that the voice assistant’s operation erratic. Frequently, it will respond to the OK Google and then not do anything thereafter. What is annoying is that I’ve become rather dependent on it and now have to go back to the old fashioned way. BTW, I have a first gen Pixel XL.

  3. This annoying error makes me crazy. I follow the steps above but everything configured differently. I even factory reset my phone. And even that didn’t solve my issue. Now I think I have to go to my carrier provider.

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