UPDATE: As it appears, there’s an issue with OpenGL rendering in Android O on Nexus devices. So, in order to make your device working better, it’s a good idea to switch to set rendering to OpenGL(Skia). This workaround slightly improved my device’s performance, and hopefully, it’ll do the same thing for you.

Here’s how to change GPU renderer on your Nexus 5X:

  1. Go to Settings > System
  2. Go to Developer options, and switch OpenGL Renderer to from OpenGL(Default) to OpenGL(Skia)

Hopefully, Google will fix this in some future updates.

Thanks Georgi for the tip!

Original article:

Some Nexus devices, including my own Nexus 5X, have just received Android Oreo update. People are still confused about the Oreo rollup, as nobody knows for sure when their phone will get the update. But those who already received it, might not be totally happy with the new Android version.

I’ll get straight to the point. After installing Android Oreo, my Nexus 5X started running slow and laggy. Which is the complete opposite of ‘better performance’, promised by Google. Every action on the phone seems to perform slower now.

It even takes a couple of extra seconds for the keyboard to show up?! The revamped notification bar is laggy, it takes longer than usual for the phone to unlock. Apps are slower, and so on and so forth. Of course, the phone hasn’t been rendered unusable, but the fact that it’s slower than it used to be a couple of hours ago (when everything worked seamlessly), is just annoying.So far, I haven’t found any helpful info about this problem online. But that’s probably because the majority of users hasn’t even got the update yet. And I was ‘lucky’ enough to receive it earlier.

Since Android Oreo is probably the last major update for Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P, the only thing that crosses my mind is that Google hasn’t optimized the new system for older phones yet. Which is totally unacceptable!

I’ll keep an eye on the situation in the coming days. Things will probably get clearer once more people receive the Oreo update. Hopefully not too many people will suffer from this issue, because that could be a huge problem for Google.

As soon as I find more info or any solution for this issue, I’m going to update this article accordingly.

Have you already installed Android Oreo on your device? Are there any issues? Let me know in the comments below. 


    • Any body figure anything out with the disappearing keyboard issue? I assume its supposed to be some kind of feature, but I’m not liking it.

  1. Its unbelievably slow. Glad I’m not the only one I was going crazy. Funny thing is, right after a fresh install it was fine, but now it’s almost unusable … As I’m typing my words are showing up 3-4 seconds after ive keyed them in….

  2. Same for me. I wish I didn’t install it. I got a Nexus because I wanted a pure Android experience but if they don’t fix it soon I’ll have to go for a custom rom

  3. Go to Developer Options

    Switch the GPU Renderer from ‘OpenGL’ to skia (the old one).
    There is apparently some issue with the OpenGL renderer on Oreo on 5x.
    Using the old one would make your device quick and sharp again.

  4. Same things here. Phone is laggy, keyboard disappearing every time when using it. While playing movies, they just freeze for seconds. Changing to skia from opengl didn’t solve my problems. Just annoying. :'(

  5. I agree with everything you’ve written here. My experience so far is not a good one, and I hope things get fixed quickly. I’ve not been so unhappy since I had to root my Nexus 5 so I could roll back to get rid of Lollipoop.

  6. I updated my 5x to Oreo a couple of days ago and I’m experiencing exactly the same lagging and slowness issues that you’re describing (slow keyboard, notification bar etc.) Very frustrating.

  7. Same problem here. My nexus 5x performance after Oreo update was really affected, mainly in terms of fluidity and battery getting drained so fast that I have to charge my phone at least 2 times a day and before a full charge was enough.

    • Yes, NPR News app and NPR One app both no longer work with Oreo on the Nexus 5G phone. NPR tech support says “they’re working on it” but it’s been over a month now! Seriously? I had to download a podcast app and am using that now.

  8. Since Oreo update the phone is absolutely unusable.
    – Ultra laggy
    – Apps randomly crash or get killed (who knows)
    – Voice calls get stopped randomly
    – Music gets stopped randomly
    – Keyboard takes 7+ seconds to show up
    – launching apps from launcher 5+ seconds

  9. The phone become unreliable, the keyboard suddenly dissaperar and show up again. The phone is slow using too much energy . I would rather switch back to previous version

  10. My Nexus 5X worked great for 2 days after Oreo update but since last few hours it has stopped working completely. It crashed twice and restarted after rescue party. Now except Goggle flashing on the screen, I can’t restart or even shutdown the phone. I am not a techhy so I am confused what to do.

  11. My friend updated his 5x, and now his phone doesn’t boot up. He gets an error message telling him to do a factory reset. He didn’t have his phone rooted, so that was weird to me.

  12. same issue I have been facing!!the battery drain is very quick!!like 10% charge is gone in 10mins!!wtf is that Google?Nd screen control is also hampered! there’s also connectivity problem which wasn’t there before update!!!!!I need solution that’s all!!

  13. Yes, slow and laggy, and some functions (i.e. adding words to dictionary) don’t work at all. And while I understand that phones apparently evolve at the speed of light (or rather, at the speed of cornering market share and maximizing profits) calling my 2016 Nexus 5x an “older phone” is completely ridiculous. There’s no way that a phone I’ve owned for about a year should be rendered obsolete with one update.

  14. My Nexus 5X is not slower but since it was updated to Oreo 5 days ago it is practically unusable – it restarts on it’s own every few minutes (sometimes every 5 minutes, sometimes after 1.5 hours, one never knows), the keyboard keeps disappearing while I type (extremely annoying!), the battery drains super fast (with the screen off and no use – from 100% to 5% in 4 hours!) and the top third of the machine really heats up.

  15. HOTTTT MESSS I have the Nexus 5X and since I upgraded to the Oreo 8.0 my phone has been randomly rebooting and now I can neither turn it off or on. All I have is a black screen and the words Google flashing. I found out that the upgrade never uploaded properly and that it is in an infinity loop? I was told to put it in Safe Mode but as soon as I did that and went to charge the phone it reboot itself out of safe mode…..My phone was getting hot possibly from Overheating I finally after 30 go it to turn off…. REALLY Google. I am going to my phone service provider and see about a factory reboot see if this helps if anyone has any better ideas please share. I would rather not do the factory reboot and loose stuff.

  16. I just reset my phone yesterday due to lay. I hope this works, but my missing Google cards showed up immediately after changing the setting. Coincidence? Maybe, but…. Now to go back and enable “Turn on WiFi Automatically” which stopped working with Oreo!

  17. Hello,
    well, you all have the phone slower but at least working. My Nexus 5x died after it updated to the f…ing Android Oreo. I don’t know what to do, there is a video about how to downgrade, but you need the phone ON

  18. You should also clear your device cache, that seemed to speed up my nexus quite a bit. Apps like snapchat became unusable after the oreo update, but I cleared the cache and changed the OpenGL to skia and it seems to have improved performance but it hasnt made it as good as it is on iOS for example – Snapchat doesn’t really like android users. Apps which overlay items such as facebook messenger seem to lag the phone out most of the time and especially when playing music on spotify – hope there is an update from google soon to properly fix all these items

    • Edit – Battery life is awful since the update, wasn’t great before but now with heavy use I get roughly 45 minutes of screen on time…

  19. Same here. Sorting the opengl did not fix. Opening app like “contacts” can take 15 seconds and more. Switching between apps takes 5 to 20 seconds some time. Apps loading really slow i can see how they load element by element some times.

  20. This shit ALWAYS happens with newer upgrades with new stuff for “older” phones. It’s planned obsolescence, never upgrade like this.

  21. I’m glad that you made this post. Yes, it’s been awful. Even with the rendering changed, I’m still having problems typing this out.

    I remember the same crap happened with my Nexus 4 and the Lollipop update. After a year or so, I installed Marshmallow (custom ROM) and it ran better than vanilla 5.1.1.

    I think that’s going to be the route, this time. Hopefully Google releases 8.1 soon

  22. Still haven’t been offered an OTA update to Oreo on my 5x (Google fi) was really annoyed since I thought it should have been available in the first week or two after release but after reading this maybe I’ll hold off if it does ever show up. Keep posting and updating so the rest of us know whether to update or not when it’s available.

  23. I have got all these bugs you mentioned, tried switched to skia, but didn’t felt significant improvement.
    So then I went to settings, turned off all unnecessary apps including play game, play movies, play music, hangouts, turned open gl rendering on and after all my n5x works like a charm.

  24. Same here – phone almost unusable. Google Maps Navigation is torture since it freezes and crashes randomly along with showing a greatly magnified portion of the map with no controls on the screen while navigating. Nothing to do but pull over and reboot in the middle of a trip. Cray cray.

  25. I dealt with this on my Nexus 5x and none of the fixes helped. The most annoying was that the camera took about 15 seconds to open up. Also an evident general battery drain. I tried to unenroll because I got Oreo on beta but apparently I was already off beta so there was no stable update back to Nougat. Instructions to downgrade to Nougat are intense.

    Last ditch effort I did a hard reset … And all is good! I also made the setting change in this article but don’t know if it’s necessary or not. Not it’s night and day. Though a reset is annoying it’s really not that painful. On Nexus (I think it’s Google phone specific) there’s a backup function that backs up all your app data to Drive. Do that, then dump your photos, music, downloads onto a PC … The refresh does a pretty good job automatically reinstalling everything and putting everything back where it was, it even keeps icon positioning. (I know I’m talking about basic functions here, but I never had to do it before so I was impressed how seamless they make it). Only annoyance is logging into some accounts and resetting some (not all) app settings (apparently some are restricted from backup).

  26. It’s called planned obsolescence people.

    They don’t want you being able to use your 2 yr old phone for any longer than possible.

    I had the same problem as other have reported.

    I also changed to Skia a few days ago but when I checked again today it had changed back. Possibly because there was a security update that I installed yesterday tho, but it’s still annoyingly slow.

  27. I had Oreo on my 5x for two days. Super laggy, despite the “fix”. Just unenrolled from the beta and back to 7.1.2. Much better.

  28. My Nexus 5x was working fine until I updated, now it is very slow. Most noticable is switching between apps. running/using an app still works fine though. Also, opening the camera takes a long time and when going to video mode half the screen goes black for a rather long time. The performance after the update is in other words very bad. Saw that others have done a roll-back which is what I will do aswell.

  29. Clearing cache in recovery mode has continued to work well for me anytime an update slows my N5x down and did so after getting the push notification for Oreo update. YMMV

  30. I just updated my Nexus 5x to Oreo and am having the same problem. It’s a noticeable decrease in performance. Switching back from OpenGPL did not help much for me, so I guess it’s time to roll back.

  31. My Oreo on Nexus 5X is working awesome. That’s after few changes
    1. Make developer option enabled
    2. On dev options go to
    — window animation scale and change to .5x
    — transition animation scale and change to .5x
    — animator duration scale and change to .5x
    3. If you want, change the OpenGL to Skia (not really needed, but you can if you want)
    4. Restart the device in recovery mode and clear cache….

  32. I also update my Nexus 5X with Android Oreo, and I also have a big problem with battery drain issue. My phone is getting hot and only show 5 hours to go after fully charged. A factory reset didn’t help me. In the setting menu, I can’t find any app who need much energy.

  33. Omg I’m so glad I found this thread. My phone is super slow and laggy after the Oreo update. Has been about a month or so now since I updated it. It’s TERRIBLE!!! Forget trying to snapchat, hardly works anymore. Keyboards take forever to pop up, apps take way too long to open. HELP!!!!!


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