The iOS market offers a plenitude of different news apps for all different tastes. And as the time pass, we are seeing various upgrades in that matter. They are not just improving news accessibility, but remodeling the way we organize and read our news.

So, today we prepared a list of 11 most popular apps with millions of users. They differ in details but have the same task: to let you find important news, organize them and get informed on the go.

11 Most Practical iOS Apps for Reading Your News

Apple News

One of the best, if not the best news app for iOS comes pre-installed with iOS devices. Apple presented it as an intuitive app that shows you the stories you care about. And, thing is, it functions just like that. After you spend some time using it, it optimizes articles to your needs from a selected category. Additionally, you can set notifications that will inform you anytime a breaking news is published.

The interface is simple and uncluttered, with beautiful typography and layouts. Apple News features optimized National Geographic and New Your Times articles. Both are Apple associates in the project. This app is available only in the US, but there is a way to get it in other countries as well. Just create a new, alternative Apple ID and choose the US as the residence country. Simple as that.


BuzzFeed took the world in a blitz. This social news and the entertainment media offers an appealing app that lets you do everything you can do on a PC web version. While on the move. Besides News, you can watch videos, take quizzes or browse trough various top lists. There is an abundance of BuzzFeed shows you can watch, or trending topics you can explore.

The push notifications will let you know when a new article pops out, according to your taste. Additionally, BuzzFeed offers an alternative app with classical news called BuzzFeed News. So, if you place more serious news over entertainment, this is a valid option.

You can download BuzzFeed app here. BuzzFeed News is available here.


Reddit is the website of amazing cultural influence. It has a great impact on society and collects the most important news on all subjects known to man. By Redditors themselves. This is the reason more to use it for web content rating, discussions or reporting the news yourself. The official Reddit app is great and fluid, presenting all the features available on the PC.

You can browse infinite subreddits in search for information or a good laugh. Additionally, you have alternative apps. We advise you to try out Narwhal for Reddit. It lacks some features over official app but brings faster accessibility and more polished interface.

To download Reddit Official app for go here. To download Narwhal for Reddit, click here.


SmartNews is one of those aggregate apps that let you find, organize and read news around the world. It is quite easy to use since it features simplistic user interface and all-around minimalistic nature. This makes this app one of the fastest on the market. In addition, it grants users with Offline Reading and Smart mode that lets you read articles in an uncluttered manner. You can easily browse trough topics and customize the categories to your liking.

The articles are well-chosen and curated from the numerous famous publishers. Also, if you enable push notifications, you can see the news 3 times a day. Of course, you can also choose the exact time when the news will show.

SmartNews app can be obtained here.


News360 is one of the leading news-aggregating apps in the market. Its main feature, besides intuitive interface, is Interest Graph. Namely, the app collects your online habits, process them, and present related news to you in a straightforward manner. With your permission, it obtains data from your social networks to adjust your news to your liking.

Additionally, specific engine browses 100k or more sources and ranks them by various metrics. That way you’ll always get the news you want and from the source that is valid to you. So, the more you use it, the more personalized it gets. The clusters of articles are presented in an uncluttered way according to your interests.

You can get News360 by following this link.


Flipboard was once the leader of the news aggregate apps. Lately, they made few noticeable changes and they are mostly positive. The users of older versions complain about redesign but we find it quite functional. The main draw for Flipboard must be Smart Magazine feature. This allows you to collect and organize custom reads with various sources, other users or Twitter hashtags.

You can create up to 9 magazines for quick access from a Home carousel. That way the app enables you to subscribe to a personalized content, rather than generic news. The interface is intuitive and well-designed. You add your favorite feed, flip trough it or open Cover Stories for a quick read on the move.

Flipboard can be downloaded here.


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