Apple released iOS 11.2 earlier than planned to address various issues that hit iPhone users by storm this weekend. The new update deals with continuous crashes that users recently complained about on the forums.

But besides dealing with the crashing issue, iOS 11.2 also brought Apple Pay Cash, and some issues of ITS OWN! So, even though update patched some holes, it created cracks in new places. And that’s definitely not something users are looking for after a troublesome iOS 11.1.2 update.

So, let’s see what users have to say about iOS 11.2 update.

iOS 11.2 reported problems

No battery timers

One user reported that there are no battery timers after he installed the update:

“After update to iOS 11.2, battery timers since last full charge are empty. Reboot doesn’t help.”

However, this is not a real issue at all. It takes up to 24 hours for battery timers to appear after you update your iPhone. So, the only solution for this ‘problem’ is just waiting.

This ‘issue’ probably shouldn’t be on the list, but I decided to put it as some kind of additional info, in case you’re wondering why are battery timers missing.

Now, let’s move to some actual problems.

Keyboard bugs

One user reported strange keyboard bugs on his iPad Pro after installing iOS 11.2. Here the screenshots he posted on the forum:

Unfortunately, nobody had a solution for the keyboard problem on the forums, so it still remains to be seen what can be done to deal with this strange issue.

iPhone hangs on boot

A few users also reported their iPhones are unable to boot after the upgrade, as they’re stuck in the infinite loop of running circles:

“A friend of mine posted on Facebook saying that his iPhone kept showing the running circle after he had upgraded it to IOS 11.2. Anyone can  suggest solution for it?”

One of the forum members sugestted doing a hard reset. However, nobody has confirmed if this solution is helpful, yet.

No Apple Pay Cash

Apple Pay Cash is a signature feature of iOS 11.2. However, numerous users say they haven’t got this feature yet.

At the time of writing this article, we still don’t know what’s the problem, and why users are unable to find Apple Pay Cash, even on supported devices. So, any additional info will be appreciated.

Ringtone issues

Another reported issue is a problem with ringtone sound in iOS 11.2. Here’s what one user said on the forums:

“I’m using iPhone 7plus ,I have updated iOS 11.2 and sometimes my phone not ringing sound is not works manytimes I miss my calls even message sounds also not working. I checked all the ways can’t resolve I keep ringing volumes full only and not in silent mode too. Please give ur opinion.”

Unfortunately, nobody had a valid solution for this problem.


That’s about it. One thing’s for sure, these are not the only issues bugging iPhone users who recently installed iOS 11.2. These are just some issues I think are the most frequent and interesting.

Once again, judging by the amount of complaints on the forums, it looks like Apple failed to deliver a quality update once again. So, we should expect another update very soon.

Have you already installed iOS 11.2? Are there any issues I didn’t mention here? Let me know in the comments below.