Apple has released the seventh official update for iOS 11, iOS 11.1.2 to fix the known issue with the unresponsive screen and distortion in Live Photos and videos captured on the iPhone X.

However, even though iOS 11.1.2 fixes some issues, it actually causes some more, maybe even bigger, problems. Also, the update is mainly aimed at the iPhone X users. So, if we take into account that other devices barely receive anything but possible issues, it’s actually a clever idea to pass this update if you own any other device than the X.

Some users already backed up this claim, by reporting various issues that emerged after installing iOS 11.1.2. And guess what? Issues were reported mainly by users of older iPhones.

iOS 11.1.2 reported issues

Here’s what’s been bugging iPhone users who installed iOS 11.1.2:

iPhone X not receiving the update

We’ll actually start with issues on the iPhone X. While there are no bigger problems reported, some users recently complained they’re unable to obtain the update.

Here’s what one of them said on the forums:

“My iPhone X not receiving iOS 11.1.2 software update, why?”

There’s no confirmed solution for this issue. However, I can recommend some general solutions, like making sure your phone is properly connected to the internet, checking your battery and storage.

Notes not opening on iPhone 6

There are also some reports that users are unable to open Notes after installing iOS 11.1.2.

Here’s what one iPhone 6 user said on the forums:

“My wife and I both have an iPhone 6.  I wasn’t able to open Notes on iOS 11.1.1 tonight and luckily 11.1.2 fixed that for me since it was crashing as soon as I tried to open it.  Her phone however just crashes the Notes app each time it is opened.  She has plenty of free space in memory and the only other difference is she has an aftermarket screen.  Both were purchased new from Apple when they debuted.  She has notes she cannot lose and I need to get this resolved ASAP.”

As you can see, the situation is different from phone to phone. And it doesn’t necessarily mean this issue was caused by the most recent update.

So, this problem remains a mystery, as nobody has found a solution yet.

Voicemail not working

The Visual Voicemail issue is a widely known problem in iOS 11. And it seems people are still dealing with it in iOS 11.1.2. As one user reports:

“I downloaded the latest ios 11.1.2 and now when I push voicemail icon no messages show. There is a “call voice message” box.”

I recently dedicated an article to the Visual Voicemail issue in iOS 11, so you can check it out for potential solutions.

Sound issues

Users also reported several sound and speaker problems in iOS 11.1.2. Here’s what some of them said:

  • “Does anyone have a clue how to recover sounds after the 11.1.2 OS upgrade?”

  • “When I watch videos my speakers do annoying sounds after I’ve updated iOS to 11.1.2”

Unfortunately, Apple Tech Support has remained silent. So, the exact solution for any of these problems remains to be found.

Battery drain

And finally, another widespread problem. You’ve probably already heard that the battery drain is an ongoing problem in iOS 11. And iOS 11.1.2 is not an exception.

Which was confirmed by one user on the forums:

“I am currently using my iPhone 6s Plus, running the latest software iOS 11.1.2, which was basically a fix for the iPhone X. I have no idea what is happening, but my battery dropped 40% in 11 hours while on idle. This happened as I unlocked my phone and started using it. This happened after I updated to iOS 11.1.2, and I not having this problem on iOS 11.1.1. I believe there is a huge bug in the software.”

The cause of this issue is most likely the YouTube app for iOS. Developers have already confirmed that the latest version of their app causes battery drains in iOS.

So, I recommend using a third-party YouTube client until the issue gets resolved.

As you can see, iOS 11.1.2 is far more troublesome than such a minor update should be. So, don’t be surprised if Apple releases another patch for iOS 11 soon.

Have you already installed iOS 11.1.2 on your device? Are there any problems I didn’t cover here? Let me know in the comments below.


  1. Since updating to 11.2.2 on my iphone 6, the voicemail playback volume is VERY low, almost inaudible. Tech support unable to fix, (several attempts, ending in need for full restore) This at least resolved the other concern with my not hearing phone calls due to low phone call volume (tho volume control was set to highest level), but it has not resolved the voicemail issue. Tech said I had to go to store where they might take the phone and send back to factory (this is my only phone–need for work, etc. so this is not an option) I can’t get a Genius appt. or schedule in advance (have tried to reschedule each morning with no luck “no available appts -try again tomorrow”).

    After several years of being a devoted Apple device user, I am DONE after these last 2 years— Switching to other phone device once my contract is up…..

  2. My IPhone 6S started to randomly playing the charge sound approximately 5 to 10 times every day – without connection to the charger. This began after updating to 11.1.2..

  3. After upgrading to ios 11.1.2 , my battery problem started. After reading about I decided to remove youtube application. Today no more draining. My device is iphone 6s +.

  4. I have a Iphone 6+. my music app that come with the i phone keeps popping up on the screen and is useless. You can’t close it. It will play music that I have downloaded or purchased. Siri is slow to activate but that was from the update of 11. I’m not going to even try to update the ipad. Even people at apple could not get i to stay closed. (not the techs at the store, just people who worked there).

  5. My iPad Pro will not let me re-arrange apps. The screen flashes and the apps literally jump out of folders. When I try to get them back in the folder does the magnet repel thing. Rebooting does not solve the problem. The screen brightness lowers itself automatically. You can see the brightness contro moving itself even though is is not on auto-levels etc. The battery drain is dramatic as well. Where is any QC at Apple?

  6. December 16, 2017.
    Since putting 11.0 on my iPhone 6, battery drainage is ridiculous. Going to bed with it at 100%, all apps closed. Wake up to 55%. Last night I downloaded the latest, 11.2.1, in hopes of a fix. No luck. I am really starting to believe the rumors that Apple purposely does these things to force people to buy new phones after a certain length of time. I have been to 3 Apple Genius bars to no avail. Battery tested 3 times and it is fine. Every single help suggestion advises turning off certain settings, etc. Well, sounds good, but had all these settings on before, when phone was usable. Oops, I have typed this too long, as battery falling fast!!!!!

  7. Ruined my iPad to upgrade to the 11.1.2
    Freezes when trying to text a picture. Requires 3 steps to take a screenshot. Caused several of my apps to be useless because they are not supported. Hate this update. Should never have trusted Apple.

  8. Yeah you can downgrade your ios version by downloading a ios manually from google and install it through itunes.. if you face any kind of issue during downgrade your ios version please let me know
    it will be my pleasure to resolve your issue
    thank you

  9. Same issue. Mine flashes or lights up but no alert. When I open the messages, still doesn’t show. Then it crashes and upon opening the second time, the messages are there and it is usable. This tends to make the phone run hot and the batttery drains really quick. Rebooting doesn’t help

  10. My I Phone 6 was way better before I upgrade it. Grrrr, can even get a good signal while using wifi, it super slow, crashes all the time…. so on and so on… depley regreting the update!

  11. I’m one of the victims of this problem.

    After updating my iPhone 7 Plus to iOS 11.1.2 and using it for few days I’ve found that the battery drain is more quickly than the iOS 10.3.3. But I think user face this problem only in beta version. And I would personally turn off Bluetooth and Wifi when not in use.

  12. Lock screen issue iPhone 5s 11.1.2 lock screen gets stuck in landscape mode. Annoying af. Ugh and battery life doesn’t exist n e more. Maybe a hr or so. Come on apple step ur game up.

  13. Iphone 7 that is only 6 months old (if that). – upgraded to the new iOS last night and since then my phone has been an absolute sack of shit. Was fully charged this morning, and now at 9:42am I have 40% (and has been sitting in idle majority of that time). The other issue I’ve been having is every few minutes my screen goes black then gives me that little white loading circle, then comes back. This is INCREDIBLY frustrating, as whenever I am trying to do ANYTHING on my phone I am interrupted with my phone essentially restarting itself. WTF. I am SO ANGRY with Apple right now.

  14. iPad Pro 12.9 randomly crashes out of apps and reverts to lock screen without warning. Also having the crazy fast battery drain issues.

  15. I have an iPhone 6s Plus and since the update , my phone gets a black screen and spinning wheel like it’s powering off . It only goes as far as closing any app I have open and then returns to a locked home screen. No apple logo or restart needed. It’s happened twice while writing this.

  16. iPhone 8 now after the update big battery drain and the phone constantly autolocks regardless of what it’s set to and will lock while your scrolling or using the phone

  17. iPhone 6 and iPhone 5S have serious battery drainage while using Whatsapp, Facebook or Instagram (even when they are not being used but not closed). Before the update, those apps would use about half as much battery as they do now. Both phones get hot rapidly and my wife and I have to charge our phones at least twice a day with the same usage than before the update.

  18. My iPhone 6 goes dead out of the blue and acts like it has no battery life at all and will not respond until plugged in. But when plugged in the battery is only at 85%.

  19. Can someone PLEASE let me know how to roll back to ANY iOS version before 11..??!! My phone (5s) is now a total disaster, worse after “upgrading” to 11.1.2 – it would be easier to lose st what works than what doesn’t. Help!!!!

  20. My updated 6s (11.1.2) will not text to a contact from the contact. It’s a pain when you receive calls that you want to text a response to. I used to be able to text a number directly from my call list even if it wasn’t a contact……..sux.

  21. Updated iPhone 6 with 11.1.2 and started facing issues with battery and widget screen being super slow. resetting the phone seems to be of some help.

  22. Upgraded? to 11.1.2 on an iPhone 6, and if it’s plugged into power while I’m in the car…even when stopped…I tell Siri to dial a phone number and nothing happens. I turned off as many things as I could in the crappy so-called Do Not Disturb feature, and still no luck. Grrrrrr.

  23. DON’T USE WAZE unless you can charge your phone while driving. My phone went from 100% to 2% on a 1 hour drive this morning. (I needed it due to the traffic, but I needed my phone after.)

  24. Upgraded my iPhone 5s to 11.1.2 and battery draining within 6 hours of little use. Prior to this I could put on charge at bedtime with still 60% plus charge left. Ended up stranded today with a dead phone, resulting in a 7 mile hike. I am so angry. Apple really needs to get its act together and sort this out.

    This is the first time in years that I am seriously considering changing back to an android phone. iOS 11 has been nothing but problems. Who authorises these releases, when they obviously haven’t been properly tested.

    For the price of Apple phones I expect a better service than this, was considering the new iPhone X, but to heck with spending over £1100.00 on a product you cannot rely on as soon as the next model appears.

  25. My iPhone SE freeze in the middle on a conversation, the other person could not hear me anymore, but I could hear him. My friend hang up, I could see the incoming call but was unable to answer him. I’m unable to enlarge pictures. Unable to enter my nip if the phone is flat on the table (when I pick it up it will work fine). The phone will scroll through a page by itself, and much much more…

    This happen since Friday Nov 24th 2017, I updated IOS 11.1 2 maybe 2 days before, but had my screen changed (was broken) during the same period (only got my phone back the Friday). First I though that it’s an issue with the screen replacement but after speaking with several person it look like issue with the IOS.

  26. iPhone3+3

    After upgrading to ios 11.1.2 the middle area of the keyboard doesn’t work. Super annoying!!! I can’t even hit the number between 5 and 7!!!

  27. Iphone 7+ audio coming out mainly from the telephone speaker instead of the main one at the bottom, so I can hardly hear anything unless I turn up the volume to half the maximum and the sound quality sucks so bad 🙄

  28. Yes I agree. I never meant to install the iOS 11.1.2 update it was an accident and one I deeply regret. My battery goes down from 75% to 60% in less than a minute causing crazy battery life problems

  29. On home screen I have no display of battery,connection and time etc at the top- but it shows up when you are in an app. iPhone 6plus

  30. IPad Pro arbitrarily stops charging. Cable is pulled out and pushed back in, charging resumes. Tried wiggling the cable and connectors thinking the problem was in hardware. After trying three cables and two chargers, I’ve concluded this is in 11.1.2.

  31. I have a huge problem with battery drainage after upgrading from 11.1.1 to iOS 11.1.2 on my iphone 6s. I lost about 20% only for 3 hours even it was on idle. Has anybody encountered the same issue like me.

    Apple shouldn’t have released it before being sure that would not have caused any issues for consumers

  32. After I installed 11.1.2 on my Iphone 7 this morning, it acts so weird and keep freezing, when I tried to use the apps and hanging. Please help me to restore the previous version.

  33. iPhone 6 – When using apps my screen rotates on its on and if I try to tilt the phone it won’t go back to normal so I just close the app and reopen. This update has also slowed my phone down a lot. Thinking of going back to Samsung!

  34. Non-responsive screen, freezes up which requires a restart, battery drain of 75% during light web surfing use (no videos) in under two hours, text messages not going through, phone heats up.

    Joining the ranks of the un