Asus makes reliable and feature-rich smartphones with various focus points. The main focus of the Max series is maximizing the battery life. The third model in the series, ZenFone 3 Max vastly (August 2016), seems to be a large advancement. The device is widely acclaimed and a viable option in the mid-range category.

As the case too often shows, you have more chance to win a lotto twice in a row than find a smartphone without any issues. Even though Taiwanese producer made a stable device with reliable hardware, the users reported various issues. In this article, we prepared the list of best-known issues and their possible workarounds.

How to fix Asus ZenFone 3 Max known issues

SIM unavailable error

Many of you encountered the issue with the SIM card. According to user reports, after they updated the phone’s firmware, the device stopped recognizing the SIM card. That led, as you are probably aware, to a grave problem since you can’t call or receive calls in that state.

We advise you to try and update the firmware in order to fix this issue. Too often the update broke things while trying to address others. On the other hand, if the firmware is not the culprit, there are alternative solutions.

  • Shut down your phone, remove and reinsert your SIM card.
  • Restart the device.
  • Roll back your firmware to a previous version.

We encourage you to, at the slightest sign of hardware malfunction, report the problem to your phone vendor.

WiFi disconnects unexpectedly

There are some mild issues we can overlook, and there are those that just can’t be tolerated. Wi-Fi is essential for every smartphone user and it seems that ZenFone 3 Max have its faulty traits in the matter. According to some users, the wireless connection is unstable and crashes from time to time. Allegedly, the phone disconnects without apparent reason and user are prompted with ”WiFi connection failure” message.

There is a list of generic workarounds but we advise you to update your firmware first. If you are not informed about the update, you can look for updates automatically.

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Tap About.
  3. Choose System Update.
  4. Tap Check for updates.

The past Wi-Fi issues were resolved that way. However, if the problem is not solved, you can check these workarounds:

  • Reset Network Settings.
  • Restart your router.
  • Use Recovery mode to wipe cache data.
  • Reset phone to factory settings.

Camera shutter sound won’t turn off

Many of us enjoy that old fashioned shutter sound implemented in digital cameras. On the other hand, many of us didn’t. It’s the personal preference. However, it seems that the ZenFone 3 Max have some kind of bug that prevents you from turning the shutter sound off.

We roamed in search for the solution and find these possible workarounds:

  • Restart your device.
  • Update your system.
  • Reset camera settings.
  • Clear cache and data from 3rd party apps that use a camera (Snapchat, Instagram, Skype).
  • Try starting in the Safe Mode to see is the problem still there. In order to do so, press Power Key and tap and hold Power Off on-screen power option for a few seconds. You should see pop up message “Do you want to reboot your phone in safe mode?”. Confirm selection and try out the camera while in the safe mode.
  • Restore phone to factory settings.

”Battery usage is not available” error

It seems that battery issues are relentless even on the devices that focus on battery as the main trait. A lot of users reported a usual error on Android devices. Namely, they are unable to check battery consumption since all of the battery data is unavailable. Even though it seems like an ordinary bug, this issue demands a lot of time and patience in order to be resolved.
Namely, you’ll have to recalibrate your battery. That way the system software will reestablish the data monitoring and your statistics will be available. You can do that by following instructions bellow.

  1.  Discharge your phone fully until the phone turns off.
  2. Turn it on again and let it turn itself off.
  3. Plug your phone into a charger and, without turning it on, charge it until the on-screen indicator says ”100 percent”.
  4. Unplug your charger.
  5. Turn your phone on. If the battery percentage is not at the 100%, plug the charger again until the UI shows that the battery is 100% full.
  6. Unplug your phone and restart it. If the battery is still not at 100%, plug in the charger and charge it until the battery is 100% full.
  7. Repeat this cycle until it says 100 percent.
  8. Now, discharge your battery until the phone turns off by itself.
  9. Fully charge the battery one more time. Don’t turn on the device or disrupt charging.

This way you should recalibrate your battery and fix this issue. However, have in mind that this is a lengthy workaround. Additionally, you shouldn’t repeat it too often since it can affect the battery performance and reduce its longevity.

No ringtone, alarm or notifications sound

Other users reported various issues related to system sounds, with both media and notifications. According to those users, all of the sounds, including the alarm are silent. You can manipulate device sounds via multimedia center or with built-in Audio Wizard.

All information provided lead us to a conclusion that this is either a bug or a hardware malfunction. If you recently installed the firmware update, that is the probable reason for this issue. On the other hand, we found Audio Wizard problematic from time to time. So, try these steps and hope for the best:

  • Install the latest firmware available.
  • Restart your phone.
  • Try out restarting your phone in Safe mode.
  • Go to Audio Wizard and choose Smart mode instead of Outdoor.
  • Restore to factory setting.

But, if the sound of silence is the only thing you here afterward, address the issue to your phone vendor.

Mobile Data connection problem

It seems that dual-SIM support is often a drawback rather than an advantage. Namely, the ZenFone 3 Max users reported Mobile Data connectivity issues while switching between the SIM cards. It is there so it should work seamlessly. Well, not really.

We have a troubleshoot for this issue but your best bet is to focus on one card all the time until the issue is resolved with upcoming update releases. These are the workarounds you should try out:

  • Restart your phone.
  • Remove and insert back both SIM cards.
  • Go to Settings > Mobile network and set preferred mobile data (LTE or 4G)
  • Restore the Network settings.
  • Restore device to factory setting.

The phone won’t update firmware

As you already saw, the majority of the problems come with the firmware. On some occasions, updates that fix one issue create few others. That practice is proven way to get you furious and ecstatic at the same time. In Asus defense, they at least listen to most of the consumer’s feedback while giving the impression that they at least remotely care.

So, if you are experiencing some of these issues and all workarounds failed miserably, the firmware update is the only solution. Or the downgrade.

We hope you found our list useful. If you have additional issues or suggestions for other workarounds, please tell us in the comments. Or reach us out on Twitter


    • That seems to be a large problem with both ZenFone 3 and ZenFone 3 Max. Have you updated your firmware recently?

      • My phone keeps on powering on and leads me to the Logo Page, and turns off and does the same thing again. I need help guys

      • Around about the same April 3 2017 my Zenfone purchased March 1017 decided not to connect via blue tooth to my 2016 KIA Sportage. No one can tell us how to fix

        • I have Asus zenphone3max and conecting with Ford car audio by bluetooth failed, because on my ZenP 3 there is no pop-up to enter the code in!
          Half a year ago Noworries had i guess the same problem!
          Still not fixed?

          • Hi I had the same problem with my Zen 3 when I first got it in April, you have to start the phone In the bootloader by pressing the power button and volume button at the same time once your into it use the volume key to move down to wipe cache press the power button for okay ,let it wipe it then restart the phone you won’t lose any data, hope this helps.

      • same problem..had the phone for a month and i am unable to have any type of mobile data on it…..this is really frustrating …I looked online and did everything that was suggested

  1. having problem with mobile data.. after the last update, 1. cant receive any message on Messenger app 2. Facebook up not responding 3. Youtube keeps on loading 4. Chrome keeps on saying “reload page, check internet connection” 5. Mail app keep on loading.. however, playing online games using data is working so i believe that internet is not the issue .. Connecting to wifi is not an issue as well, uaing wifi connection, every apps mentioned earlier seems to work fine.. what should i do??

    • Hello, Gab! Try resetting network settings or removing/inserting SIM card. Also, you should look for connection settings in the respective apps you’ve mentioned. Namely, some of the apps have restrictions on Mobile Data usage. Maybe the update made some uncalled changes.

  2. hi.. i having problem with the battery issues ZenFone 3 max.. when i charge the phone the battery will decrease while on mode. when the phone switch off the battery will increase.. can u help me how to solve my problem?

        • It’s hard to say, honestly. Some signs are leading towards the software bug that shows unprecise battery percentage. Others, well, are showing that your battery is malfunctioning. How old is your device?

      • I am also experiencing the same problem with my asus zenfone max 5.5. Prior to android nougat update, when you touch the screen, it automatically focuses on the object where you touched the screen. For near objects, it will produce a macro shot-like photo (which I loved). I have observed that in the settings, the focus mode set as smart-AF disappeared after the update

  3. Since last update I can’t unblock the phone. Says that pattern is not correct, I know it is correct, but the phone doesn’t recognise it. Also didn’t ask if I forgot my pattern. I don’t want to hard reset phone without considering other options.

    • Is there a chance you have a SIM card PIN? Have you tried some of the previous patterns you had used? That is a major problem, and it’s quite hard to resolve it without the complete wipe out of your phone.

  4. Today i was listening to music with my headphones (not the included ones) everything was fine…pulled them out…when i put them in a few hours later, my zenfone 3 didn’t notice i was putting in headphones and played the music on the speakers….

    • Try plugging your headphones few times in and out. That’s a common bug and it’s easily resolvable by plug in/out procedure and a reset. If the problem is persistent, there are the alternative ways to address it.

  5. Hi. I have a problem when using this phone. It can not run any games, it says the hardware doesn’t support. What can i do to fix this? Thank you.

  6. Hi I’m using Zenfone 3 max 5.5 and everything was working fine until yesterday. I’m not able to connect to my mobile data, when I turn it on. nothing happens, I mean no indication that I’m connected or not even showing 3G/4G. tried reset factory and tried using safe mode. Still not working, is there any troubleshooting steps that I can do before going to the service center?

    • Hi, Chris. It’s hard to tell. Most of the times these issues appear due to a software bug. And since you’ve had performed a reset, it’s safe to tell that the problem is not software related. So, service center it is.

  7. Hi whenever i take photos with FLASH ON, sometimes the flash fires and at other times it doesnt. I did a flash test using. 12345+= and it was a success. The camera app only has disable enable forcestop option. No update option. What to do

  8. Hi, after the updates, i am having problem with charging my zenfone max 3. before the battery will be fully charge within 2-3hrs, now, it took 7-8 hrs before it will be fully charge. And when I plug in the charger, you need to adjust the wire or charge socket of the phone before it will charge. My zenfone is 6 months old only

    • Since your device is not even remotely old enough for you to have battery issues, it’s certainly an update/software issue. Have you tried to wipe cache partition or to restore factory settings?

    • same issue here before it only took 2-3 hrs for a full charge now it indicates 7-8 hrs. idk if this has something to do with the cord or adaptor. phone is only 5 months zenfone 3 max. A little help would be appreciated here. thanks.

      • Have you tried the alternative cord? It’s quite hard for cord or adaptor to get faulty. Most of the time, the problem is with the phone, or to be more exact – battery. Was there any update that possibly triggered this battery issue?

      • I’ve encountered the same issue before what I did is I changed the cord, btw my zenfone 3 max is 4 month old. Hope this help

  9. zenfone 3 max won’t charge..but the reverse chage is ok and the otg..but chargin is not..the cable is not faulty because it can charge other phone..please help tnx

    • Even though the other functions work as intended, this is most likely the hardware issue. We advise you to take your device to a repair service.

  10. Hi, im having problem with my asus z3 speaker. It produce bad quality sound and more like a crackling sound when i turn music or video. But when i test it on single test speaker it was fine. And when i turn my phone to safe mode it was also fine. What went wrong? Was it because one of the application that i downloaded or was it because of something else? Thx

    • It may be related to some software you’ve installed. We can’t assure you, but the wipe of the cache partition should resolve app-inflicted issues. You’re welcome, we hope that this will resolve your issue,

    • We hope that you’re covered with warranty since your best bet is to turn to some repair service. ”Ghost touch” is a well-known issue and it’s, sadly, hardware-related.

        • Always ask for a brand new device, if possible. Repairs can be lengthy. And they are in debt to provide you with the functional device.

  11. Hi, I’m having problems on my Zenfone 3 max. After I updated it to 190 firmware my battery drains faster now and the fingerprint scanner is not working anymore. What to do? Thanks!

    • If the update affected the hardware in such a way, the best solution is to restore factory settings.

  12. What if my max blinked then it has white lines on top..?I tried to restart but it made my phone shut down totaly what else can you offer to do..?

  13. When the last update happen my screen flickers often, it’s like my screen is goes up and down. How can I fix this ? do I need to factory reset my device ?

  14. Hi… Im having zen 3 max, my phone battery charge will decrease automatically when im not using the device. Why it happened? Plz give me a soln.

  15. Hi! I feel so frustrated now. My zenfone 3 max cannot charge properly when it is being use. It only charge when I turn it off. Reverse charging appear everytime I charge my phone. I already checked phone setting however reverse charging still appeared. I need some help.

  16. I use ZENFONE 3 MAX 5.5 inch
    my navigation bar,touch screen, fingerprint sensor not working at all
    I did a hard reset but it didn’t work

  17. Recently, my phone back button, home and recent key are not working like as usual. When I tap on it, the screen not respond, and when I tried to turning the “show touch” function on, it like I am touching the bottom of the screen, not the button. I already reset my phone with factory settings but nothing changed. Is this hardware problem? I’m planning to send it to customer services tomorrow because I just bought it for two months. My phone is ASUS ZenFone 3 max 5.5 (ZC553KL) using Android 6.0 Marshmallow.

  18. Hi! My zenfone 3 max cannot charge properly (sometimes not at all. It just wont charge when i plug the cord in. I tried to change the charger and everything, but all in vain) when it is being use. It only charge when I turn it off. Reverse charging pop up would appear everytime I charge my phone. Even when yhe otg cable is npt connected, the problem would also be the same at times. The same reverse charging pop up would appear. I already checked phone setting however reverse charging still appeared. I need some help.
    Its frustrating in here.

  19. Hi, my phone wont turn on but the screen said “fastboot mode”, after draining it up to 0%, I charged it up to 30 minutes, then I tried to open it it said:

    Select boot mode:
    [VOLUME_UP to select. VOLUME_DOWN is OK.]

    [Recovery Mode]
    [Fastboot Mode]
    [Normal Boot]

    Then I clicked on fast boot then up to now, my phone is still on that position, what can I do since I can’t remove my phones battery.

  20. when i turned the power on after charging, the asus logo, “android is starting…”, and “optimizing app 1 of 1” keep on appearing. it doesn’t go to its UI. what should i do?

  21. I charge my one day old zenfone 3 max overnight for about 6 hours and when I wake up the battery depleted to 0% so I turned it off and charge it for an hour, then I try to turned it on and its not working. What shall I do?

  22. i encounter problem about charging zenfone max 3, when it is on it will not charge, but when i turn it off it will charge, please help.

    • Hi, need help with my zenfone max 3. The charging time of Zenfone max 3 takes so long. It takes 8 to 10 hrs before it is fully charge. How can i fix this issue?

    • Hi, need help with my zenfone max 3. The charging time takes too long. It takes 8 to 10 hrs before it is fully charged. How can i fix this issue?

  23. Recently, my phone back button, home and recent key are not working like as usual. When I tap on it, the screen not respond, and when I tried to turning the “show touch” function on, it like I am touching the bottom of the screen, not the button. I already reset my phone with factory settings but nothing changed. Is this hardware problem? I’m planning to send it to customer services tomorrow because I just bought it for three months. My phone is ASUS ZenFone 3 max 5.5 (ZC553KL) using Android 6.0 Marshmallow.

  24. My zenfone 3 max wont update, I already restored it for hoping to fix my phones system update problem but it’s still no use, 13.01.58 is my latest update. How can i update it to the latest version?

  25. updated my month old zenfone 3 max zc520 a day after i bought it..

    batt wont last long. even on standby mode, its decreasing..
    connected to a wifi, doing facebook around 50 minutes..13% batt was eaten

  26. Hi..
    I have problem with z3max zc553kl, when make phone call the recipient cant clear me clearly, but when i tried to make phone call at safe mode there is no problem. What can i do to fix it?

  27. My mobile is not getting switched on,
    when i try to switch it ON , i am getting a sign of USB and nothing happens.
    Everything was working good..even the battery life was fine. Please help.

    • I have tried turning on the touch shutter in the settings and somehow it solves the problem, however, once touched it is already captured as a picture

  28. I have ZC521TL Asus Zenfone 3s Max with Android 7.0 Nougat.. When I put it to silent mode it still sounds for messages, messenger,whatsapp..(Notifications) but not for calls…

    Please What could be the problem?

  29. my zenfone 3 max 5.5 on mothers day and I really took good care of it but just today.. The screen seems like its glitching(dont the exact term) the screen light is kinda moving…ughh help me this is a gft from my husband and kinda depressing seeing this happens to my new phone.. ☹️☹️

  30. Hello can you help me,i havea problem with my asus zf 3 max zc553kl. My softkeys (back button,tab button,and home button) doesnt work properly please help me

  31. i just got my zenfone 3 max, but when i play game the front camera keep popping up…what’s the problem? or maybe i just triggered camera shortcut or something?

  32. Hi, my zenfone 3 max 5.5 have problems with the back button, home button and the recent apps happened after i woke up while it was charging, i cant fix it..what do you think is the problem?

  33. pls help .. i charge my asus zenfone 3 max at 4pm with 29% battery . i turn it off when i charged it. 3hrs is the maximum time when i charge my phone . but the light ddnt turn into green so i think that it is not full yet . hours later . i checked on it and it was hot, i unplugged it and i cool it down first before i turned it on . then after that i cannot touch the screen anymore .. what happen ?? T_T

  34. can you help me with my battery problem? my zf3 max accidentally fell from my cupboard and i showed something like ‘battery temperature is getting higher’ i turned my phone off but i can’t open it now even if i charge it

  35. After i updated my adroid version to nougat all app not functioning properly i cant use my phone as it use to be wtf is this

  36. I updated my OS to Nougat yesterday. Everything is fine after the updates done not until this afternoon, as I’m playing mobile legend, my screen got freeze then the screen not working anymore. I lock then unlocked my phone but still, the screen is not still working. I restarted my phone but I got the same issue. What should I do?

  37. i found a problem on my phone.every time i wake up,i use to check my social media but the mobile data connection is not always.i keep on re starting my phone before i could use it.,and another problem is,my contacts loss even if i did’nt delete it.please help.

  38. Why I cannot turn on my wife and Bluetooth for my Asus zenfone 3 Max model ASUS_X008D I bought it on Portugal but I live in Philippines right now..

  39. my phone Zen 3 does not go to sleep, whenever I press the power button it turns off and suddenly again ON, I set display of time at 1 minute, after one minute light slightly low (like display going to turn off) but suddenly automatically again ON.

  40. my zenfone3 max LCD has has a white line at the top screen and it blink.blink its so hard to my eyes.what can i do to fix it?

  41. After using the OTG cable my zenfone 3 is showing some messages about “Reverse Charging” frequently… how I solve this problem? Help me please…

  42. my phone won,t charge if it is turn on.,and reverse charging icon always popping up..,can u please help me solve this problem..,im so frustrated right now.,

    • I Had the same problem…. plug your loarder in the eletric current frist, then plug in your zenfone. I solved my problem doing this.

  43. My ASUS Zenphone stopped functioning since rainwater leaked into my phone pocket a week ago. My attempt to switch off failed, and, couldn’t force stop as well due to locked battery. Due to fluctuating charge of the wet battery, the initially display brightened abnormally and, finally, stopped. I kept the set dry 48 hours , then fully recharged. Again, there is no display at all. It vibrates while receiving calls, but I can’t receive the call because complete darkness on the screen. Kindly advise whether I can restore the display in my set again?

  44. Reverse Charging is indicating in my mobile every few seconds how to solve this problem in my ASUS ZenFone Max3

  45. My phone keeps going to sleep after a few seconds! It’s so annoying. It’s brand new. I’ve changed the settings to sleep after 2 minutes, 5 minutes, and now never…it still goes to black screen after seconds!!! Gah! I hope someone can help!

  46. Hi good day, I have a problem about my Zenfone Max 3 5.5.. In my previous charging time, it took only 1hr to 2 hrs of charging to get to 100%. but now it seems that the charging time has changed coz i charged it an hr ago it just charged from 10% to 20% even if it is off. any suggestions?

  47. Hi Guys, I just updated my Asus Zenfone 3 and now the mic is nt working. People cant hear me when i call them but i can hear them well. When i try the sound recorder you can only hear noise cracking sound. Can someone help me with this issue? Thank you in advance

  48. Please help after I updated my software to nogut I decided to charge my phone because it is already at 5% charge then after an hour I checked it and when I touch my cellphone it is so hot so I decided to remove it from charging then after 2 days or more when I Will be using my camera I found out that there is something wrong about the quality of it so I ask for my moms phone which is the same as my phone asus 3 max 5.5 I compared my camera quality and I found it a lot more different my moms phone uses automatic feature in camera and I am in the same feature but the quality is different is there anything I can do to fix this or should I ask for it to be replaced please help thanks in advance

  49. I updated my phone and the screen touch is not working and there is no way to access the phone for the serial number because i lost the packing and to fire. What can I do ?

  50. My phone’s sd card gets ejected while playing mobile legends and its kinda irritating. I don’t know if it’s a problem with the software or the hardware or with the game. Does any of you experience this?

  51. I did the update then I could not use my phone did a factory reset and now I can t swip the screen to get back in to the phone someone please help it is only 6 mouths old

  52. hi. when i updated my zenfone 3 max 5.2 to nougat. i’m having an issue receiving messages. but i can send messages. how can i downgrade my phone to marshmallow. Please help

  53. pls zenfone 3 max just died .. it just got error message “battery temp is too high” even if its not and then it just turned off and wont turn on or charge anymore…i tried to open it…ang tested the battery but its full… whenbi charge it only the red light indicator but nothing apears on screen that its charging… help. 🙁

  54. HI, I have a problem with my phone. It has a radio and wifi but now it’s not working. I have already done resetting it to factory settings and updating firmware. Bluetooth is also not working. It’s been months only when I have bought it. The mobile data is working. Also the cellular. What could have been the issue and how to solve it?


  55. My phone goes to sleep after about 10 seconds, no matter what I put it on. I would stay on before if I put it on never sleep but since the update nothing works.

  56. Why is it every time i update the software of my zenfone 3 max, the camera is getting worst? well the rare cam is okay but the front cam? the beautification is just so over, its like your using a app cam to beautify instead of the normal camera itself, it should be just so normal but it looks like your editing your photos. me as myself i dont really like filters or beautification apps, i like the normal one.

  57. Hi, my problem in my Zenfone 3 zoom S is cannot connect to data roaming. Celular data & data roaming already enabled. Already cross the sim card to another mobile phone, and it’s ok to another mobile phone, only in my zenfone. I’ve tried to add APN manually and the APN didn’t saved (another problem). I’m using nougat (7.1.1). Hope you can help me with this issues, thanks..

  58. Can someone help me to fix my fingerprint censored is not working. Asus zenfone 3 max 5.5 user. It say “fingerprint enrollment didn’t work. Try again or use a different finger.”

  59. My phone just died out of nowhere, i just picked my phone checked facebook and it died in my hand. Doenst turn on, doesnt charge whrn pluged in, nothing. Please help.

  60. What can i do, after i updated my zenfone 3 max 5.2 my battery drains fast. Even i am not using it it drains fast. Please i need ur help. Would it be possible for downgrade to marshmallow again? Coz it seems much ok than nougat.

  61. Hello. My Asus Zenfone 3 Max 5.2 suddenly shut down. I was using it. and it suddenly turned off. I though the battery was just drained. When I tried charging it, the led light is turning on. But after several minutes, i tried to turn it on but still not working. No battery indicator is appearing in the screen. Any advise?

  62. I have a screen lock set on my Zenfone. whenever I plug in earphones and try to listen to audio from YouTube or make a voice call via an app it sends me back to my lock screen and even if I unlock it it won’t work and I can hear anything. what permissions need to be enabled?

  63. I cannot touch the screen of my phone, I tried to restart but the problem is still there! Today is the second day that I can’t use it! I can use the volume up and down and the power button but no matter what I do, the screen isn’t responding!

  64. My asus zenfone 3 hangs-up and touch inactive but still receives notifications. I already restarted it but still same problem, nothing solved. Kindly help pls 🙁

  65. Zenfone 3 Laser insufficient memory issue. Whenever I try to upload pictures etc the message..unable to complete operation due to insufficient memory. Checked and I have 20gb free and using 1.1gb of 2gb ram

  66. After the update, I am only able to use 1 sim. the other has no signal though you can see it as available whenever you check on the dual sim card settings. I have done factory reset, changed sims and still have the same issue.. I asked asus cs and recommended bringing it to the service center. Do I just have to wait for the next update and try if it will work then?

  67. Incoming Calls: fingerprint sensor won’t move, so calls can’t be answered if devise is not active. BUT, manage fingerprints has the Unlock Device is ON for using fingerprint to answer incoming calls. HELP.

  68. Hi. The recent and Home button key is not working on my zenfone 3max. And i cant download any app on playstore. How can i fix this? Thanks.

  69. I updated my zenfone 3 max 5.5 just now and after installing the update, my screen went black and I can’t use it anymore even if I long press the power button. Can anyone help me?

    • Same problem here 🙁 It was working properly for at least a few days after the latest update. Now it just shuts down. Tried the boot options, but will still be a black screen, it tried to ‘vibrate’ shortly – but nothing appears on screen. I’ve tried to plug it in for a longer time, still nothing ;(

  70. Im a zenfone 3 max 5.2 user. There’s this pop up that keeps on coming on my screen that says reverse charging mode. it pops up then disappears after a few seconds then pops up again and again and again. iv read in forums about this matter and they said something about rebooting in safe mode. now my phone wont charge unless its turned off. what should i do ? 🙁

  71. some of my screen is hard to press and after some time, the home,back and recent keys won’t work. I have zen 3 max. Any ideas? need feedback asap.

  72. Hi my rear camera is blurry like i cant even see if i take a picture of the document the writings and the pic itself is blurred i update it to nougat

  73. HI,
    I’m using Asus zenfone 3 max 5.2″
    My playstore doesn’t downlaos any app. So I did factory reset, but it was of no use, the problem was not resolved, and in addition to it my ASUS ZENUI didnt get updated.
    I’m using Noughat 7.0.
    Please help me and give a solution

  74. Alrigt here is my problem to my phone. When I Plugged in my charger, the problem here is that my phone is not charging, but the OTG works very well. I tried to shut down my phone, and then after that, It’s charging but, when the red light of my phone showns in the screen, It turns off and I did the same thing but still the same which means that it’s still not charging. And also I did the factory reset which is the best way to solve some problems but still not charging and the the OTG works very well again. Wha do you think is the problem? Is it the hadware or what? Thanks in advance!

    • Hi, I think the problem is in your charger not your phone. Try to charge your phone on other charger/cable.
      Or maybe you set your phone on energy saving apps which is whenever your phone reach its lower battery level it automatically shutdown.

  75. Hi, need some help. I recently fix my old zenfone 5 (the first problem is automatic shutdown) I did a hard reset and factory reset and reformat my phone, this procedure fixes my first problem but then when my phone open and I tried to insert a sim (for cellular data purpose) the 2 sim isn’t available. I tried radio setting (run ping test) didn’t work either, I restart my phone so many times and re-insert my sim like what tutorials said. But the “unavailable” sim problem is still there. What else can I do to fix this error? Thank for the help in advance. Wishing that there’s a solution regarding this. thank you.

  76. Hi. Please help me. I’m having a trouble with my Zen 3 Max 5.2 with the system laggy thing. Mine was in the latest os version, I dunno what happen. Even if there’s no running app the booster reaches about to its limit and my device becomes so slow.

  77. My phone keeps on powering on and leads me to the Logo Page, and turns off and does the same thing again.please help me to fix this

  78. HI. my phone is asus pegasus 3. I did a hard reset/factory reset. when i open i has no google play store, and messaging. pls help me.

  79. After updating my phone, it’s screen started to shake and white lines appearing on top of notification status bar. Whenever the screen shakes, it seems like you’re drunk as af that you became so drowsy. What should i do? I already factory reset this and nothing had changed.

  80. I cannot connect my pen drive through otg
    It asks u have to do certain settings in order to operate ur pen drive . What settings no idea

  81. My Zenfone 3 max 5.2 Inch’s Charger Disconnecting And Connecting I Charged It 48% And After 3 Hours I Checked It Still 48%
    And For Some Reason My Charger Disconnect When It Moves

  82. My Zenfone 3 max 5.2 Inch’s Charger Disconnecting And Connecting I Charged It 48% And After 3 Hours I Checked It Still 48%
    And For Some Reason My Charger Disconnect When It Moves

  83. Hey! I have similar issues to most of the comments I’ve read. I bought mi Zenfone 3 Max 5.2 Inch two months ago and it suddenly started showing connectivity issues. The WiFi stops working even though it says it is still connected,and if I turn WiFi off and on again, it doesn’t connect; it says it has authentication issues and doesn’t connect anymore. Also when using my mobile data, only WhatsApp messaging works since I have unlimited WhatsApp connection, but any function other than messaging in WhatsApp or any other app doesn’t work, as if I had no data, but I do. Is anyone experiencing the same situation? How could I solve it?

    Thank you very much


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