Android Oreo has been around for quite some time on Google’s phones. Nexus and Pixel owners already have the privilege of trying the latest Android version. But is it really a privilege?

Namely, as it appears the Oreo update is far more troublesome than anyone initially expected. We already reported that Android Oreo (among other problems) drastically slowed down the Nexus 5X. But according to the latest reports, things are even worse on Google Pixel and Pixel XL devices.

Forums all around the internet are simply flooded with various bug reports and complaints from Pixel users. I gathered some of the most common issues, so here’s what to expect if you haven’t installed the Oreo update on your Pixel device, yet.

Google Pixel and Pixel XL issues with Android Oreo

Random reboots

The first issue I stumbled up is the problem with random reboots. According to one user on the forums, his Pixel just reboots for no apparent reason. Here’s exactly what he said:

“I’ll start by saying my original 6p was replaced because it got stuck in the bootloop like so many others who got the 6p. I had it replaced a few months ago with a refurbished unit through Google and ever since I updated to Oreo, I am getting random reboots again while using the phone.

I’m curious if anyone else is experiencing this. If not, I’ll assume it’s not software related and I have yet another defective 6p which will definitely be disappointing”

Disrupted battery life

Battery drain appears to be the most widespread problem across all devices running Oreo. Here’s what one user said on the forums about the battery drain issue:

“My battery life on Nougat was very solid, on every full charge I get 6-7 hours of SOT. Now, I’m getting less than half of that (about 3 hours). Is it just me or are u guys having the problem?
Yeah, and this is the first time my pixel have continuous lags, it’s annoying”

Unfortunately, there’s still no confirmed solution for this issue. The only thing users with disrupted battery life can do is wait for Google to release a fixing update.

Can’t make phone calls

The problem with making phone calls appears to be another widespread problem in Android Oreo on Pixel devices. Here’s what one user said about it:

“I can’t make or receive phone calls after Oreo update. If I make a call, a prompt voice announce that I can’t complete the call right now to try later. Same prompt when somebody call me, that the y can’t complete the call right now, to try later. Anybody with the same issue/s?”

Apparently, Google’s Phone app doesn’t work properly in Android Oreo. But, a few users reported that resetting the app solved the problem. So, if you’re encountering this problem, simply go and delete the Phone app’s cache and data. If you don’t know how to do that, follow instructions from this article.

Ok Google problems

A couple of users also reported they’re unable to use the Ok Google command and Google Assistant upon installing Android Oreo:

  • “My Ok Google command does not work when screen is locked like it did before Oreo update. Anyone else have this issue?”

  • “My OK Google has been hit and miss since day one. I have retrained voice several dozen times. It always seems to fail when I am showing off the feature to someone.”

We’ve already talked about this issue last week. So, if you’re experiencing problems with Google Assistant upon installing Android O on your Pixel device, check out this article for solutions.

Bluetooth issues

And finally, another serious issue is the problem with Bluetooth pairing. Apparently, many users have issues with pairing their devices with peripherals via Bluetooth. Here’s what one of them said on the Google forums:

“I have been having Bluetooth issues with my Pixel for some time. I have been wishing that the recent update to Oreo would help but it’s made it worse. Bluetooth with my car audio stutters now, which didn’t happen before. Bluetooth with my Bose QC35 still stutters after 5 seconds of playing a song and continue. Any suggested workarounds?”

Unfortunately, there’s no solution for this problem, and users will probably have to wait for a proper patch. I can suggest you trying some solutions from this article, but can’t guarantee any of these will work.

That’s about it. As you can see, Android Oreo is still far from perfect. We hope Google will soon come up with new updates, because some of these issues are rather serious.

Have you encountered any issue upon installing Oreo on your device that we didn’t cover here? Let us know in the comments below, or reach me out on Twitter.